The Good News Journal, Volume XLIV: The Terrific Tuesday Edition – City of Ottawa Willfully Trespasses on Constitutional Rights of the Canadian People

Hello everyone and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Edition of The Good News Journal, and thank You for being here.

It has been a fabulous week for Me, I Hope and Trust it has been Good for You also.  I am exceedingly optimistic about the coming year!!!  I am also One of those individuals who Will encourage One to not spend too much Time thing King of the past or future, as the only Time that is ever real, is now.  However, We reap what We sow, and the Seeds of Intention We plant today, Will be the Harvest We reap tomorrow.  So today is a Great day as new Seeds of Intention have been planted – on all fronts.  And the manure that’s being shovelled at Me by My adversaries is helping to Nurture and fertilize the Soil of the Seeds Sown in My yesterdays.

I’m Loving where I am!  It’s not perfect, it is not a permanent solution, but it is everything I need to be productive; a proper desk, bed, dresser, fridge, freezer, [free] laundry, free high speed internet, free hydro and utilities, and it’s clean!  It’s not an apartment, it’s just a room, and I still share bathroom and kitchen facilities –  it’s not a problem at all, the People I Live with are wonderful, but I do very much like to Keep to My Self and Will still be looking for a suitable bachelor or one bedroom; but I am comfortable enough now that I can wait to find the perfect place.

My new space has already increased My productivity and You Will notice that I have Posted a New Page thread featuring My Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa.  Today I learned that the file has been closed!  No resolution whatsoever, and little or no investigation into My complaint.  This is the manure I was tall King about that Will Fertilize My Seeds of Intention in the future.  And the future is Now!

For many years, My most popular Blog Post has been Becoming A Student of the Universe, and it likely always Will be.  It flatters Me, but it doesn’t really surprise Me because it really is a Great Post, and I Stand by every Word of it today.  However, it has been getting a bit of friendly competition lately from another Post that does surprise Me, ‘V for Vendetta’ – The Truth’.  The reason I’m surprised the Post is so popular, is because I had rather anticipated it would be more susceptible to criticism because the movie and comic book have such a strong following.  For those who have been reading My Blog for a while, You Will also know that I do spend some time tall King about Magic, and in ‘V for Vendetta – The Truth’, I am tall King about how 9/11 is the greatest example of real Life Magic the world has ever seen, and how very clearly and explicitly V explains to Evie how that Magic Works.

I am also tall King about another theme presented in the film that is dominant in man’s legal fiction, ‘silence is consent’.  It is one of the main reason’s the first right an officer of the law Will tell a man he has is the ‘right’ to remain silent.  What they don’t tell a man, is that she has the right to remain silent from the moment the officer approaches her, and if she had exercised that right from the start, there is a Good chance she would not have Given enough information for the officer to make the arrest in the first place (presuming of course this is a victimless commercial offence and not an actual Common Law crime).

The reason I am bringing this up, is because it is a consistent theme in man’s legal fiction, and it can work as much for a man as it can against her when One understands how it works.  To review this theme as it pertains to interaction with a police officer, the officer approaches an individual with the presumption of authority.  It isn’t even a conscious decision for the officer, it’s programmed behaviour; when the officer approaches a man and asks her a Quest-Ion, he expects the man to reply because that is what happens almost one hundred percent of the time.  It has become so programmed that generally if one fails to answer an officer, it is likely the officer Will threaten to charge the individual with resisting arrest, failure to comply, or some other frivolous charge.  They have to make sure they charge the battery before placing it in a cell to syphon the energy, right?  Do You really think I am able to make such marvelous metaphors by happenstance?  The English language and every Word in it is Magical, everything is Energy, and You are the Source of it, the Light of the world.  If a man were silent from the moment the officer approached, it would likely cause the man more harm than Good, I am only using this example to stress the irony of the man’s right to silence, and how it isn’t made known to the man until the man is already under arrest.

Letters Form Words, Words Form the Head, Body and Foot-Notes of Letters that Sing the man’s Song on the Universal Stage, Composing the man’s Character in the Imagination (I, Mage in a Sean) of Her audience.  I can Write a Word from the comfort of My room and know that it Will become a Voice in another man’s Mind.  How can People not believe in Magic?

The other reason silence is consent, is because it is natural for one to want to defend One’s Self from attacks upon their character.  So, (generally) if One can, they Will.  Police know this, too – that’s how they convince People to talk (even though most People know that lawyers would advise One to remain silent after they have been arrested so they don’t unwittingly say something that could further incriminate them).  Police ‘coax’ People with bait like, “If You’re not guilty of anything, You have nothing to worry about, talking and cooperating could help You…”  (Trust Me, even lawyers Will tell You not to take the bait, don’t talk to police (after being arrested) unless You really know what You are doing).

‘Silence is consent’ is relevant moving into 2019 because it is a continuous theme in My Letter Writing, too.  Those recipients of My Letters whom have failed to respond are (most likely) guilty of the claims I have made in My Letters.  That’s why not receiving a reply from someone with whom One has a Complaint or grievance with, is not a fail – it’s just an inconvenience; it still says a great deal about the character of the recipient.  Just like the Words of a Letter can Form the Character of a man, so too does silence.  In a Common Law Jurisdiction, We are all Kings and Queens.  To not respond to a Letter is considered a dis-Grace, a dis-Honour to One’s Character.  The Greater a man falls from Grace, the less favour the man Will have with the People.  This is why the People are the authority of government, because one thing that has not changed, is the importance of a man’s Image in the eyes of the public.  We may not all believe We are Kings and Queens, but I believe We all know Honourable Acts from dis-Honourable Acts, and Graceful Acts from dis-Graceful Acts and very few People, especially those in the public sector and positions of authority, want to be perceived as Dis-Graceful and Dis-Honourable characters.  A Common thread connecting Us all, is Our desire to be Loved.

I Writ a little more than I had planned for this Post, but now that the city has closed the file, I Will be focusing more on My Social Media profiles to I can let the People know what kind of characters We have on Ottawa’s city council.  I Will also be showing the world how to proceed when One has what is called a default Judgment in their favour.

I hope this Post finds You all Feeling Loved and Blessed,

Be tall King with You all again shortly. 😉




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