Volume LXVI: Thing King and Living A Purpose Full Life, Part III

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition of the Good News Journal and the Third Install-Ment of Living a Purpose Full Life, (and introduction to the Magic of the [Thoth] Tarot).  Thank You for being here.

In Part II, We finished reviewing the first Three cards, which represent the nature of the Quest-Ion for which the rest of the Cards Will be offering Guidance.  The Three Cards We Will be reviewing today represent the Natural development of the original Quest-Ion, or the ‘Current Path’ of the Querent.  For a basic understanding of the layout of the 15 Card Spread, click here.

The Tower; The Magus, Fortune.

Knowing I would be sharing this read with My audience is also Significant, as it is a detail the Universe Will know, too.  Unlike the Mystery of the Lust Card, which turned out to be directly related to Babalon (Babylon/babble-on), which I am suggesting represents the Codified system of Commercial Admiralty Law I was De-Coding in My Matrix Interpret-A-Sean, it is no surprise the Tower Card represents My Current Path.  It is also no real surprise that My Current Path Shows Three Trump Cards, which represent Universal Influences (God/Karma).  My Path is always Guided by the Universe, or at the very least, that is always the Goal.  My determination to let the Universe Guide Me is reflected in the reading.

The first notable detail of the Tower Card when checking the description, is that it is also know as ‘WAR’.  That doesn’t sound very Good, does it?  Viewing the Card seems to remind One of war and destruction, perhaps Fire, and even the gnashing of teeth.


In the Matrix De-Coded conclusion, I was tall King about how 6 is 9, (and 9 is 6), and how the Apocalypse is not what People think.  Does this Card not look like it might represent the Apocalypse, a world being scourged by Fire?..

The descriptions also cover something I was tall King about before, how each of the Letters of the ancient languages also represented a complete Idea.  Each of the Trump Cards also represents a Letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and each Letter of the Hebrew alphabet also represents another Word/Idea.  In this case, the Letter associated with the Tower Card is ‘Peh’, meaning ‘mouth’.

“It refers to the manifestation of cosmic energy in its grossest form.”

This is a rather big Idea to consider and something I Will come back to and discuss in more detail after I have briefly covered all the Cards.  Perhaps the simplest Way I can think to describe the ‘general’ meaning of the Card as it relates to the above quote, is to say that it represents how ‘lost’ Man has become collectively.

Perhaps more relevant to what I have been tall King about in the Matrix De-Coded Series and My overall Quest-Ion, is:

“It may be taken as the preface to Atu XX, the Last Judgement, the Coming of the New Aeon…   It seems to indicate the quintessential quality of the Lord of the Aeon.”

Another Significant quote found here relevant to what I have been suggesting with respect to 6 = 9, is the following:

“The above Card should make it clear that Magical symbols should always be understood in a double sense, each contradictory of the other.”

‘The destruction of the forest provides the fertile soil for new growth’, is a great example of this Idea and something We were tall King about in Part II.  On a Grander Scale (think Universal Conductor of a Symphony), it represents Order from Chaos.  6=9, 0=2. 😉

Once again, I recommend reading the full description of the Card, I must continue if I Wish to cover all Three today.

The Tower is Influenced by ‘the Magus’.


Keep in Mind, the Trumps represent Universal Influences.  This time, the Letter, ‘Beth’ represents a House, and is attributed to the planet Mercury (Gemini).

“It represents the Will.  In brief, he is the Son, the manifestation in Act of the Ideas of the Father.”

Very interesting.  All these Cards seem to relate to one another quite eloquently, really.  I also happen to be a Gemini, so it is both appropriate and logical that Mercury would be a Universal Influence on My Current Path.

“He is the messenger of the Gods, and represents exactly that Lingam, the Word of Creation whose speech is silence.”

Once again, there is far too much depth to cover all concepts and get through each of the Three Cards today, so one final thought I Will leave You with regarding the Significance of this Card to the things I am tall King about with respect to Man’s Codified system of Law.

“From the above it Will appear this is the second emanation from the Crown, and therefor, in a sense, the adult form of the first emanation, the Fool.”

Consider the children of God, Coming of Age…

“This Card therefor represents the Will, the Wisdom, the Word, the Logos by whom the world were Created.”

I should say that the Element of this Card is Air, which represents Mind (and why the Letter associated with it is Beth, which means House – again, I Will be tall King more about these Ideas later).

Finally, We have ‘Fortune’.


The very first thing I noticed when Viewing the Card as pictured above, was the X.  I have suggested that Ten represents a New Age, and We are tall King about the Apocalypse and the emergence of the Golden Dawn, the New Aeon.  It is also worth nothing that X also represents a Cross.

Description of the Card indicates Fortune’s Letter is Kaph, and represents the Palm of the Hand.  This time, there are a couple of other Key quotes I should point out.

“This Card represents the Universe in its aspect as a continual change of state…  Indicating governance of physical affairs.”

The concepts contained in the Fortune Card are complex and numerous.  However, One of the main themes of the Card as it relates to ‘Living a Purpose Full Life’, is that it represents the Path of the Higher Self and the concept of ‘Tenet Nosce’, ‘Know thy Self’.  This is another concept covered in the Matrix that was integral to Neo’s transformation to the Higher Self.

We’re already over 1,000 Words, so I’ll wrap this up for today and continue tomorrow.  To summarize, the Ideas Presented by the Tower are fueled by the Ideas of the Magician, as Air Fuels the Fire.  Fortune also represents the Element of Fire (which also represents Spirit, Will, God, Energy, Ether).  This further suggests that the Universal Influences at Play are the Will (both individual Will and the collective Will of Man) and the Nature of the Universe it Self, in a ‘State of continuous change’.

The Cards most certainly seem to be telling a Story, I hope it is One You enjoy.  I’ll continue tomorrow for Fabulous Friday.

Love and Blessings,




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