Volume CVIII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; A New Paige

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Two’s Day Edition. ‘Two-Day’ I am Honouring the Number in My Microcosm by Publishing Two Posts, this one, and One New Page (Paige), a preamble introduction to ‘The Last Chapter‘ which is now a new drop down menu at the top of My Home ‘Paige’.

I say there are no coincidences, and a Page is just like the Princess or Paige of the Tarot.  This is another example of how Words are related to Magic.  Pages are not Living but they can convey the Spirit of a Man’s Character.  The Paige is Sent to deliver the Word of the King.  Male dominated world = Mail dominated world.  Just pointing out another ‘coincidence’.  Who controls the world’s mail?  How complex must that be, making sure every One gets every Letter (okay, so I know it’s not perfect, but pretty impressive if One Gives it the consideration it deserves).  The point I’m making, is that communication is very important.  Most of Us may have the internet and email now, but Mail is still being delivered, it is considered an essential service.  Letters are important.  We lost the Honour of Our Word, Our Voice can no longer be Trusted.  If a Man Wishes to be heard in the world of commerce, his thoughts must be ex-Pressed (removed by the Will and Pressed (Scribed, Writ) on Paper.  This is why the Pen is mightier than the Sword if One Wishes for One’s Character to be Seen (Scene).

So ‘The Last Chapter’ Will be about putting together all of the Letters from ‘My Story’ and determining who’s responsibility it is to respond to them and Honour that which I am as King of Canada’s Ministries to do.  I Will soon be updating My new ‘Paige’ with the last two Letters Signed by Orsolya Vancsody, along with the emails recently sent to her that inspired My new Paige.  I believe she genuinely Wishes to see My Issues resolved every bit as much as I do, so everything I do Will be Done through Orsolya Vancsody, as she a public servant and has been appointed to Me for this task specifically, as she is an agent (administrator) and commissioner for the very Trust the Common Canadian is ‘expected’ to have in their government [in the acquisition of fulfillment of their (basic) ‘rights’].  Rights is in parenthesis here because I am tall King about rights as they are defined by Canada’s constitution, not those inherently Given by God.  I Will get into the importance of the relationship between the two in much more detail in new Pages I add to ‘The Last Chapter’.

Otherwise, this Post is about enjoying Life, especially the ‘down’ time.  The Universe always knows what it’s doing and this is a wonderful time for Self reflection, perhaps even re-defining One’s Self.  Start a Blog, try painting or drawing, play, and do all the silly things You never had time to do before.


I stood staring at what seemed to be a hopeless amount of saplings growing from this patch of earth for probably two minutes before I squat down to see just how hard they would be to remove.  Within fifteen minutes, what looked like it might be hours of work and digging at roots, all are gone except for three main stems.  I can almost pull them by Hand but I Wish to make sure I get all the roots, so the last three were left until I return with a spade.  The weather is not really cooperating this Spring for an early start, but it is cooperating with Me just fine because it’s Giving My seedlings a better chance to get a head start.  Unfortunately, temperatures are still dropping below freezing at night and scheduled to do so until at least Sunday.  For Me, it just Gives Me extra time to prep My garden.


This is something else I was looking at today, thought I’d share to see if this Gives You any Ideas about what to do with this space.  I have a Plan and did some minor prep work today and Hope I Will be ready to Show You My Idea tomorrow.  If not, for sure by the end of the week.

I also have new seeds sprouting every day, which is always exciting.  This is one of My favourite things about growing plants, watching a tiny seed become a massive plant, eventually with a whole bunch of new seeds at the end of season to continue the process.  I think the one on the left is a new tomato plant, the middle is a bean sprout, and the third is the most impressive and interesting (in My humble opinion), a beet.  The root is bright red (not common), and so are whatever is popping out of the coconut husk.  I Will potentially start using either peat pellets or coconut husk for starting seedlings as a rule, for now I’m just using what I have and the potting soil is not ideal.  It just retains too much water, I need to mix it with something to Keep the soil damp without getting soggy.  (Lost one acorn squash to ‘damping off’).

I haven’t managed to get into a daily routine yet and I don’t even care!  I’m having absolutely no trouble keeping busy, finding things to do.  One thing takes Me to another, to another, to another, and the day is almost gone.  I’ve commit to Writing a Post everyday and I am Happy to start there.  It feels like enough of a commitment for now, I’ll make more when I am finding it hard to fill the days with things to do.  For now, that isn’t a problem.

I did add the ‘Self Care’ section to My day this week, which is One of the ‘House Rules’ I am committed to Keeping, and that’s the next thing on My ‘to do’ list for today, so I’m looking forward to that before (late) dinner and bed.

Thanks all so much for being here, stay strong, Keep thing King positive.

Love and Blessings,

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