Volume LXXXII: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; Thoughts from the Throne, Part III

Hello every One, hope and Trust You have all had a Fabulous week, thank King You for joining Me.  I’ll be wrapping up My little mini-series, ‘Thoughts from the Throne’ today with a summary and conclusion to My last couple of Posts.  You can find Parts I and II by clicking on the respective Roman Numeral.

One of My Friend’s and frequent readers in My Macrocosm commented on Part II of My Thoughts from the Throne series yesterday, as King of Me if I believe in the Law of Attraction.  The answer to that Quest-Ion actually makes for a perfect summary of My Trilogy.  I also thought I would take an opportunity to share one of My favourite videos from Esther and Abraham Hicks which does a beautiful job of articulating some of My Ideas about God.  If You take a moment to watch, it is Virtually guaranteed to put a spring in Your step this Sunday.

The short answer to My Friend’s Quest-Ion is ‘yes, I believe in the Law of Attraction’.  It is essentially the Foundation of My beliefs; We Will Manifest that which We Focus Our attention on.  This is One of the reasons I suggest making Our Ideas physical in Our Microcosm by Writing them down.

I also have zero intention to ever make any One feel bad.  That is perhaps what I struggle with the most.  Yes, Canada and virtually all other countries of the world have several elected officials who are not Acting in the best interests of the People.  The Truth is, I don’t even really hold this against them because the People have allowed it for so long that is has simply become the norm for government representatives to Focus on economic gain rather than social progress.  All We have to do is pay attention to how much emphasis electoral candidates place on budgets and economic growth; it is unlikely any elected official running for office Will not be making promises to improve the economy.  The reason for this, is most don’t truly comprehend how a real economy works, so it must be the cornerstone of their campaign if they Wish to receive corporate funding.  It is the crux of modern society’s current economic problems.  All countries of the world are essentially travelling down the same economic path because they don’t know any other Way.

The King thing isn’t a joke and it’s also no small responsibility.  One of the reasons for the candour of My Letters to elected officials is because I know/knew that most (if not all) elected officials would have no Idea how to respond and probably think/thought that the King thing is some kind of joke.  At the same time, I didn’t really expect that My Letters would be ignored completely; elected officials still have a Duty and responsibility to respond the People and address the Issues, even if only to say, “I don’t understand what You are tall King about, I Will forward Your concerns to…”, or something of that nature.

Failing to do so, is a breach of Public Trust, which is a [very] serious offence and I have no intention of ruining the reputation and career of elected officials, I just Wish for them to do the job they were elected by the People to do.

My Statement of Claim with the Salvation Army is an excellent opportunity for Me moving forward.  I have business I need to take care of with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, I have Letters I need to Write to city councillor Catherine McKenney, and I still need to follow up on other serious Letters I’ve Writ to elected officials like Guelph M.P. Lloyd Longfield.  I do not Wish to be compelled to bring these Matters before the Superior Court, and I Will not have to if elected officials begin responding to My Letters in an Honourable Way.  Geneviève, the city’s associate legal council mentioned that she doesn’t feel bringing Matters into court is the most effective Way to evoke change, but if elected officials fail to Honour the Duties they were elected to perform, I Will have no other recourse.  None can say I have not Given sufficient time or Notice.

The moment I began tall King about My plans to file a Statement of Claim with the Salvation Army, virtually all the legal documents I have published here on My Blog were downloaded numerous times.  This is One of the documents that has been downloaded several times in recent weeks, One of My first Letters to M.P. Lloyd Longfield, delivered by Hand to his office with proof of service:

King Sean 1

This is also one of the reasons I chose to move to Ottawa.  The other Letter of importance is this one, the reply from Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General to My original Claim of Right to God’s Kingdom:

Letter from Sean Kearney, legal director, Ministry of the Attorney General, civil Law.

One of My Duties and responsibilities is to teach the Common Man (regardless the sex/kind of Man) what the Common Law actually is.  Sean Kearney is not responding in Honour, though I believe he was compelled to try – I don’t believe he knows how.

Since then, I have suggested what it is Sean Kearney should have done by explaining how Housing Services should have responded to My Letter of Complaint regarding the Salvation Army.  Each Issue outlined in My Letter should be addressed in turn, either to sustain My Claims, or to dispute them.  Although Housing Services initially failed to do this also, what I had suggested they should have done was exactly what they were compelled to do when the city’s legal council was Trusted with oversight of My complaint.  Compare Dianna Vecchiarelli’s response to My Letter of Complaint to the proper/correct response that was provided by Housing Services with legal oversight after I filed My appliction to the Divisional Court (You can find both on the dropdown menu at the top of any Page of this Blog).

Sean Kearney’s Letter is a great example of what I am tall King about.

“Because your letter is not a properly issued claim or application, my intention is to take no action in response to it…”

Is that an invitation?  Does he really Wish for Me to make this an official claim or application?  It’s not a ‘properly issued claim or application’ because I have no intention of going to war with the Canadian government in Canada’s courts.  What I was hoping for, was that Toronto police would be notified of My complaint (and I believe they were, to be honest), that the charges would be removed from the record, and that all other police services in the country would be given Notice of My position.  If this isn’t done, I Will be compelled to file a proper Claim or application to the Superior Court.  This Letter was to Give Notice of what I Will be as King for if the Toronto police choose to prodeed with their false accusations against Me.

My Statement of Claim with the Salvation Army Gives Me an opportunity to set precedence in Canada’s Courts without having to make any of Canada’s government Ministries/agencies appear dis-Honourable.  The Courts don’t Wish to have their Honourable reputation sullied.  Now they Will have an opportunity to Show that Canada’s Courts are Honourable, and potentially even reclaim a considerable amount of Canadian taxpayer money received by the Salvation Army in bad faith.


I hope this helps My readers to comprehend some of the ‘moral’ challenges I’m war King out in My Microcosm and perhaps provide some insight as to how I Plan to proceed.

Gigi says ‘Hi’!

Have a Wonder Full Sunday, every One!!!


Love and Blessings,







  1. Great the change you would be ,
    Knowing the truth is to set you free,
    Move with the flow of life and see that the ebb and flow of sea ,
    Was always there and will always be ,
    God give you strength being like a key ,
    Divine consciousness is in you and me ,
    Change is an eternal river of thee,
    To a new social contract we agree ,
    Always inspire us to find liberty , …
    My friend to remember eternally ,
    Each seed you plant becomes a tree ,
    As the French say mon amie ,
    Trinity is in all including you and me ,
    Evolution and revolution is there ,
    To continue and forever be ,

    1. Wow, Brother, You are an amazing poet! Thank You for this. I think You should publish it on Your Blog, it’s REALLY Good! 🙂 Hope You have a fabulous day, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. The change is a king so tall,
    It can be big or small,
    Change is once , forever and for all,
    In evolving , you play a role ,
    No matter what you can or cannot control,
    The divine is in everyone and everything complete and whole ,
    You are always meant to have a call ,
    A call to be , move vibrantly and roll,
    Never say that you are tiny and weak ,
    Drops of water gather to form an ocean and scroll,
    God is in everyone and everything,
    After the winter comes the spring,
    The birds with blessings shall sing ,
    Liberty and justice to bring ,
    The divine is here and there ,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,
    To be aware that freedom we declare ,
    Infinite divine Love is never rare …

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