Volume LXVI: Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday; Living a Purpose Full Life, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to Wednesday’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition.  It is both a Pleasure to be here, and a Pleasure to have You.

TRUMPS XI – Lust; Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

We are really getting into the Magic of things now.  The Central Quest-Ion of My last Tarot read is ‘Lust’,

“The Joy of Strength exercised.”

I discussed the relevance of the ‘Lust’ card to My overall Quest, and to Living a Purpose-Full Life in the first Post, which You can find here.  Yesterday, I concluded My Matrix De-Coded Series, and the Lust card is tall King about a world where all the People of the [Noah’s] Ark are the fetus, the surrounding waters the amniotic fluid.  Perhaps the most Significant feature of the card, and how it relates to My recent Matrix De-Coded Series and My personal Quest, is the sub-heading description – ‘Babalon’.  Wasn’t the Nebuchadnezzar (Ship/Ark) of the Matrix also the name of a Babylonian King?  Are Neo and the Crew not re-Establishing and bringing the People they Save from the Matrix back to the city of Zion?  Zion is also known to represent ‘the biblical land of Israel as a whole, and the world to come‘.  The city of Zion represents the New World, the Golden Dawn of Man.

“This card portrays the Will of the Aeon.” (about Lust/Babalon)

I’m not going to spend any more time on this card today, or I Will never finish – this is only the first card!  If those following along read the full description of each card along with the Post, the Significance of the card as the central Quest-Ion in both the Micro and Macrocosm becomes readily apparent.  It beautifully ties together My Matrix De-Coded series with My central Quest and the Con-Cepts (tricks-taken) I Will be tall King about.  One last thought before I continue with the other two cards; it is important to also Note that this is a TRUMP card, which generally represents the ‘Will’ of the Universe (sometimes called Karmic influences).  I Will have much more to say about as this card as the central Focus of My Quest-Ion after I have concluded the rest of the reading.

The Thoth Tarot is arguably the most sophisticated Deck (like a Ship) of Magic in the world, and the systems of Magic incorporated into the cards is truly beyond comprehension until One has seriously studied.  All of it is essentially based on the Holy Kabbalah, which is also Commonly known as ‘the Tree of Life’.  My Goal, is to help the Common Man benefit from Tarot without having any previous knowledge or experience with the Cards.  The Idea, is that the moment One begins using them, the Cards themselves Will guide the user to the appropriate information that Will be ‘customized’ in a Way unique to that individual.  Much like the Oracle in the Matrix, the Cards Will always Show the Seeker exactly what One needs to See.  Having said that, My recommendation is to read how the background related to this deck and its intended use, including (perhaps especially) The Theory of the Tarot to gain the greatest benefit from these Posts.


After viewing the card pictured above, I recommend reading the description of the Virgin Universe.  Each of the cards has a general characteristic, the Queens represent a specific type of Energy expressed in Four various manifestations.  In general, the Queens are the complement of the Knights.  It is worth noting there are no Kings in the Thoth Deck, the Knights take their place, and this is a Powerfully Significant detail.  A Queen is Given Her position by God, the Knight is Given his Title by the Queen.  Yet the Knight represents the King in the Thoth Deck and takes His place.  Another important detail I Will discuss more later.

“The Queen of Disks represents the watery part of Earth…”

Is it a coincidence I am suggesting the Matrix represents the waters of Commercial Admiralty Law, and that the Queen [of Disks] represents the watery Part of Earth.

“.. .the function of that element as Mother…  She represents passivity, usually in its highest respect”.

Does this not sound like the Queen of Man’s Common Law Courts?  In the Yi King, the watery part of earth represents Influence.  

I’ll come back to some of these Ideas after reviewing the Princess of Disks.  First, as We did with the Queens, lets first consider what the Princesses generally represent in the Tarot.

“They represent the ultimate Issue of the original energy in its completion, its crystallization, its materialization.”

The Court Cards represent the ‘Virgin Universe’.  Generally, Queens and Princes are considered actual Characters, representing real People the individual may know in their Microcosm, while Knights and Princessses can represent actual People, they can also represent the beginning or end of a matter (Knights), while Princesses generally represent Ideas and Dreams.

So what kind of ‘Ideas’ or Dreams might the Princess of Disks represent?


“She represents the earthy part of earth.  She is consequently on the brink of transfiguration.”

The Queen of Disks and the Princess of Disks together as the ‘governing’ influences of the central card, ‘Lust’, are already beginning to tell a Story.  If all the previous associations and Ideas had not been Presented by the [central] Lust card, the Significance of the Queen representing the watery part of Earth would not be so relevant; drawing a connection between the Queen and Our Commercial Admiralty system of Law would be something of a stretch.  The Trick is to know these things are never coincidence.  Queens also generally represent ‘real’ People in the world, unlike the Princesses which often represent Ideas associated with the Matter…

“thus symbolizing the birth of the Highest and purest light in the deepest and darkest of the Elements.”

The very first Word associated with the Lust Card, is ‘Babalon’ (I’m Spelling the Word as it is Spelled in the description of the Card).  I have often suggested that Babylon is actually Man’s current system of Law, a legal language Man does not fully comprehend.  My ‘Thesis’, is that if Man did fully comprehend Man’s Matrix of Laws, We would see that the system is perfect, and that the Promised Mother Land is before Us now for those with Eyes to See the Sea [of Commercial Admiralty Waters We ‘Sale’].

Summary of the Three Card Quest-Ion?

TRUMPS XI – Lust Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

There is one other critical detail to point out.  A central Card is either positively or adversely influenced by the relationship between the elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire) of the Cards it is betwixt.  The central Card in this case represents Fire (which is also probably the first guess One would have gazing at the Card).  The Queen and Princess of Disks might be considered ‘escorts’ of the central Card, and the Earth is somewhat neutral in its relationship with Fire.  On One Hand, Wood of the Forest Fuels the Fire, on the other Hand, it is a limited resource – when the Fire runs out of Fuel, the Earth Will remain and be renewed by it.  The Princess Will be planting Her Seeds of Intention in Fertile Soil.  Just some additional Ideas to consider that Will work their Magic in One’s psyche.

To recap, let’s remember that the central Card represents the Nature of the Quest-Ion.  This is about Living with Purpose.  So what is My Purpose, why am I here?  [According to the Tarot?]

“God Save the Queen!!!”

I know, right?  Probably not what every One was expecting.  Well, it’s True.  It’s also complicated.  But I’ll get into that later.  For now, I’m going to continue war King through this reading with You.

The next series of Three Cards I Will be tall King about represents the natural sequence of events if all things Play out naturally without [conscious] interference (free Will).

The Tower; The Magus, Fortune.

The fact that these Three Cards are all Trumps is not a coincidence either, and something to be thing King about before My next Edition (tomorrow).

I hope this Lucky Wednesday finds You all feeling Fabulous.

Love and Blessings,

Post Scripture:  Today is also the two year anniversary of My move to Ottawa.  And two is a Door. 😉

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