Me and the O.P.P.

Hello, everyone.  I have mentioned more than once that My walk is not for the faint of heart.  I live My Truth the best way I know how.  For a long time, it was only My Word.  But My Word did not keep Me from being harassed by police officers in 2010 as I hiked through Toronto a few days before the G20 summit meetings.  In fact, they did virtually everything they could to humiliate and degrade Me.  What was My crime?  Refusing to give My name.

I was stripped to My gitch in the streets of downtown Toronto, badgered and interrogated for more than ten hours by various parties including military generals, and denied any opportunity to speak for My Self when My bail hearing was held.  To make matters that much worse, when I was finally released, I suffered an hour long car ride home with My brother, yelling at Me for not giving My name and telling Me that I had better learn to obey police when they tell Me to do something.  I was so exhausted and frustrated, I didn’t even bother arguing with him or explaining why I had done what I did – nor would it have made a difference.

The Truth is, I did nothing wrong.  I was charged with two counts of dangerous weapons (one for a slingshot, the other for a (legal issue) hunting knife.  Because these items were not on My ‘person’, I was also charged with carrying concealed weapon and finally, obstruction of a peace officer for not giving My name.  None of these charges are actually unlawful or illegal but I did not know how to govern My Self appropriately and the experience prompted Me to learn a thing or two about law, if only to ensure that should a situation like this ever arise again, I’d be more equipped to handle My Self.

Over the last six years, My studies took Me down various paths and initially, the more I learned, the more I discovered I had to learn and the more naïve I felt.  Eventually, however, My determination combined with My own internal knowing allowed Me to slowly but surely find My way.

I found great mentors.  Now, I am very critical of most who would call themselves experts on law.  The Truth is, knowledge of true law exists within – learning how to effectively express that Truth takes diligence.  I will never encourage anyone to walk My path until they truly know who and what they are.  For Me, spiritual knowledge came first, the absolute knowing that no man was ever granted authority over Me by God.  From there, the rest fell into place and the mentors who shared this inward knowledge found their way to Me.

Last Wednesday, I had another wonderful encounter with the O.P.P.  I was making My way home from Thunder Bay, hitch-hiking on the trans-Canada highway.  Usually, I get picked up rather quickly but for some strange reason, I was having no success and had walked almost twenty kilometers before a car finally pulled up.  Much to My dismay, I turned around to discover it was the police.

I was walking down a ‘no access’ highway, meaning that no pedestrians, cyclists or snowmobiles were permitted to use it.  I had no idea.  As the officer informed Me of My ‘violation’, I apologized explaining it was an innocent mistake and would like nothing more than to be on a highway where pedestrians are free to walk without hassle.  The officer said he would be happy to relocate Me to such a place but first he would need to see some ID.  I handed him My hand-written waiver and explained it is the only identification I use.  This was not what the officer had been expecting and he was very quick to let Me know it was ‘unacceptable’.

His tone changed quickly, becoming very assertive, explaining to Me that if I did not produce ‘valid’ identification or give My first and last name, I would be arrested and detained for obstructing an officer.  This was sounding all too familiar but this time, I knew that the waiver I had handed the officer was far more powerful than the officer understood – and I told him so.

“I know You don’t believe that what I have handed You is valid ID, but it is.  I’m sovereign and this is the only ID I need.  The identification You are seeking is only required of Canadians who are in Your jurisdiction.  That is not Me.”

He was not impressed, told Me not to move and got on his little radio, presumable to discuss the waiver I had handed him.  A few moments later, he told Me I had one more chance to give My first and last name or I would be spending some time in a cell.  I told him “I stand on My waiver.”

A few moments later the officer’s supervisor showed up and I was being asked to make My way to the back of the police cruiser with My belongings.  Then I was asked to set down My possessions and instructed to place My hands on top of the police cruiser with My legs shoulder width apart as they frisked Me.  I complied with their orders peacefully and without resistance.  When they were satisfied I had no concealed weapons on Me, I was asked to place My hands behind My back where I was placed in cuffs.  In their search, they managed to find a scrap of paper in My wallet, a rent receipt with My last name on it.

“Oh, look at this, he does have a last name!  Sean vonDehn?”, the supervisor exclaimed enthusiastically.

They were so determined to have Me claim this name and felt they had achieved victory but I have been down this road before and learned from previous mistakes.

“You can call Me whatever You like, I stand on My waiver.”

There were a couple of subtle details I noticed.  When they placed the cuffs on Me, they were gentle.  Typically, they will place them on so tight it feels as if they are crushing the bones in Your wrist – they were firm, but not uncomfortable.  Also, when they placed Me in the back of the cruiser, they told Me to watch My head and allowed Me to step into the back at My own pace.  Often they will ask You to watch Your head just before pushing You into the back where it is almost impossible not to fall and smack Your head on the roof (balance is considerably hindered with Your hands cuffed behind Your back).  And, although there was an aire of gloating as if they had got one over on Me, the tone was more bemused and comical than it was angry or frustrated.

Of course, they had run the last name and the warrant for My arrest in Toronto came up on the police monitor.  This was another small victory for the officers.  Now they had Me for breach of bail, two counts of dangerous weapons, one count of carrying concealed and two counts of obstruction of an officer.  And they were quick to tell Me about it.  “Oh, Sean…  Looks like You are in  a lot more trouble than We thought, You’re going to be going away for at least a few days.  Anything You want to say for Yourself?”

“I stand on My waiver.”

Again, the officer laughs, says, “Okay,” and proceeds to read Me My ‘rights’.  When finished he asks Me, “Do You understand these rights?”

“I understand nothing You say.”

The officer is clearly surprised by this statement.  “What do You mean You don’t understand?  What can I clarify for You?”

“You can clarify nothing.  I don’t understand how You feel You have any right or authority to grant or deny Me rights of any kind.  My rights were granted to Me by God and have nothing to do with You.  I stand on My waiver.”

Silence for a few moments.  If it is possible to hear a man thinking, that’s what I heard.  He starts asking Me why I’m determined to make this so difficult for Myself.  I explain that I’m actually making things easier for Myself, it only seems that I’m making things difficult because the officer doesn’t understand what’s happening yet.  He explains that with the charges against Me, I could go away for a long time and cooperation could work to My advantage.  We begin driving to the station and the officer continues attempts at small talk.  I explain that I am happy to chat with him, so long as he understands that I stand on My waiver.

I get to the station, My possessions are catalogued and I’m sent to My cell.  The first thing I see is a bench with a thick blanket on it and it looks like heaven.  It’s probably been at least two days since I’ve had a proper sleep.  Just as I’m about to lie down another officer approaches My cell and asks Me if I’m hungry.  I ask him what he’s offering and assure him I am not interested in any processed food or any food containing chemicals of any kind, like fluoride or MSG.  He says he will arrange something for Me.  I remind him that although he may be offering Me a ‘benefit’, I stand on My waiver and as such any ‘benefit’ is not a benefit at all but the hand of God and I am free to accept all blessings given by God.  The look in the officer’s eyes as I said this was priceless.  It was as if their last attempt to compromise My standing had just disappeared.

I lay down and almost instantly fell asleep.  I was almost disappointed to hear the original arresting officer whistling his way down the hallway back to My cell.  ‘Am I getting out already?’

The officer opens the door, “Sean sovereign?”

“Yes?..”  I reply

“You are free to go!  All charges dropped.  The charges in Toronto still stand but they are not coming to get You, You’ll have to go there Yourself to have those charges dismissed.”

“Really?!  Is this unusual?”

“Very.  We want to thank You, You taught Us all something today.”

“Really?  Well, I must say I am very thankful and impressed to hear that.  I have never had a police officer tell Me that I taught them something.”

“Well, this was very interesting for Us, too.  We apologize for the misunderstanding.”

“Well, I apologize You felt I was being difficult.  I am just trying to be honest about who and what I am.  Can I ask what I can do to avoid misunderstandings like this in the future?”

“You need to change Your status.”

“Excellent, that’s exactly what I’m hoping to do.  How should I do this?  Justice of the peace, attorney general?  Who do I go to to make My living Will and Testament?”

“Justice of the Peace.”

“And do I go to a federal or provincial court to do this?”

“It shouldn’t matter.  Any courthouse with a Justice of the Peace should be fine, they will notify other departments of Your status change.”

“Thank You, I am on My way to do this now.  I appreciate Your courtesy and understanding.”

The officers introduced themselves to Me, shook My hand, asked Me to consider coming back to the department to speak with the officers when I have My status changed and offered to drop Me anywhere within a  certain km radius of the station.  They also re-packed all of My possessions neatly, including My marijuana, My ‘bud buster’, My marijuana pipe and My hunting knife – exactly the same kind that was seized in Toronto as a ‘dangerous weapon’.

The original officer introduced himself as Steve and said he had met several people who call themselves sovereign but I was the first he had met who actually was.  We had a very pleasant man-to-man chat on the way back to where he initially picked Me up.  I actually felt like I was being treated like a king for the first time.  It was quite an experience.

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