The Living Word

Universal Announcement

Greetings and thank You very much for Your presence;

The tone of this letter may be light but I assure You the subject matter is very serious.  When I first announced My ‘Certificate of Life’, or ‘Cestui Que Vie’, on the public record the first question I was asked was, ‘can this be used?’.

I’m not even sure how many people will know what it is.  So an Affidavit of Truth was also necessary and published on the public record with no particular office or audience in Mind, just a general explanation of the purpose for announcing My ‘Certificate of Life’.

The ‘Certificate of Life’ is My source document, the foundation and Key to My Kingdom.  The rest of My Kingdom will be established by building on the firm foundation formed in the source document.  This Blog is part of My Kingdom.  I have been telling My readers for years that We each inherit a Kingdom from God.  I created a Magical plane in the ethereal Realm called the Temple of Equated Forces and asked My readers to imagine this Kingdom as if it were real, suggesting We are each the hero of Our own story.  There is no more need for the Temple of Equated Forces, My Kingdom has come.  This new category, ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ is the establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth.  As above, so below.

I mentioned I intend to keep the tone light because it has been necessary for Me to develop a sense of humour but this is no fantasy; this is non-fiction, My living Word.  It is important that I make it very clear exactly what the document is and why it is necessary.

I could say much about the Law but for now I want to remain focused on the ‘Cestui Que Vie’.  The ‘Cestui Que Vie’ is Latin for ‘Certificate of Life'(C.O.L.) or proof of life.  Legally, this is mankind’s [which, anytime ‘man’ is used in a general sense, it forever includes womb/man and penis/man equally without further mention] claim of right to real-estate, the Kingdom of God.  Before one can own property, they must prove they are living, this is the title-deed to God’s (promised) land, the Mind, Body and Soul.

In the real world, I don’t need a form to prove I live, it is Self evident.  Everything I have created from the beginning is proof of life.  Surely, not one who reads this will believe that the author was dead when he authored this Writ.  So when as-King if the form can be used, the answer is yes.  What better evidence of life is there than Self?

I claim all things given by God and this is forever the Hand of the King.  I do not anticipate any challenge to My claim because it would be ludicrous to suggest I am not living or have no legitimate claim upon My life.  My ‘Cestui Que Vie’ is My first legal document, a form for the legal fiction.  Forms shape things and documents establish Intention.  This is how the Kingdom of God is founded on Earth.

There is a very good chance that the receiver of the document will have no Idea what it means which is why follow up notices will be required.  It does seem mad to suggest that I would not hold exclusive claim of right over My Mind, Body or Spirit but it is presumed the legal right, the ‘Key’ to the Kingdom has been held in Trust.  I have reclaimed My Key.

It is critical to establish a solid foundation for My Kingdom.  I am the authority in My Kingdom.  The ‘Cestui Que Vie’ is a ‘Certificate of Life’ and it means that any and all other presumptions of authority or claims over My Kingdom are forever extinguished.  It is a deed with superior claim to the real estate.  The establishment of this Idea was the Intention of this statement.  We must know the Kingdom before We can know it’s value.

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