Volume LXXII: Magical Monday Edition; Keep On As King, It Shall Be Given

Hello, world!  Welcome to the Magical Monday [Motivation] Edition of The Good News Journal, than-King You for being here.  The Waxing Full Buck Moon Will be upon Us this evening, so it Will be a Magical Monday in Deed.

I suppose the morning started with a little Magic, too.  After receiving reply from the Salvation Army and the city of Ottawa to My Letter of Demand, in addition to responding to both Shelley VanBuskirk and Michael White, I forwarded each of the emails I sent to the city’s legal council, Geneviève Langlais.  What I don’t believe I mentioned previously, is that I received an auto-reply email from all three recipients; they’re all on vacation.  Mike is gone until the middle of August, Shelley and Geneviève both return on July 29th.  No coincidences, right? 😉

Well, the city’s legal council, Geneviève Langlais responded this morning; bright and early, too.  The email arrived at 7:50 this morning.

Good morning,

I received both your emails. Can we discuss when I return from holidays the week of July 29?
Thank you,

Honourable.  Every One is entitled to a vacation, Geneviève is not obliged to respond, she could just as easily have made Me wait until she returned from vacation, emergency contacts were left in the automated email response provided.  This was a courtesy Letter, and is the Honourable Way to respond.  It is the exact opposite of the Characteristics demonstrated by Jason Prevost and the Housing Services branch before this Matter was before the Divisional Court.  Geneviève is literally being the example of how I suggested the Salvation Army and Housing Services should have responded in the first place.

The beautiful thing about this, is that in a very subtle Way, the city’s legal council is actually teaching both of these organizations how to behave, and exemplifies why [most] People require lawyers – they [Salvation Army and Housing Services] don’t know how to behave!   If they did, there would never have been any need for an application to the Divisional Court.  This is exactly why those represented by lawyers are wards (children) of the Court; they don’t know how to behave without One, they require a mediator.  Lawyers represent sinners!

“The Spiritual Man judges all things, but He Him Self is not subject to anyone’s judgment.” 1 Corinthians 2:15

It would seem that the Spiritual Man has much in Common with Kings.  There are no coincidences in the Universe, and the King of the Staunton Chess pieces (the Common chess pieces used in international competition) is always Crowned with a Cross.  It is also always the Highest (Tallest) piece on the board.  One can always identify the King in chess by the Cross on his Head because King is a Spiritual Title and has nothing to do with authority over others, only Superior Dominion over Self.

Sov = (Latin) Super (meaning above (high) in Latin)

Reign/Rain = Hold Royal Office

High-ness, Royalty.  Be Honourable.  Honour thy Self.  “Tenet Nosce” (Latin) – Know thy Self

The Letter I Writ to Mike White was In-Spired (like Kundalini rising) by Passion.  No One from the Salvation Army had even been as King to discuss My concerns with Me previous to this!  I don’t have any Idea if Mike White Truly knows just how poorly and dis-Honourably I was treated by Jason Prevost, or how bad the conditions of the shelter Truly are, the ‘big wigs’ are never there long enough to Truly get a sense of the place, they make appearances more like stars do cameo’s in blockbuster movies.  And I know how serious the offences in My Letter of complaint are.  I’m thing King the Salvation Army is beginning to comprehend how serious they are, too.

The other Magical thing about the Power of One’s own international publication, is that I have been calling My Self Spiritual since the inception of this Blog, and suggesting We should be the change We Wish to see in the world.  It’s not like the Salvation Army or the city of Ottawa can claim that I’m just ‘pretending’ to be a Spiritual Man to exaggerate the harm done by trespassing upon My Spiritual rights – the Title of this Blog is ‘Peace Prophecy, A Piece for Peace’, and this is My tenth year in publication!

I was suggesting that each of Us are Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses long before I actually became that in Man’s fiction of law.  Do the Salvation Army or the city of Ottawa believe that any Court in the Common Wealth is going to oppose any moral High-ness?  Again, it is possible We could learn that Canada’s legal system is completely corrupt, but I am not thing King that Will be the case.  I am thing King that any Justice Will be appalled when Presented with the determination of Housing Services investigation, and even more so to hear that they failed to offer anything in the Way of compensation for the harm that was done to Me.  One could argue that a Justice might have sympathy for a ‘charitable’ organization, but I am thing King that any Justice who discovers the ‘charity’ is receiving $1790 of taxpayer money to abuse the rights of clients, is likely going to feel more compassion and sympathy for the homeless Man compelled to bring them before a Superior Court.  Call it optimism, call it Faith – but I believe I Will be Given whatever I am as King for if I am compelled to take them to court.

The Tower; The Magus, Fortune.

The Tower is influenced by ‘The Magus’ (Magical Waxing Full Buck Moon Monday) and ‘Fortune’.  Hmmm.  I said previously that although $137,000.00 may seem like a lot, the city and the Salvation Army should have considered themselves Lucky it was not considerably more.  When I said I believe I could easily be as King for $250,000.00 for the harm done to Me, I was not joking.  And if the Salvation Army and the city of Ottawa do not offer Me something reasonable when We meet to discuss this Matter next, believe Me I Will be as King for considerably more.  And I am thing King I Shall receive everything I am as King for if this comes before a court.

Well, I hope that inspired Your Monday.  Keep in Mind that this Blog is about Living with Purpose, or more accurately, Living a Purpose FULL Life.  When One declares their Purpose under God as the Highest authority governing One’s Life, who but God would have the right or authority to Stand in One’s Way?

Okay, quickly before I go I also Wish to Show You this little gem.


I am thing King One can easily see why this is One of My favourite plants (Schefflera Arboricola).  Look how cute that new leaf shoot is!!!  The coolest thing about this plant, is that the new shoot Will also become the largest leaflet on the entire tree (as Will each successive shoot).  I also Wished to Show this plant because it was also the one I had Gifted with a hard pruning, and the previous growth at the top fell off the following day (too much stress, not enough leaves for photosynthesis to support the new growth).  As long as You Keep this plant’s soil modestly moist and provide plenty of filtered or indirect sunlight (for this plant My north-west facing window is not so bad), it is almost impossible to kill and Will always come back.  For this reason, it would also make an excellent bonsai, which I may endeavor to do with one of the shoots I retained when the roots are more prominent.

The hibiscus flower I pollinated also closed the same day, which is actually rare.  The flowers usually last for two to three days.  I am thing King that it closes once it is pollinated to protect from other pollinators.  It is currently producing seeds, I Will show them when they are ready.  (Because everything is connected.  Flowers and seeds being fruitful in My Microcosm are a reflection of fruitful endeavors in the Macrocosm).

Love and Blessings,






  1. Move with the voice of freedom
    And allow justice to be
    Divinity is the inspiration for us
    To shine the light and see
    Nothing stops the flow of water
    And the flowing waves of the sea shall set us eternally free
    To the will of omniscient God
    We consent and do agree …

    The sun would be shining bright
    After the darkness of the night
    Our world would be quite right
    Our right to live and grow in the sight

      1. I have heard about a pyramid in Russia that has been built 9 years ago in a town one hour drive from Moscow . The Ukrainian person who has built the 150 feet tall pyramid believes that the pyramid gives positive energy and connects us to the magnetic field of the earth . Seeds taken inside the pyramid yield more crops as some have faith …

      2. You might be interested to know I am building a plant pot proportionate to scale of Giza pyramid because I have heard about their Magical qualities! When I have it completed I Will share a pic in one of My Posts. 🙂

      3. The illuminati and the world capitalists use the sign of the pyramid and an eye on its top as a logo …It is no coincidence as you mention …

      4. I Will be addressing this topic specifically soon, as they are the Creators of the world of Babalon We currently experience (and I don’t believe their intention was evil).

      5. Not necessarily so and I have read that the illuminati has started centuries ago in Germany to liberate our world but some members always ( like anywhere ir everywhere )seek worldly power and materialistic wealth but the higherselves tell humanity to detach from the worldly desires and find our higher divine selves and the spiritual virtues for the greatest goodness of all creatures …

      6. In Deed! Bavaria, I believe is where one of their main lodges was located. Their intention was to restore Truth to the world. Despite how ‘evil’ most consider Aliester Crowley to be (known as ‘the beast’), he was also the first to make the Tarot and systems of Magic available to the public, much against the Wishes of the society (he was also the highest ranking member, so no-One could challenge his decision).

      7. To tell the truth what I have heard that could be true or untrue or partially true , that the higher ranks in illuminati do have some power in forming the political leaderships including world presidents and the national regimes in the world …( wealth is power and money has some influence despite not being everything …)
        Whether true or not , we as individuals have the power to tap into our divine selves and find awareness to be the change we wish to see in the world …

      8. Truth be told, I personally believe they control every leader on Our planet at the moment. Eric Weinstein says in an interview “when People begin to understand how this Game is Played at the very highest levels within society, they Will begin to understand just how quickly this Game can change.”

      9. The concept of new earth mentioned in a book written by Eckhart Tolle who lives in Vancouver on the western side of Canada …

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