Volume LXVIII: Free Lance Friday; V for von Dehn, Venting, and VanBuskirk’s Vendetta

Hello every One, and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition, one of My favourite Writing days of the week.  It is also the summer solstice, which means the sun Will shine longer than any other day this year, at least in the northern hemisphere.  I am also thing King My thoughts are a little more organized today, thank You for joining Me.

“Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici” – (Latin) “By the Power of Truth, I while Living have conquered the Universe.” – Frederick Faust, also from “V for Vendetta”

We are tall King about Living a Purpose Full Life, something I have been war King on for roughly the last eleven years, though admittedly, initially with little to no direction.  I have encountered many unfortunate seeming circumstances, and endured many hard Ships along the Way.  Although they would have seemed anything but advantageous at the time, each encounter was integral to My overall Quest.  The continuous attacks upon My Character were the required training necessary for Me to perfect My defence and eventually Stand My ground.  In this Way, every moment of One’s Life is a Gift.

TRUMPS XI – Lust, Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

The Central Quest-Ion of Our last Tarot read is directly related to Living a Purpose Full Life, the primary meaning of the Card is “the Joy of Strength exercised”.  Would One not feel Stronger and more confident in Life if One were to wake up Loving the work One does everyday, anxious to get started every morning?  That is the Glory of Living a Purpose Full Life.  We all have a Purpose, and We were each Given the Gift of Life to Fill to Full.  Live Life to the Fullest.

“It is the most Powerful of the 12 Zodiacal Cards and represents the most critical of all the operations of Magick and Alchemy.  It represents the original marriage as it occurs in nature.” – The Book of Thoth

The Magick and Alchemy described in the Card, is this:

Kingdom Comes!!!

“The original marriage as it occurs in nature.”

Any Idea what the ‘original’ marriage might be?  The original marriage is with God; it is the only thing in the entire Universe that Will never leave You, ever.  And some of Us Wonder if God even exists!  How amazing is it that We can be tricked into believing something as integral to Our being as Our own body, does not even exist?  It’s pretty incredible, really.  That is the Power of Man’s Mind; to forget what We actually are.

On the 15th of March, 2011, I Writ a Post Called, “Becoming a Student of the Universe“, and it has since become My most read Blog Post of all time.  I just realized today that it is also now the number one search result in Google, (for query ‘becoming a student of the Universe’) and that’s new this year (it was roughly half way down the page last time I checked over a year ago).  In that Post, I suggest that the Secret to becoming a student of the Universe, is to start by Writing One’s Highest Dream on Paper, then Focus on how One should Act in Order to become it.

Declare, “I am _____.”  Then, be it.

Could any One on Earth have Superior right or authority over the Purpose of One’s Life than God?  Of course not.  To even consider that anyone could is a ridiculous notion.  Yet We have become so collectively disconnected from God, that if One does Honour His Duty to God, She is perceived as crazy.  That is why We are Living in Babalon.  The trampled Souls represent the Common Man’s suppressed Spirit, a humanity living as holy ghosts, statutory persons, false I [am] dolls.  You are not the incorporated person (not even legally, but I’ll get into that another day).

I believe what I am doing is what each of Us are meant to do.  We are each here to fulfill Our Divine Purpose as Given Us by God.  Yet We are so Spiritually lost collectively, this concept has become completely foreign to the Common Man, when it should really be second nature.  What I’m trying to say, is that We have become so lost, it is to be expected that some Will presume I am crazy.

“Sometimes You have to Play the Fool,

to Fool the Fool,

who thinks You’re a Fool.” – unknown

That’s why this Blog is so important right now.  I know that some People in My Microcosm think I am batshit crazy.  It might even be My most Powerful weapon.  One should never underestimate One’s opponent.  I am often underestimated.

I believe that what I am doing is what every Man should do, what One might Call a ‘Coming of Age’, a Declaration of Spiritual maturity.  One should tell their parents they are all grown up, and the parents should celebrate the occasion and Honour their child’s Sovereign independence.  I believe We are all Given this choice at the ‘age of majority’ (18 in Canada), though few of Us ever consider any other option than the state.  We apply for a social security number (or SIN – social insurance number in Canada) so We can start doing business as Our incorporated person.  Is there another option?  If there isn’t, We are bonded slaves by default; that’s just logic and reason.  So there must be another option.

I actually know how the incorporated person is Created.  I also know why what has been done isn’t slavery, however much it seems that way. The problem is, I don’t think anyone in government does!  I’m kind of hoping I stand corrected on that point one day, but for now, I really don’t think they have a clue how the system was set up.  It’s kind of like the back-door vulnerability clause of Man’s Matrix, a Door only worthy Lords and Ladies Will find.

I think there are probably a few People in My Microcosm who presume I am crazy, though it is not always easy to tell who they might be.  Truthfully, I’m long past caring, but it is absolutely relevant as much to My Story as it would be to any One with a Goal others perceive to be impossible.  Shelley VanBuskirk is no doubt one of the People in My Microcosm who thinks I am crazy.  Jason Prevost may be another, but I actually think he knows better.  It’s more likely Jason tried to convince Shelley I’m crazy, so she would be responsible for the assassination of My Character, rather than him.

This is why My thoughts have been a little scattered in My Microcosm lately and partially why I didn’t Write yesterday.  The city has Gifted Me with two big wins.  That seems insane to Me!  Why?  The theory, is that the city Wishes for Me to expose the injustices of both the Salvation Army, and Housing Services.

As a result of the assassination of My Character by Shelley VanBuskirk of the Housing Services branch, a new complaint Will be filed with the city of Ottawa auditor for discriminating against clients complaining of adverse treatment and conditions of shelters the agency was designed to protect Ottawa’s People from.  The complaint to the auditor Will also include My original complaint of the shelter conditions and Will be received less than one week before city council meets to revisit the Salvation Army ‘mega-shelter’ proposal, which Mathieu Fleury is now saying he Wishes to see voted down…  No coincidences.

Housing Services appears to have been keeping the Salvation Army in business.  If their response to My complaint is a reflection of how they respond to complaints from others, it is clear they are acting in the best interest of the shelter, not the clients.

There are also some ‘suspicious’ differences between the Housing First program here in Ottawa and the one that was so highly effective in Medicine Hat.  One of the primary differences is that in Ottawa it’s not really ‘Housing First’, it’s ‘Housing only after 6 months of homelessness and only if ready to waive One’s right to autonomous living’.

Housing Services designed the criteria for a Housing First program that deliberately requires individuals to be homeless for a minimum of six months before One is even eligible for the subsidy program.  By comparison, the Medicine Hat ‘model’ was ten days.  Why would any program designed to end homelessness require People to be homeless for any extended period of time before they are eligible for support?  It doesn’t make sense.  Unless, of course, Housing Services promised to Give the shelters a minimum of six months business before taking their customers…

Shelley VanBuskirk might think I’m crazy, and maybe a few others, too.  However, I am also thing King the city knows the House of von Dehn Will Verily Vanquish VanBuskirk’s Vendetta.

The Point I Wished to emphasize with this Post, is that although I believe that what I am doing is Our True Life’s Purpose and something each of Us should do, I also know that what I am doing is so rare, most Will think I am crazy.  That’s the point.  One must know their True Purpose with such conviction, they care not what others are thing King of them.

Once again, this Post was considerably longer than I had intended.  The main theme of this entry relates to the whole 6=9 Idea.  Arguably, this ‘crazy’ Idea that We don’t need government issued identification to exist in the world, also happens to be one of the Highest Universal Truths and almost plain as day obvious. Virtually every ‘unfortunate’ situation We encounter, teaches Us something and becomes a Gift to Us later.  Although it seems as though the city of Ottawa is relentless with respect to their attacks upon My Character, the ‘final’ Words from the city are a greater Gift than I can accurately articulate at Present.  It would appear ‘the city’ is on My side all of a sudden.

And that finally seems like an appropriate cliff-hanger to pick up on next time.

I hope You are all having a Fabulous Friday.  Dare to be different.

“Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat” – (Latin) “Fortune Favours the Brave”

Love and Blessings,



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