And now for Plan ‘A’.

I Pay Homage to the Tragically Hip and give thanks for their Great Work.  I have a ‘new’ Plan but it’s also the same Plan.  My objective Will always remain the same, the strategy is continually refined.

still haven’t followed up on the two M.P.’s who have not returned My call.  But how ridiculous is it that I should need to?  Or that I should wait as long as a day, much less a week?  It’s not like there are hundreds of other concerned Ottawa citizens calling the office every day with offences to the common law, human rights or elected officials failing to uphold their judicial oath of office.  Am I the only one who truly understands how serious these charges are?  It may all be fun and games but if those I am playing were on their game, they would have returned My serve.  Every call I make to one of these offices is recorded.  I must remind My readers that an M.P.’s absolute first duty is to represent the people of Canada and Honour their judicial oath of office.  Any elected public official can legally be removed from office for failing to uphold their judicial oath.  The longer they make Me wait, the harder they Will get spanked.

I have home court advantage all the time.  That alone is a great blessing.  Instead of chasing after My elected officials for not returning My call in a reasonable time, I am instead going to present them with new evidence of crimes against the common law and violations of the United Nations Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms happening in this country every day.  This Will be what is known as “Prima-Facie” evidence of these crimes and the government offices responsible.  I Will have My new legal documents ready to present to You by Thursday afternoon and have them Posted sometime Friday at the very latest.

I also want to say thank You to all My new followers on Twitter and all the new readers of My Blog.  More and more people are reading this Blog every day and that truly means the world to Me – thank You.  As serious as all this legal stuff is, it is the world they created, We reap what We sow.  Those who are most guilty do not know it’s a game and that is why I Will always have Home (Body) Court (God’s Kingdom) Advantage (Mind/Authority – Author of Writ).

Love and Blessings,



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