Volume CLXI: The Super Natural Son Day Re-View; I Have a Date

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Re-View, thank King You (or Queen You, if One prefers) for joining Me, I have an exciting Sunday Edition for You in Deed because the last week has been eventful and His-Story-Call. I Will include the Significant links with this Post to His Story and how it relates to My Story. I also have a Date to announce for You, something to be look King forward to.

Okay, I’m going to start by revealing the Date. What I don’t know yet is what year it Will be but I am thing King it Will be soon. Maybe this year. Maybe ten but that’s at most – very most. But the Date I can tell You.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November.

V, V for Vendetta

This is also a preview of what Will come in My next Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, V for Vendetta. The most Magical philosophical Idea I was ever taught in school, was that of the Self Fulfilling Prophecy. It suggests that One’s Life Will Play out exactly as One perceives it Will, that We are each Writing Our own Page (Paige from the Tarot, a Character) in His Story. And this is True quite Literally! We all accept the Date of the Gregorian Calendar. That Date represents a memorial to the birth of the Idea of Christ, the Immaculate Conception. The perfect Idea. As if time it Self did not ‘Truly’ exist before Him. One cannot Write the Date and simultaneously suggest One has not accepted Christ. And People try to tell Me Magic is for fairytales…

The Individual Acting as Canada’s Registrar General and Member of Parliament, Francois-Philippe Champagne has received the Letter I Mailed him last week by Way of Canada Post and ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’. I have received receipt of confirmation of all emails sent to the Honourable Member of Parliament and forwarded the receipt of confirmation of delivery and the original email to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marc Garneau.

In concert with roughly the time My Letter would have been received by Francois-Philippe Champagne’s office, I [finally] received a reply from Service Ontario in response to My Quest-Ion about the registration of the birth certificate and having the artificial person created by the State in My Calling terminated.

I encourage One to visit the links to read the Letters if One hasn’t done so already. And far from the least Significant event of this Past week was that Ontario Works and the representative agents of that organization were officially found guilty of fraud, breach of Trust and spoliation of evidence. Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit was against the offending parties and Published on this International Court of Record and Post Office. It is the first Official Default Judgment Published against agents of the Canadian government in the ‘His-Story’ on this Record of International Public Notices.

Makes for an event full week doesn’t it? But that’s not all! I also Published a new website to promote My new Podcast, and although the link itself is not so glamorous, I’m very pleased with the look of the website itself and it took virtually no time to Create (Art in Heaven, ‘Hallowed be My name’). It was suggested by Anchor after Creating a new episode which is probably the best Show of the season so far and is also available on Spotify.

I’ve also connected with a couple of new Friends and that is Truly the most Magical Part of My week. Both of the new individuals I have connected with in My microcosm found their Way to Me by Word of mouth or Way of this Blog and One had even read (or is reading) My Book. People looking for answers to exactly the same Quest-Ions I am as King.

And perhaps as exciting as any other detail in My microcosm, WordPress is encouraging Me to Write every day by sending Me little congratulatory messages. I’ve been Writing this Blog for over ten years and have never received little trophies for Writing every day – but I Love it! It started on day six and I get a little congratulatory message for continuing to Keep the Writing streak going and that’s about the only kind of advertising or promotional suggestion I can think of that doesn’t bother Me one bit. It’s a goal for Me to Write every day anyway so it’s kind of nice that I’m getting some recognition for doing so and I don’t believe in coincidences, so I appreciate the encouragement from ‘God’.

In the next week I Will be following up sometime with the individuals Acting as Canada’s Registrar General and the Minister of Foreign Affairs; We’ll see if either One of those individuals can accomplish what I am as King of them to do.

The last week has felt busy in a very ‘real work’ kind of Way – but full filling work, rewarding, (and quite literally with the little WordPress trophies). Writing this Blog did not only feel like it is a big Part of My Life, it also felt Truly meaningful in new Ways. I am grateful to say that My new Friends in My microcosm have helped Me to realize My Story is important. Because We all Wish to know how it ends.


“Remember, Re-Member, the Fifth of November

V, V for Vendetta

Somehow, some Way, the Story Will Officially end on the 5th of November. That is the day We Will all collectively decide We must be war King together if We Wish to make this world a better place, not seeking to covet as much as We can and justifying (just if eying) Our greed by Way of an outdated, prehistoric, immature and infantile capitalist Idea.

Once We do that, it Will take Us exactly six days to heal the earth, get everybody into dignified housing with all their needs to flourish met and develop a system that allows Us to strive for better and better standards of living while simultaneously continuously becoming more efficient allowing Us more and more free time. The only reason it seems there is a continuous need for ‘job Creation’ is because We have no collective Idea what it is We are war King for.

After six days, November 5th takes Us to what day? November 11. And what is November 11? Remembrance Day! Coincidence? No such thing as coincidence, only the Illusion of coincidence.

The other reason I’ll be getting back to My V for Vendetta Interpret a Sean is because the timeline the film takes place in is 2020 – the exact same time this whole coronavirus scandemic began. And #scandemic is not even My Idea, it was something I saw Trending on Twitter yesterday which tells Me the world is waking up. V for Vendetta is highly prophetic and a perfect example of the philosophy that inspired much of this Post, ‘the Self Fulfilling Prophecy’.

What Will really bake Your noodle, is when You begin to ask Your Self if the world would be the Way it is now if books like 1984 and the comic V for Vendetta were never Writ. Did they know something We didn’t, or did sharing their Ideas with Us allow Us to collectively Create this world simply by having an Idea it might be?

Now there’s a Good teaser to leave You with. Hope You enjoy Your Son Day.

Love and Blessings,

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