Happy Mother’s Day World!

This is a very special day, in Deed.  It is Mother’s Day, the day the whole world celebrates the Love only mother’s seem to know how to give.  I could not be more excited about speaking to the world tonight.  When I set up the call two days ago, it was truly a ‘random’ Idea but a Seed had been planted in My Mind and it was growing, such is My Desire for the Truth of Love to Flourish.

I contacted the Administrator of the Group, Bryan-Glenn: Parker, which has roughly 7,000 members covering virtually anything under the Sun pertaining to law and sovereignty on Friday.  My name is not known in any group as any kind of authority on law, commerce or spirituality.  Until now, this and Facebook are really the only places I express My Ideas.  I wasn’t sure if My contribution to a call would be welcomed because I have no reputation in any community of this nature.  I sent Him a private message on Facebook and was chatting with Him ten minutes later.  He as King if I would like to be a guest on the call this Sunday and it was done.

I have promised that I Will teach all who listen how to claim God’s Kingdom and what it means to be King.  Although I knew it was Mother’s Day this week, I did not immediately realize that it was also the day I would speak to the world for the first time.  It seems so perfect.  This is a gift for My own Mother as much as it is for the Love of all, the Love of Mother Nurture to be restored in the world.

We’ve heard the expression ‘Fall in Love’ probably more times than We can count.  Man has the perception that nature is rough, cruel and unforgiving, much like the perception of God in man’s world.  But You can never die, You can only fall back into the Love of God, the Divine Mother that was forgot.  It is just a Dream.

I have had this Blog for at least seven years, probably closer to ten and a website of My own that I gave up sometime before that.  The website was before My awakening when I was hoping to potentially make My Way in the world with My Art.  I have never signed a painting because I never believed they belonged to Me, they belong to the world.  I have no Idea who I paint them for or why I am inspired to do so.  However, that became a Theme for My life and My story and how I finally found My Way.

Today, I hope to help restore the lost love of the Divine Feminine to all the world, expanding on My quest to save the Princess in Our story.  I want all of man to know that there are no conspiracies, everything We perceive to be wrong is not what it seems, perception is the first thing that Will need to change.  This Call Will help everyone see God’s Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven in a Way they may never have perceived possible before.

Love and blessings, don’t miss the call!!!


Happy Mother’s Day, World!!!


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