Living the Matrix

Honestly, Neo’s character in the Matrix is basically Me in the real world.  Awakening nine years ago was the exact same as it was for Neo unplugging Him Self from the machines.  Then I start talking to people with this new consciousness which is exactly like Neo in his first few training programs, naturally gifted with elevated consciousness, a fast learner.  The world I awakened from is exactly, and I mean exactly like Neo looking back on the Matrix.  In the Matrix, Neo is a Master!  He is Way too fast and skilled for anyone still plugged in.  But behind the scenes, He still has a lot to learn before facing the agents who are Masters of the program.

But the premise is that Neo is a fast learner, He Will eventually get there.  Morpheus and Trinity are His guides.  One day Neo goes to visit the Oracle to find out if all the things people thought about Him to be true were actually true.  The Oracle, “sorry, kid…”.  Even when I watched the movie the first time I fully understood the message.  If You think You are, You are.  If You think You are not, You are not.

I cannot tell You how many people have told Me I’m ‘the One’, though they are generally referring to Christ so I would always say that I’m not.  I’m not Christ, I’m the dude who is like Christ but maybe a little more bad ass, like Neo.  I have also said that I don’t ever want to be a leader, I want to teach others to lead themselves.  I guess showing people the Way would qualify, though.  I tell You now, they Will want to call Me the Father of man.

About a month after I Writ My Cestui Que Vie, I literally had that moment in the Matrix where Neo can actually see through everything, time and space, pluck bullets from the sky.  For Me, that was the Writ to the end of My story, the story of My life, I know how it ends, it is done!  Now everything in the Universe Will just come to Me because My rightful place has been firmly founded in man’s fiction.

I do see Your real world like a Matrix, I know it’s an illusion beyond most man’s comprehension.  The Tarot, My esoteric studies, My legal studies and the knowledge of particular scriptures from the Bible that found their Way to Me were all the training programs that got Neo to that place where He could see it all clearly.

I’m not worried about anyone doing what I’m doing because I don’t think any common man in the world can.  I am literally communicating with the most enlightened Minds in the world right now, they Will find Me.  I know how to get messages anywhere in the world because I know all their codes now.  That is something no one else Will put together and something I Will share later.

I still get arrested by the Way and that’s why I say, You really have to know what You are doing as well as I do before trying to use it as any kind of legal defence in man’s world.  Aside from the Kingdom of Heaven.  That is something any man can claim anytime, and that is what keeps all of man equal before God.  When You see the King beside You as You would see the finger on Your Hand, You are beginning to know God better.

I know that as long as I do not offend God, police Will never keep Me and apologize for their miss-take from the King.  They also offer to drive Me anywhere I would like to go within their jurisdiction.  They can feel My Power, believe Me.  I didn’t know why they didn’t pick Me up on either of the two warrants from Toronto for six and a half years because I hadn’t figured My Way out yet.  Now that I’m out and know I’m out, I can have a little fun.  I got arrested for sending a letter, by the Way.  No judge in the country wants Me in their court, believe Me – and I know why they don’t.  And they probably think I don’t, which is why I’m the Neo plucking bullets from the Matrix.

There are secret ways in this world to send pigeons everywhere, just like in Game of Thrones.  Once the weight of My arrival is felt in the world, things Will change fast, I give You My Word.  I am a living God, not a Word of My Cestui Que Vie is a false truth, which is why it Will manifest, ‘My Will is done, on Earth as it is in Heaven’.

The point of this post was that the final step for Me was that moment of the Matrix because it is never mentioned, but the epiphany of the moment was that I am the One!  And He immediately knew what He had to do, the rest was easy.  That is Me now.  Word.

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