The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Sun has Sean Sunday Edition

Hello every One and thank You for being here.  In My microcosm, I start every day by Giving thanks to the Universe.  It might not be the first thing I do in the morning, I can be as grumpy and groggy as any One when I first wake up, but it is My first Goal every morning and it generally starts with coffee.  The Idea of coffee silences grumpy and groggy and as I take My first sip, grumpy and groggy say sorry for sulking and I Give thanks to the Universe for My tiny taste of Heaven.  And that’s usually how My day starts.

This Sunday is pretty special for Me.  My Intention is for every week to represent a new Volume of The Good News Journal, Amplifying its Frequency in the macrocosm; this Will complete two, full, Daily Volumes!  That is something to celebrate for Me!  I’ve also really enjoyed Writing The Good News Journal.  Its become something I look forward to Writing every day and it helps to Keep My microcosm ‘In Focus’ (inside joke for a couple of special friends). 😉

I really didn’t want to make the phone Calls on Friday but I really wanted to Write about it and I felt compelled to Honour My Word.  Once again, new Ventures in My microcosm reflect the Magic of the macrocosm in wonderful Ways.  I have always said that Words Manifest, so saying I Will make phone Calls on Friday and then Following up with the Deed is an example of the Magic and Power of Our thoughts Manifesting in the Universe, small examples of the Self fulfilling Prophecy.

Seven Keys to Kingdom

Not only did I manage to make the Calls, but I was also able to confirm that My Letters were received – all Seven of them.  That’s pretty huge, too.  All the Letters were Sent ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, something I am thing King is not done very often.  Did the Letters reach their Destiny Sean (destination) because ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ is still applicable in any common wealth country?  I can’t say for sure, but I used it because I believe the Service is still Honoured and would guarantee delivery.  However, a Sovereign also has a unique Stamp to identify their nation in the international Postal system and My Stamp is My thumbprint Seal, which was also used where One would typically apply postage.  Finally, I also used ‘God Speed’, Hand Writ under ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  My thumbprint Seal was Stamped over top.  I believe any One of these techniques would be enough to guarantee delivery on its own.  I wanted to be sure, so I used all three of the ‘Magical’ techniques I know to Send Mail.

When I was Writing out all the envelopes, they were scattered across the table and as I stacked them up to set up a stamping assembly line (stamp pad ready, calligraphy pen in Hand), One of the men watching as King of Me how I learned how to do what I was doing.  The Truth is, I really don’t know.

I think I was actually taught most of this stuff in early grade school but I can’t say for sure.  For some reason I knew that Canadians (or at least elected officials) Swear to God and the Queen.  I also knew that You could Write letters to any elected officials free of charge and I’m pretty sure I learned that in grade school, too.  But everything I know about the mail was intuitive.  I don’t even really know how I came up with using My thumbprint as currency or when I thought of it, but as soon as I did, I knew that was what I would do.  After that, You Sing it (Universe, One Song) as Post Age just seemed like common sense.  The common wealth is all about common cents. So, to Know the Letters I cent were received, is money.  Sorry, on a [bank] roll, couldn’t resist that last One…

So it really has been a great week.  The Good News Journal is about what I am doing in My microcosm to Manifest My Dream and Vision for peace in the world and it has been an eventful week.

In Monday’s Magical Money Edition, I was tall King about the right of a Sovereign nation to Create its own [debt free] currency.  Being the absolute authority, the King would be the One to Create the Coin of the Realm (Nation).  I showed the document I had returned to Me by the Attorney General last April (when My Twitter account exploded in Unison) and the document I placed into the Superior Court to Give Notice of the Coin for My Realm, My thumbprint.

Last Thursday, I Cent [service of true copies of] My Letters ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  In The Follow Up Friday Edition this week, I was tall King about how I would be following up with phone calls to make sure the Letters I Sent were received and The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition allowed Me to confirm that they were.

Although these may seem like small details, for anyone who is reasonably well versed in Law, it is recommended that ‘service of true copy’ of a Letter is Sent by registered Mail so that the Sender can confirm it was received, as a signature is required for delivery.  However, sending a letter registered mail is a legal process in Commercial Admiralty jurisdiction.  One cannot be forced to participate in commerce, especially if One’s determination is to protect the common law.  If legal processes involve sending letters and filing grievances, then One must be able to do so free of charge.  If We all have equal powers in law, then We must all be able to file grievances, and if the proper Way to file a grievance is to send a letter, then We must all be able to do so for free.  That’s pretty much the reason and logic I used to determine I must have the power to send letters without money and ‘trust’ there would still be some record of it.  I ‘trust’ the Queen is going to want to know who is ’employing’ Her Majesty’s Service.  And that’s why I believe ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ must still be applicable in any common wealth jurisdiction; it is there as a protection in law for the common man should the government every try to remove the Write to politicians free of charge.  Make cents? 😉

So this week I was able to show that a man can still use ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ to defend the common law.  That’s pretty cool, right?  I was also able to show that My thumbprint is now recognized in the Post-all [because it is common wealth for all to use] Service and I have a receipt to show that I am War King ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, which further demonstrates My determination to Honour [God and] the Queen and Gives Me something to Present the courts with should it ever be necessary for Me to do so.

This week Will be especially interesting as I Will be War King on another document in preparation of Easter Sunday.  The Universe is supporting the Idea that Easter might be a significant day for the Prince of Peace, but only Time Will Tell.

Lots more upcoming to make Your Monday Morning a little more Magical,

Love and Blessings, thanks for being here!






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