Volume CXI: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Two’s Day Edition; More Paiges and Letters for the Last Chapter

Hello every One, and thank King You for being here.  I am so Great-full to have You, really.  You are what make every Word worth Writing.  I gained a new WordPress follower yesterday, something especially close to My Heart because typically, WordPress followers are actually reading My Blog, unlike Twitter or Pinterest where People might follow Me because they like a Tweet, My profile, or maybe even just One particular Post.  I always read at least One Blog Post from all of My WordPress followers, too (if they have one, some don’t or keep it private), and the one I read last night I Wish to share because I felt the author did an outstanding job of conveying just how fabulous it feels for an author to have their first ‘audience’.  It reminded Me to let all of You know just how much I appreciate You.

It is also another Two’s Day that remains true to its name, as I was also able to Publish another Page (Paige is a Character of the Tarot) incorporating more Characters into the Last Chapter of My Story, in addition to Publishing this Post.  For those of You who may be new to My Blog, the use of capital Letters is always intentional, this is a Magical Blog and capital letters Draw Our attention to Words of importance.  This very same Magic is used against One in Man’s Matrix of commercial admiralty law, where One Will find their name expressed in ALL CAPS.  Look it up sometime, it’s called ‘dog Latin’ in Common English and known as capitus diminitio maximus in law, and represents a maximum degradation of status in Man’s legal fiction.  If capital Letters can be used to deceive, they can also be used for Good.

Post gets a capital always because this is both a registered Domain and Post Office.  A Sovereign State must have its own international Post Office.  That is literally why it is Called a Blog “Post”.  These are declarations from One’s Domain and every Post contributes to the Foundation of the Author’s Kingdom.  The Author of the Writ is the Author-Writ-y.  This is why I encourage every One to Author a Blog.

As of today, I also have another new Page to add to the Last Chapter of My Story, as I have received a reply from Sana from the city of Ottawa’s Home for Good organization, and a reply from Wendy of the John Howard Society.  So I Will have those updates coming soon, too.  I should also clarify that although I draw attention to the threat of having subsidy revoked in My Letters, I am not worried about losing the subsidy, but making the organization aware of the threat is integral to making sure of that.  A renewal package has allegedly been sent to Me, a new one was sent out today (as I still have not received the previous package they allegedly mailed to Me on Monday of last week, April 27).  When I receive that package, I Will Show what it is that I do to the renewal form to waive obligations that trespass upon My Common Law rights to ensure the form is accepted and approved.  I sincerely believe My outstanding Matters with Canada’s government Will be addressed appropriately very soon.

Today’s featured photo is My patio as it looks now.  I’ve had some issues with a neighborhood squirrel who likes to dig up My seeds.  So I lost My first twelve corn plants, a couple of beets, carrots and beans.  But I got a plan for Mr. Squirrel.  Remember when I was as King of You what One might do with this space?


Well, Viola!!!


Okay, okay, so it doesn’t look very fancy or exciting – Give it time.  There are new corn, beans and squash planted between the bricks and the trough has been filled with earth and drains well.  I used cut plastic milk bags to create a moisture barrier against the back fence so it doesn’t rot, the earth holds it in place.  The bricks are enough of a deterrent to keep Mr. Squirrel from digging up My seeds.  The squirrel isn’t the only nuisance, either.  There is also a skunk and a massive raccoon in the neighborhood, though generally they Will learn to Keep their distance the more I ‘claim’ territory with new activity in the backyard.  They don’t generally like to be near Man, so the scent Will let them know the area is in use.  The skunk actually came right over to Me one night while I was out having a smoke (I think they are almost blind, they get around by smell mostly).  They really only attack when they are scared, so I was determined to not do anything too sudden or noisy and made My presence known by saying, ‘hello, Mr. Skunk, I’m right here buddy’.  Skunk didn’t seem to hear, either and just continued to walk right on over to My shoes, sniffing the ground the whole way.  Then skunk followed the shoes up to My face, stared at Me sitting in My chair for a moment, then carried on without a care in the world.  It was interesting, but I was happy to see Skunk go…

I also received another email from My sister and for those that don’t know it has to do with her administrating My father’s estate which is something I am strongly opposed to for numerous reasons.  This time, the threat was that if I didn’t agree to let My sister act as trustee, they would foreclose on the estate and We would get nothing.  I responded by stating that I Will not be intimidated by threats, she Will not get My consent to administrate under any circumstance and if they are concerned about foreclosure then they better hurry up and let Me take over.  It’s a bluff anyway because all estate matters are considered non essential and are not being addressed by the courts until the pandemic is over, so there really is no urgency right now.  But it strongly suggests that her law firm has changed its mind about attempting to proceed without My consent or notice of objection being heard by the court, and I believe they know if My objection is heard, there is no hope My sister’s application Will be approved.

I also included the ‘Tell a Vision’ as part of the title for this Post today because I am thing King about Giving another Spiritual perspective on a main stream movie or television series, I’m just trying to decide between a few titles but am hoping to begin a new series next Tuesday, so stay ‘Tuned’ for that.

Finally, I really do Wish to encourage all of You to start both a Blog and a fitness routine.  If not a Blog, at least a journal.  Working out really does feel Good and it is amazing how quickly a small effort can make a difference.  It isn’t more than fifteen minutes out of My day, but it makes a world of difference to My overall health.

I hope this Tuesday has been absolutely terrific for You!

Love and Blessings,



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