Volume LXVI: Matrix De-Coded, Part XIII (Conclusion)

Hello, every One, and welcome to the conclusion of My Matrix De-Coded Series!  We’re finally going wrap this up today, and I’m not going to waste any time getting back to it.

Last week Our Hero, Neo, had just ‘Saved’ the day (as Saviours do).  The Scene cuts to a computer screen and a blinking cursor, the same Way We were first introduced to Neo on 2-19-98, 13:24:18 (Matrix time).  It is now 09-18-99, 14:32:21, just a little less than a day short (1 hour, 8 minutes and 3 seconds) of exactly 19 months later.  If We look at the numerological value of both dates and times, We get ‘2 (2+1+9+9+8=29=2+9=11=2), 10’, and ‘9, 4’.  [The numerological value is the product of the numbers in a sequence].

I’m pointing this out because nothing in the Matrix is arbitrary or coincidence.  I’ve suggested that in Magic, 2 is a Door and 10 is a New Age/Aeon.  Of course, 10 is also 1+0=1.  The Significance of Our starting date, is that 2 is a Door to the New Aeon, and the 1 (Neo) is the Key to that Door.  One represents a lot of things.  Self, individuality, ‘I’ [am], One God, Unity.  Essentially, it represents the Hero of Our Story, which is also the Theme of this Blog; that each of Us are the Hero of Our own Story.

The ‘closing’ date is ‘9, 4’, and I was tall King about the Significance of 9 in the first Matrix De-Coded.  9 is the ‘Trick’ (Ma-Tricks), it is the ‘error’ in Man’s numeric system (though of course it was intentional, so not really an error).  Six and Nine are Identical.  They are the only two numbers in Man’s numeric system that are identical.  The Significance, is that numbers are also symbols, just like Letters are, so two messages are being communicated (subconsciously) when We see the number.  This is the ‘upside down’ world; 6 is 9, when 9 should be 6.  9 symbolizes ’emergency’ (think ‘911’, emergency, followed by a Door).

6 and 9 were consistent Themes, especially in the opening Scenes – whenever Neo ‘awakened’ in the Matrix, the numeric value was 9 (the Trick).  ‘4’ is Foundation.  The Significance here, is that the ‘Trick’ is now known to Neo, this is the Foundation of the ‘Unveiling’.  Again, this is why 9 is a Trick, because it also represents the Apocalypse, which is not what most People think, it is really just the Gate-Way to a New Age of Knowledge.  It represents the beginning of the Apocalypse, which is a Great Way to end the film, followed by a final monologue.

“I know You’re out there.  I can feel You now.  I know that You’re afraid.  You’re afraid of Us.  You’re afraid of change.  I don’t know the future.  I didn’t come here to tell You how this is going to end.  I came here to tell You how it’s going to begin.  I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to Show these People what You don’t want them to See.  I’m going to Show them a world…  Without You.  A world without rules or controls, without borders or boundaries.  A world where anything is possible.” – Neo (to the Matrix).

Some People think the Matrix is about the rise of machines and artificial intelligence, I started this interpret-A-Sean under the premise that the Matrix actually represents Man’s Commercial Admiralty system of law and/or any perceived figure of authority.  This final monologue does a very Good job of supporting My thesis.  ‘Without You.’.

To whom is Neo speaking?  Authority.  Government.  ‘A world without rules or controls, borders or boundaries.’

A lot of People still have a very hard time with this Idea.  Most People believe We need rules, We need controls, borders and boundaries.  In fact, the Words ‘border’ and ‘control’ are used together frequently these days, especially in America and Trump’s determination to ‘control the border’.

The other reason this Matrix Interpret-A-Sean was important for Me to Write about is because it is also a near perfect metaphor for My own Life.  The opening Scene begins on My Mother’s name day, something I hadn’t even noticed until I initiated this review.  There are so many similarities between the Matrix and the last ten years of My Life, it is more than just a little eerie (especially when ‘Mr. Anderson’ is first arrested by the agents).  It is almost as if the film itself is the Oracle.

‘I’m going to Show them a world without You.’

Who are ‘they’?  ‘They’ are the One’s trapped in the Matrix, the One’s that don’t know they’ve been tricked, the One’s who don’t know We are Kings and Queens, Gods and Godesses – the One’s who don’t know they are the One.  And God’s Kingdom Comes.

For Me, the irony of the Film is that I spent the better part of the first few years after My awakening insisting I am not ‘the One’, just like Neo in the film.  And We all know ‘the One’ I am tall King about, just as I think it’s pretty clear who ‘the One’ represents in ‘The Matrix’.  I am ‘the One’…  I’m just not Jesus.

Is this making sense yet?  In My Microcosm, every One who has known Me well has believed I am ‘the One’, yet I don’t even know if Christ was a real Living man, or just a character in a Story, an ‘Immaculate Conception’ (which translates to ‘Perfect Idea‘).  So right there I pretty much piss off all the Christians which obviously means I must not be ‘the One’, right?  When I tell People I came here to put an end to money and war, I’m told that’s what Jesus is coming back for.  You can see My conundrum.  How does One Save the world without pissing off the Christians who are waiting for Christ, believing a man by any other name must be an imposter?

Yeah, I don’t have an answer for that one.  But I am ‘the One’.  I am here to Show the world how We can live without rules and controls, countries or boundaries.  I’m here to Show the world how We can Live without money by zeroing Man’s current economy.  And I’m going to be doing most of these things reasonably soon.

I’m here to firmly Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth.  That is literally My Life Purpose, and it also happens to be factually true in Man’s fiction of Law.

I hope You’ve enjoyed My Matrix Interpret-A-Sean.  I Will be back tomorrow (later today, really, as I’m getting this Published a little late) for the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition where I Will be continuing with My most recent Tarot read.  All of it relates to the metaphors shared in this Matrix review, and to everything that Matters in My immediate Microcosm.


Love and Blessings,













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