Happy Super Blue Blood Moon Lucky Wednesday World!!!

Yes, happy Super Blue Blood Moon Lucky Wednesday in Deed!  In My last entry I was tall King about one My final frontiers, social media.  I was never really much of a fan of social media until spring of last year.  It officially started in April when I acquired My first ‘Top Follower’.  I’ve had an account since January of 2010 but couldn’t remember the last time I’d had any new followers, much less anyone with significant influence.  Today My Twitter analytics says I didn’t gain any new followers in April of last year but that can’t be true because I wouldn’t have gained a top follower if it were.  When someone with 3.3 million followers starts following a guy with fifty-five followers and only the occasional Blog read, it’s hard not to notice and wonder why.  It was a Blog Post – My letter from Sean Kearney, legal director for the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office.

In April, I gained no new followers on Twitter, though I gained a top follower and made 636 impressions over the month.  For anyone who knows a thing or two about Twitter stats, it is an exceedingly low number of impressions for an entire month, though it was still roughly 500% more impressions than I had in March.  Then My Twitter account literally went off the charts out of nowhere.  In May I gained 541 new followers, a new top follower boasting 2.79 million of their own followers, went from 7 profile visits to 9,230 (!!!), and made 181,000 impressions!  You can probably imagine what I was thing King!  To this day, My account has not boasted greater stats with respect to impressions in a single month as they did last May (though I have reason to believe My Twitter analytics are not entirely accurate).

All of a sudden, something I had never really paid much attention to was showing Me what kind of hidden potential social media might have for promoting My dreams and, ultimately My Blog.

Initially I was excited but also a little overwhelmed.  I was beginning to see the potential of My Twitter account (and knew the Universe was telling Me to pay attention – there are no coincidences) but I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing right.  What had I done differently to make My social media account explode virtually overnight?  Although I was thrilled to be gaining exposure, I was also a little nervous because I actually felt like I had a real audience for the first time.  My Writing Style is very unique, what if people don’t like it and can’t make sense of it?..  Those were the kind of random ‘fears’ that initially ran through My Mind which I presume are common for anyone in an entrepreneurial venture.  As a Mystic, it means something on an entirely different level, too.  The microcosm always reflects the macrocosm.  If the macrocosm is paying all kinds of attention to Me all of a sudden, that reality Will also be reflected in My microcosm; how will I feel when all eyes are on Me, rather than just an anonymous Twitter character?

I rolled with it and did what I could to embrace it and stay true to My Style, presuming My radical Writing and unusual use of capital letters may be as much the reason for all the new attention as anything else.  And I am thing King this is an important point to make and one that was covered in Malcolm Gladwell’s rules of success in the video I shared I few posts back.  People don’t get noticed because they are doing the same thing everyone else is doing, so I wasn’t about to stop using capital letters and conform to peer groups because I suddenly had a bigger audience.  I just continued to do what I had always been doing, I just did more of it.

A dramatic spike in Blog reads was synchronized with the explosive growth of My Twitter account and social media influence, though initially the attention was all focused on that one Blog Post.  Then I did a TalkShoe call about Sovereignty and once again there was a dramatic spike in Blog reads which included a link to the show (and/or recording).  It became obvious that My new audience was interested in the legal documents I have published and what I might be planning to do next.  A lot of the time I wasn’t even sure what I was planning to do next, but this was always where I would Write about it.

Beginning in May and for the next few months, I gained an average of roughly 500 new followers a month!  On the other hand, the impressions I made on Twitter every month dropped to an average of 5,000 a month from 181,000 in May and 90,000 in June!  Part of following through on the philosophies I Write about included moving to Ottawa last June.  The frequency of My Blog Posts began to drop dramatically while I was busy getting involved with the In Focus project to create awareness of homelessness and poverty in Ottawa, and the portraits I was painting outside the Salvation Army as My own Mystical means of expression.  When I reflect on that now, I think it was a reflection of the ‘reluctant hero’ as I have expressed before, My own internal desire to transcend My fear of being known and put My Self out there – literally.

It may also be a reflection of a lingering belief I held onto that marketing is one of My greatest weaknesses.  Is it true?  I don’t know, I’ve never really tried.  It would also be fair to say that I still wasn’t taking social media very seriously and never really considered it ‘work’ – let’s face it, it’s a place to socialize and communicate.  I was doing what I could to get attention in My microcosm but I had pretty much ignored My social media accounts and began Writing sporadically rather than consistently.

At the same time, I was experiencing all kinds of success in My microcosm which made it easier to be distracted from social media.  Within two months of arriving in Ottawa I was featured in three mainstream newspapers, two of which published My proper legal title, ‘Sean, House of von Dehn’.  Legally, when a paper publishes a proper legal title, it is considered an ‘announcement’ to the public.  That’s massive with respect to My legal Quest and I don’t even like to take credit for any of that because it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of [now] Queen Elizabeth (I), House of Fitzpatrick, Queen Nina, House of Garacci, their InFocus Ottawa project, and the interest they took in My Writing – they are entirely responsible for all of the ‘real life’ (microcosm) media exposure I’ve had since I arrived in Ottawa.  The continuous link was My Writing.  My Twitter account spiked again when I published a Blog Post about being featured in the Ottawa Citizen and Sun newspapers, generating ten times the number of impressions over the previous month on Twitter.

The colder weather also forced Me to spend more time indoors, less time painting, more time Writing, and gave Me more time to pay attention to My Twitter account.  I’ve said that ‘V’ for Vendetta is one of My favourite movies and for some reason I felt that November 5th might be a special day.  The 500 followers per month had declined slightly but I was still gaining and had roughly 3,000 followers toward the beginning of November.  On November 5th I gained 300 followers in a couple of hours and I hadn’t posted anything new.  My account returned to ‘normal’ again, which is typically anywhere from ten to twenty new followers per day (give or take) on average since last May.  November 11th I had a similar anomaly, this time 700 new Twitter followers over a couple of hours!!!  I gained a total of 1,468 new followers in November and made 142,000 impressions over the month.

Once again, this entry is running a little long according to the rules of successful blogging, so I’ll continue discussing My social media marketing strategies in My next Post.  What I discovered was that I was doing a lot of things right, I just wasn’t doing enough of it consistently.  I promise I Will tell You what those things are in My next Post.

Seven Scrolls of Magic

Love and Blessings,








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