The Good News Journal, Volume XLVII: The Sensei-Sean All Sunday Edition – The Active-A-Sean of My Transform-A-Sean

Good evening, everyone!  Thank You so much for being here.  Once again, I am Giving thanks to My audience, this time for the tremendous success of the four Part Prequel to My Story, “My Ottawa Transform-A-Sean”.

Only two days after completing the series, it has already attracted more visitors (in a single day) than any other Post(s) I have ever Writ!  Becoming a Student of the Universe is still My most read Post of all time and I honestly don’t expect that Will ever change, but I wasn’t sure if People would be interested in knowing the background behind the whole ‘King’ thing, much less that it would become one of My most read Posts!  Thank You all very kindly!

Now, when I go back and read ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe‘, and how I am tall King about it being My ‘Highest’ Spiritual teaching, reminding My audience of the Words of some of Our Greatest Spiritual leaders, it all seems so Dreamy and Magical;

‘a man is but a product of this thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes’ – Gandhi

What I knew to be true on the Spiritual plane, has become true on the material plane; “As above, so below.” – I have become an example of My own teaching.

When Crown withdrew the charges against both Me and My Friend, I knew I was losing an excellent opportunity to share My knowledge and wisdom with My peers and wondered how I would best continue to be the change I Dream to see in the world.

They are called criminal ‘Acts’ because all the world is a Stage.  The Courts are an opportunity for the Sovereign to Show the true nature of His Character and redeem his ‘Self’ to the world.  The directors decided to cut My Scene from the Play altogether, and I was as disappointed as any Actor might be after spending seven years getting into Character for a Role I may never perform.  Now what?

When I returned from Court that day, My Friends, Peers, and I am think King even My family were not at all surprised.

“You didn’t really think they were going to let this go to trial, did You?” One of My Friends as King of Me, “They’re not going let You teach People what You know in Court!”, said one of My friends, laughing, just before congratulating Me. “It’s a win, and it’s a big win!  Don’t be disappointed, it’s just the beginning for You.  Crown doesn’t just withdraw charges at the last minute for no reason.  You need to Keep going, and You need to teach People what You know about Sovereignty.  Focus on Your Blog and tell the world about this because mainstream media is never going to give You coverage.  You have to become the media.”

And of course, all I was thing King about as I returned from Court that day, was how Great it would be if I could just spend all of My time Writing (or most of it).  The Words of My Friend were not a coincidence, and I made a firm decision to Focus on My Blog and do what I can to increase My readership.  As much as I Love Writing My Blog, I’ve never considered it work – and before now, I had never even thought about monetizing it.  It took the Words and encouragement of My Friend to convince Me that Writing My Blog is real work, “and I think You should really consider finding a Way to get paid for it – You deserve it.”

So now You know why I started trying to convince anyone who loves Writing to start their own Blog.  I know this Blog has Value, that’s never been something I’ve doubted, it’s just that I’ve always considered sharing My experience with the world a Duty to My fellow man, and not something I should be profiting from.  When I mentioned this to My Friend, she said, “Yeah, but isn’t there a Way You can make money from Your Blog without actually charging anyone to read it?”

Crazy but true, I’d never even thought about that before.  Plenty of other Bloggers I know make money (and Good money) Writing their Blogs without charging anyone to read them.  Of course, One needs to have a reasonable amount of traffic to make a decent living at it, but that’s just marketing and something I already know from My Life before Blogging to be something I can easily master.  The best part about it, is it Will also give Me another opportunity to be the change I Wish to see and teach by My example.  I am not making a cent from this Blog as of today.  But I am Focusing on changing that in 2019, and My audience Will have the opportunity to learn from My experiences – so I don’t even have to compromise My beliefs or change My philosophy.  I’ve also been Writing for long enough now that I’m not afraid to share My learning curve – I’m not afraid of what other People might think, or making mistakes along the Way.  God knows I’ve made plenty of those already.

The other reason I’m tall King about My recent Victories in Court today, is because of the new direction and Focus of this Blog for February.  Although I Will be changing a great a deal of the content, I Will NOT be changing the Focus of My Life.  I Will still be war King in Canada’s Courts and defending the rights and dignity of those less fortunate, I Will simply not be tall King about it as much here.  I Will dedicate one day of the week to updating My audience on My adventures in Canada’s Courts, but the other six days of the week Will be lighter fanfare with a Focus on personal development and Spiritual growth.

As far as being the change I dream to see in My microcosm, I am hoping to file My paperwork into the Divisional Court for Judicial review of the city of Ottawa’s failure to investigate and resolve a complaint I filed back in November of 2018 for the deplorable conditions Canada’s People are subject to at the hand of the Salvation Army emergency shelter, and an offer I am considering to teach a college course on Sovereignty here in Ottawa which would be a tremendous Honour for Me (and apparently something I’d also be getting paid for, which is extra exciting!).  I’ll have more details on all that next Sunday, so stay tuned.

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The Good News Journal – Social Media for Justice

And, just to clarify why it was so important for Me to learn how to defend My Self in Court and not to trust the counsel Given Me by the lawyer, this was one of the first things I discovered about a lawyer’s Duty and responsibility to their client (I was not joking when I said they don’t give a rat’s ass about their clients, clients are their last priority), check out this link – why One should NOT hire an attorney.

The only reason the police [believed they] were able to do what they did to Me, was because I gave them My name.  So long as I had insisted I was a Spiritual man, they had no jurisdiction or authority.  But as at the time, My name, SEAN VON DEHN, was an incorporated person, a commercial character, and was presumed to be ‘bound’ by UCC, or Uniform/Universal Commercial Code and is subject to commercial codes of conduct which are governed by the Acts (like in a Play) of Canada’s Criminal Codes [of Conduct].

“The Spiritual man judges all things, but he himself is judged by no man.”

The Rule of Law is Founded in the Supremacy of God as Supreme Authority and in the equal in inalienable rights and dignity of man.

Okay, that’s enough Law for today! 😛

If You are interested in reading some REAL news and not the nonsense propagated by mainstream media, here’s a link to a Blog using the Power of Social Media for Justice, where You Will also find a bevvy of links to other alternative news sources.

I’m not completely finished organizing the relaunch of My Blog for February first, but I can tell You that tomorrow Will be the first Motivational Monday Edition with a little Word Play worked into the title as One may have come to expect from Your Creative Writing Composer trying to Keep in Tune with the Harmony of the Universe (One-Song We all Sing). 😉

I hope this Sunday finds You all feeling fabulous, I’ll be back to Motivate Your Monday tomorrow!

Love and Blessings,

I also want to thank all of My Twitter followers for this!!!  😀

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