Volume CLXXIII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Playing with Fire and the Prince of Wands

Hello every One and welcome to the House of von Dehn, Kingdom of God, thank King You for being here! Yesterday for My Free Lance Friday Edition I was tall King about Cutting through Court corruption, Acts of fraud and perjury that have been entered onto the Court of Record by defense counsel, and how Thank-Full I am to have this International Public-a-Sean to share My Story with You.

Some like it hot, I happen to be One of them (just be as King of My family). But if One does not Wish to get burned, it would be Wise to not Play with Fire. Trying to Trick the Prince of Wands, is to Play with Fire… And defense counsel is getting burned.

Volume CXI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Renewal Package Finally Arrives

Pictured above is last year’s renewal form. I was a little concerned about this because I knew I had taken every precaution when I returned the form last year, and I remembered sharing it with all of You here – but I could not locate My Record and it is exceedingly rare for Me to not have a copy of every single contract I Sign. Then I remembered Covid wasn’t allowing Me to print documents at Staples. So instead of making a copy of the renewal form, I photographed every Page of it and uploaded it here. Permanent International Record because My entire Blog is backed up at least once a week, including the media files. Now, I don’t even have to be as King of defense counsel to produce last year’s renewal form in discovery to assert that they knew all of these facts prior to sending Me a renewal package this year, I have My own Record to Present to the Court. You Will also Notice that the renewal package is made out to ‘Sean von Dehn’, so it clearly demonstrates that there is no obligation or requirement for Housing Services to address Me as ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ or they would have done so last year. This proves that there is no requirement for them to address Me this Way, and that their determination to do so was arbitrary and with intent to offend or with complete disregard to the terms of the renewal contract they accepted last year (without protest of ANY kind).

By accepting the renewal package last year and not responding with a Letter to protest any of the terms and conditions I have expressed on the renewal form and to approve the renewal form under these terms and conditions, IS a legally binding contractual obligation. The original agreement when I first Signed for the Housing Subsidy Will also show My name on the city of Ottawa’s Housing Registry as ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’ (though I Will need to subpoena a record of those documents, I know exactly what they Will say).

The renewal form also clearly stipulates that King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God is the legal and lawful private attorney for the incorporated person Created by the state, commonly known as Sean von Dehn. And now they are responding to that Character in an actual legal proceeding where they are compelled to distinguish between the legal entity (natural person, ‘Sean von Dehn’), and the Living Man Acting as counsel for the natural person.

Imagine being defense counsel and reviewing all the documents Housing Services have on their Record for Me. It is going to be very difficult to claim ignorance, and although ignorance may not be an excuse for the law, it may provide some leniency – that’s why they Will usually go a little easier on first time offenders in criminal law. But when One has knowledge of the facts and chooses to disregard what they have on their records and the agreements they have made (tacitly or otherwise), it appears that the offence is Willful (Mens Rae, with criminal intent). Generally, Judges are less for Giving when they know that an individual Willfully caused harm or injury to another.

If You did read yesterday’s Post, You Will know that I have also considered changing My Calling ever so slightly. Unfortunately, the photo above is pretty blurry but if You can make out the file No. in the top right of the document, You may be able to make out that it ends in DEHN. When I look at My Case file in the online portal, My last name is expressed as DEHN. Believe it or not, aside from the capitalization, My proper last name is actually Dehn! ‘von’ is German and is a prefix and Title of Honour that was Given My family by a King – just like Gord Downie is now ‘Sir Gordon Downie’ (of the Tragically Hip) as he was awarded the Order of Canada for his contribution to Canadian Arts and Culture as a musician. This happened sometime in the 1500’s as a great forefather of My family was ‘knighted’ for his work in the community as the beloved Mayor of a small German city. It is a Great Honour for a family, and My father did not intend to lose the Honour and status of Our family’s heritage by moving to Canada. My intent is to restore My father’s name to its former Glory in Honour of My Father.

“Honour thy Father and Mother”

5th of the 10 Commandments, the Bible

So maybe this seems a little strange to some People, but if some One in Your family was Honoured by the King or Queen of their day and the only real recognition of that Honour is reflected in the family name with the ‘Right’ of Sir as a prefix, would One not Wish to continue that tradition proudly? It simply means that the individual was considered to be an Honourable member of society who contributed something of great Value that brought Honour to the Crown. Why would a family not Wish to Honour that tradition and wear that status like a badge of Honour? Have I not said that My determination is to Honour both God and the Queen? We both serve the same Master, so I presume Our intention is the same. When I was as King of God what God’s ‘job’ is on earth, the only phrase that came to Mind was, ‘God Save the Queen’. I happen to believe Her Majesty’s reputation is at stake as a result of dis-Honourable elected officials, and My Hope is to help People understand the Significance and Role of the Queen in Canada’s constitutional democratic Monarchy as Supreme defender of the Faith. My determination is to Live My Life in Honour of both God, and the Queen.

So the reason I’m thing King about changing My name, is because most People in Canada don’t know the Significance of ‘von’ in a Man’s name and do presume it is just part of My last name. It should in fact be a prefix to My first name. ‘Sir Sean, House of Dehn’. I have also mentioned before that “House of von Dehn” is actually a little redundant because it translates to mean ‘House of of Dehn”. Makes it sound like I’m stuttering.

I ‘earned’ the status of ‘Sir’ by what I suppose People might call ‘Divine Right’. It is available to all of Us, no One has the authority to deny One’s Claim to God’s Kingdom, but few of Us Will make that claim. This is also why I have told You that when People do not use My name at all to address Me and start a Letter with ‘Dear Sir’, it is a recognition of that Status. Notice how defense counsel addressed the Court in her Letter? “Dear Sir or Madam”.

Sir or Madam reflects the highest status One can have in Law, that of the Living Man, a People. The same status is represented in legal documents as the name expressed in the Style of capitus diminutio minumus, (Sean von Dehn), which is also an ‘artificial legal person’ but it is known in Law as a ‘natural person’. The natural person has all the rights of a Living Man Acting in His or Her own right, or Sui Juris.

Wow, 1373 Words already! Okay, I guess I’ll let You go. Before I do, I just Wish to say that having this Blog and backup of all My ‘Deeds’ is very beneficial for Me right now. And everything that I have been through over the last few years (and the last six months or so specifically) emphasizes the importance of maintaining accurate Records of all contracts. Being able to Post documents here is really so much easier for Me than storing them in folders and filing cabinets all over My home (though I do have that, too), all I need to do is enter a few Words as search criteria and I can typically find anything I’m looking for very quickly and send it to a USB drive for printing if necessary. It also lets the world see what’s going on and remember, this is an International Court of Record and You are the People of the world, the jury of My peers.

Love and Blessings,

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