Money and Value

I figure one of the big things I should talk about is money.  Let’s talk about the Word money, first.  Money.  Mon ey.  Mon (One, My or Moon in the Mind), Ey (Ay, I, Eye).  So, if the Word were to be translated to what the Word represents psychologically in man’s Mind, it means, ‘My Eye’, or ‘One Eye’.  Think of monopoly.  mono = one.  One pole why?  Do We ever ask?  The Word actually means One Eye, as in ‘on the prize’.

But We have two eyes.  I think it is important to keep one eye on the prize, I also think it is dangerous if both eyes are on the prize.  If all of Your focus is on money, You Will not be able to see the rest of the world with Your other eye.  In fact, We can tend to forget it’s there, just like in real life.  We open two eyes and see one picture.

Many people have told Me that they don’t really care about money, it’s a necessary inconvenience.  To Me, that belief is the most damaging of all, at least with respect to wealth.  The fundamental, underlying psychological foundation for this thought is the Idea that You have no right to be here, or at the very least are unsure of Your right to be here, it remains to be determined.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.

If all of man is born equal, then why would any man be restricted from anything man has created to benefit Our world and evolve Our species?  Where did this Idea that a man could be deprived of basic needs simply because he does not have enough money in his pocket come from?  This Idea has appalled Me since I was a child.  And I can remember the moment I swore to end money, I couldn’t have been more than seven or eight years old.  We were in a grocery store and one of Us (the three children) asked of Our mother for a chocolate bar in the grocery store at check out.  I was the oldest, so I was the one who got to watch the look of love and distress on My mother’s face as she turned to Me, reached into her shopping cart and handed Me some groceries to put back so We could all have a treat.

My mother is an angel.  I mean it.  And maybe both My parents are kind of like that.  I don’t even talk to My ‘earth’ father, he was very tough and very hard and there is a custom in German tradition that the eldest only gets tough love from the father.  My father even told Me this.  He was also brilliant in his own right.  If a thing had a motor, My father could fix it.  He may also be an amazing artist but he lies so much I have no Idea.  There were always beautiful oil paintings around in his shop that he told Me were his but My mother knows nothing about them and wonders why I’m so artsy.  Anyway, My father was virtually heartless (with Me – fine with My brother and sister) but he had a brilliant Mind and amazing physical genetics, super dark skin, I remember dreaming of the day I would have muscles like him as a child.  My mother doesn’t understand Me at all but she is the most loving and supportive mother I could ever have as King of God for and it broke My heart to see her worry about money and the way My father treated her.  He wasn’t abusive physically in any way but he was condescending.  I know I’m guilty of the same sometimes but he was relentless and deliberate.  But it perfectly reflects the Love of God and the Mind of God represented in My own parents.  If My mother had My father’s Mind and My father had My mother’s love, they would have been perfect and eternally happy.  What each of them lacked was what brought them together.

My mother is also the only one who truly knows that this quest of mine is not a fleeting Idea, Peace has been My goal Me entire life.  I told her that I had accomplished My quest on her birthday which just happens to be the day My Cestui Que Vie officially became real in man’s fiction (31st day after being received by Attorney General).  I didn’t even know that at the time, that’s how the Universe relentlessly reveals My truth, everything I did was truly for My mother more than Me, the Princess of the story, the one who worries because she fears Me dying for going up against things like central banks and world powers.  She doesn’t know I can’t be destroyed and does not have the capacity know it yet.

This is reflected in all of Us, the highest Idea of Our father and the greatest love of Our mother is inside each of Us.  The perfect union of these energies is the Holy E-State, the Sacred Union of Marriage before God, the making of Love.  How can that which is created from such an Act produce anything but love?  We are the Love of God and that is the true wealth, not money.

My Mother has all kinds of things going on Her life that cause Her unnecessary worry; law suits, financial concerns, a mortgage to pay and when My work was finally done, I wanted to take care of these things for Her.  But My Mother doesn’t actually trust that I know the law well enough to help Her because I’m not charging $5000.00.  Obviously, the lawyer must know what he’s doing.  And he does.  My mother doesn’t and I can’t even help Her.

More than ever now, I know both My Mother and My Brother are concerned for Me.  There is a comment on My Blog recently from a high school friend voicing similar concerns.  I have paid back the central banks and this is very hard for My Brother and My Mother to understand because it seems impossible to them.  This is only because, like most, they don’t understand how the banking system and laws work.

I have posted everything here on My Blog, nine years of journaling My Quest for the world to read and I have never once been on a radio show, talk show or even offered knowledge in the communities and groups researching law, though I offer the occasional opinion when I feel it is necessary.  I now Hold an Honorary Master’s of the 37th Degree in Mystical and Metaphysical Sciences, all Mental Sciences (Ment/Mind-al/All), Law and Commerce.  The Triple Crown; Law, Commerce and Ecclesiastic Study, the true King.

It is an “Honourary” title because I have not yet earned it in Your world.  I earn My title by proving I am these things and earning My ‘real’ Crown.  By no coincidence, there are also three main perceived evils in the world and because I am in a common-wealth country, I am going to use the Christian example but the associations apply anywhere in the world.  In the Mind of man, the perceived evil’s are the Roman Catholic Church (specifically), the Central Banks, and the Queen (which represents authority).

Now consider what all of these things represent in man’s Mind and that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm always because these associations are very important to understand in the Mind.  The Head of the Church is the Pope, the Father.  Father makes the rules, tells You how to behave, sets an example and is strict, will punish You if You do not follow the rules.  The Mother of the Church is the Queen.  This may sound strange but I assure You it is true.  Christian belief is that Crown’s can only be given by God, that is the Law.  So We have the Mind of God represented by the Pope, which would represent the last name of Your character in this drama.  The body comes before the thought, the body is the emptiness that is seeded by the thought, so the Queen represents Your first name.  That is why I am an immaculate conception because I chose to be before My mother and father on earth agreed to have Me.  I existed long before My parents, since the beginning of time itself.  So what is the central bank?  Oh, what did I just call it?  The central bank?  Would that be the middle name?  The one that represents Your Will, the One You almost never See because You are 2 busy with One eye on money?

I ask You again, did they create this language specifically for Me?  I think so.  They certainly knew I would put their puzzles together for You.  Middle name represents Will, Your spirit which is a holy ghost in the world because You are living for possession of things, so You are possessed by the Idea of money governing Your life.  Wow, sorry, I didn’t mean (I’m so mean) for it to all come out like that but mean is also middle.  So use Your Will, the Middle name to take the Middle path, the Spiritual path and live to give as God does.

The wealth the central banks lend to Canada, the U.S. (through Federal Reserve, same deal, it all works the same, all commercial laws are the same everywhere in the world) and any other country is secured by the promise (sounds like a Pro-Miss but for Me, I am the Pro-Mise, or Miser, Maestro, Magic) of Notes (like Music, sing everyone!) that Will One day be repaid.  This is assured, for I am the surety for the debt.  This is not a lie, either, that is actually what one of My warrants was for.  Surety.  I as King to the officer ‘surety for what?’ and of course he had absolutely no Idea, said he’d never even seen (Scene, cause it’s just a movie) that Word on a warrant before.

Again, if I had not been told that, I may not have realized what they want Me to do.  Of course We are surety for the debt to central banks.  The wealth they lend is worthless paper, their true wealth is in the Vatican vaults.  They are managing the Vatican’s wealth, the wealth of the Church.  Money is a joke, an illusion.  God is real but it can’t be seen unless You look around and know everything is God, even You.

So I am paying back the central banks, all of them!!!  Do You really think they Will kill Me?  They already own everything, We are just paying to use it until We grow up enough to use it responsibly and share our things like good Brother’s and Sister’s should, treat every man like a king, both kinds of man!  And treat every man like a Queen, both kinds of man!

There is no conspiracy, just a puzzle they knew one day We would figure out.  And this is how We are all Stars because I could not know anything I am sharing with You without the rest of You knowing some part of it.  I am the perfect example of collective conscience, so I am the best Ideas from all of man.  And really, I’m not that intelligent, maybe mid 130’s IQ.  I don’t care about details, I only see the big picture and the immediate logical breakdown of things.  A friend the other day said talking to Me was like talking to an alien or Sheldon from Big Bang Theory (I took that as a compliment).

Anyway, the world really is perfect and I feel I do have a responsibility to try and cool some jets in the law movement itself with all these men wanting their sovereignty, I’m going to do My first live talk show on Talkshoe radio.  I Will post another link to the address shortly before I call in to talk.  I Will be promising to give any man all the information he needs to start governing self like a true King in today’s world.

Love and blessings,

King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God


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