Mother’s Day Call – The Song this Little Bird Will be Singing Tonight

TalkShoe Seven is Heaven PM Eastern Star Time!!!


  1. Live Broad Cast
  2. The Living Word of God
  3. Honorary Masters Degree of the 37th Order in Mystical Sciences (and what it is)
  4. My Story and His-Story


  1. Cestui Que Vie; what is it, what does Google God say about it?
  2. My Cestui Que Vie and why it’s different
  3. The Magic of My Document (Occulted Knowledge and Practical Magic)
  4. The Holy Trinity; My Three follow up documents.
  5. The Rightful Heir to God’s Kingdom; the Duties and Responsibilities of a true King.


  1. How to Create a Cestui Que Vie
  2. How to Administrate the Cestui Que Vie
  3. Duties, Responsibilities and Honour
  4. The Powers of a King and the Miracles of the Christ; How I Walk on Water and Raise the Dead

Overview and Conclusions:

  1. Microcosm and Macrocosm, the Universe as the Self
  2. The Holy Trinity and the Holy Kingdom
  3. The Father, the Mother and the Son
  4. Royalty, the Vatican, and the Central Banks
  5. Kingdom of Heaven Established on Earth

Love and blessings, List In Tonight!!!


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