Many Thanks for a Magical Monday

Today has been one of the most magical days since My arrival in Ottawa.  Although the sun and activity of the day has left Me feeling unusually exhausted, I felt compelled to Write to express My gratitude.

I have been in Ottawa since the beginning of June, roughly six weeks now, and although the departure from the comforts of a cozy apartment were something of a shock to the system, I am beginning to develop something of a routine.  My day starts early (7:00 a.m.) and begins much as anyone else’s day would – brush teeth, splash some water on My face to wash the cobwebs from My eyes before making My way to the dining hall for breakfast and (more importantly), coffee.  As the food and caffeine work their Magic, My body begins to feel alive and My Mind slowly sharpens.  I consider My plans for the day, make a final trip to My locker to organize My gear and head out for the day.

My morning usually begins with a stop at a local church and community drop in center commonly known as ‘454’ where I can grab a quick shower and refill My coffee.  This particular morning was slightly overcast, though the promise of eventual sunshine was eminent enough for one to accept the grey sky a gracious gift, keeping the heat of the day at bay.  My energy seemed in sync with the sun as I slowly set up My pallet and prepared to paint.  By the time the time the sun had dissipated the last of the morning clouds, I was too distracted with My Work to notice the heat.

I enjoy painting in the sun.  My paint dries quickly, encouraging Me to work faster, and I love the heat – it’s a win/win.  I also hate wasting paint, so I am ‘forced’ to stay focused at least until the paint I’ve put out is spent.  I accomplish a great deal more in less time than I ever manage indoors, and with less interruptions.

By the time I took My first break, the courtyard was busy with bodies.  I noticed a stack of envelopes piled on another picnic table, a small crowd of onlookers observing a series of photos and decided to investigate.  When I approached the table to ask what was going on, I discovered that My photographs from the ‘Perspective of Ottawa’ street project had been developed!  I had forgotten much of what I had captured and was eager to see the results.  The two young ladies responsible for the project asked for the number of My camera and handed Me an envelope containing the photos.

It is always difficult to articulate emotions in Words but I Will say that I was amazed with the quality.  Who would have guessed that a disposable camera would produce such incredible photos?!  The two women responsible for the project’s creation were also an incredible surprise.  I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, I suppose I hadn’t really given it much thought.  What I was not expecting, was for this project to be entirely endorsed by two young women whom had taken the time and initiative to find sponsors and make this thing a reality entirely on their own.  I write so much about ‘being the change’ You wish to see in the world – Nina and Elizabeth are a perfect example of two people doing just that.  They were also genuinely enthusiastic and knew who I was the moment I told them the number of My camera.

“So You’re King Sean!”

I had the pleasure of reviewing My photos once again, three of which had been selected as ‘favourites’.  I was informed that the photos would be published in a magazine, as well as an exhibit of some kind, and spent the rest of My morning learning more about these two incredible individuals.  I would like to link to the Facebook page they are using to promote the project, but I can’t seem to find the link, though I was sure I had written it down.  Thankfully, I will have a chance to meet with them again on Wednesday and will make sure I get the info to link to their page.

The beauty of the day continued.  My friend Henry sent Me a text to let Me know he was at the University campus, one of My favourite spots to spend the afternoon.  I also had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a new friend whom I will refer to only as ‘the Professor’, his preferred alias.  The three of Us spent the afternoon chatting, mostly about Universal law, whatever one may consider that to be.

As Einstein once said, “time is relative” – the entire day seemed to fly by.  It’s also unusually late for Me, so I Will wrap this up rather abruptly.  I wanted to give thanks and express My gratitude for Nina, Elizabeth and My friend Henry, who were responsible for making this Monday feel truly Magical.

Love and blessings,






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