Volume CLXXXI: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Monumental Magic is Moving Man’s Matrix

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is a Pleasure to have You as a guest in My House, von Dehn. I’ve been away for a couple of days taking a bit of a Vacate-Sean to recharge My battery. Today is labour Day in Canada, a national Holy-day where People war Ship war King for a foreign corporation for Life, so I figured it was an appropriate day to pay Tribute to My Labour of Love and continuing with My Story.

My Story really is important because I’m one of very few People in the world who Holds both the Title Deed and the Land to My [Real] Estate. Without intent to offend any of those who do, most People don’t even know what their Real Estate is or have even considered they might have one. We are all descended of God, therefor, We are all Heirs to God’s Kingdom.

My Story is also important because it was a transformational experience for Me. Trans-Form a Sean, all. The Words could be a coincidence, I suppose – but We don’t believe in those. I don’t think of the world the same Way. I have My own paper now, My own ‘identify, ‘k Sean?’.

Sure, it might be September of 2021, and I Will always know that’s the date the world relates to and identifies with. But for Me, it’s September of the fourth year of the Establishment of My House in God Kingdom, coming up on year five this Christmas. Five is My favourite number (37/73 is/are God’s number/s).

I spent almost ten years thing King about all this stuff and figuring it all out before Creating My documents and making My declarations and Oath to God’s Kingdom known to Canada’s government. I legitimately believed that when I did that and demonstrated that I know how the whole Game works, I figured they (government of Canada) would just do whatever it is they need to do to resolve any of these misunderstandings. I figured it might take some time and maybe a little persistence, but I did not sincerely believe that it would not get done. Now I’m reasonably convinced it’s because they have no Idea how.

Although I did not Write a Post yesterday, the intent-Ion of today’s Post is to let You know that Our Magic is war King and it did take considerable persistence. I really do feel like I am dealing with children sometimes. How many times do I have to be as King if fraudulent, misleading testimony under penalty of perjury is admissible on a Court of Record in Ontario before they respond? Rhetorical, it took roughly five weeks.

Last Monday, Ashley sent Me an email as King of Me to serve the Notice of Motion upon the defendants to Give them an opportunity to oppose the Motion, and instruction for filing the Motion and Order with the Court if the Motion is not opposed. Although I was still stunned that the Court does not Wish to just Vacate the Order automatically based on the evidence provided in My Motion, I was equally stunned to receive a reply.

I did complain to Ashley that I feel I am being held to a much higher standard than that of defense counsel when it comes to filing materials with the Court, but I did serve the Notice of Motion on the defendants who acknowledged receipt and responded very quickly to indicate they intend to oppose the Motion on the grounds that they believe the Justice’s decision is final. However, they did not respond to the allegation of fraud and perjury on the Court of Record and or her determination to interfere with My right to a fair and impartial hearing. I advised her that I Will be resting My Motion on these facts as I do not believe fraud, perjury and deliberate intent to unfairly influence a justice are admissible on a Court of Record under any circumstance. Defense counsel Promised a response including some indication as to how she Wishes to have the Motion and her opposing argument heard sometime ‘early’ this week. That means tomorrow for Our Terrific Two’s Day Edition, so maybe I’ll get two Posts Published (I hope to do another V for Vendetta Tell a Vision Edition on Tuesday, too).

Now, it’s impossible for Me to even presume to know what defense counsel might come up with. I have no Idea if she intends to dispute the charge of fraud and perjury, or if she legitimately believes it Will be irrelevant. I don’t believe she can prove she did not commit fraud and perjury with intent to influence justice, but it would be very typical for the city’s legal counsel to suggest it is ‘no big deal’.

But as I mentioned, the Magic did take some persistence for the Power of its Spell to take effect. It was ‘Lucky’ Wednesday of last week that I Writ the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office to advise them that the Court was abdicating its duty and that time is of the essence because one of their justice’s is now on Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability for the Actions of defense counsel. If I’m unable to Vacate the Order because the Court‘s are abdicating their duty and obligation to hear the Order, then the Courts become liable for violating their own Rules and abdicating their duties and responsibilities to the public in the administration of Justice. Really, I Wish to perceive the determination to have been made in error by Way of misleading testimony, rather than presume the justice was knowingly and Willfully abdicating her Oath of Office – and I anticipate that is how the Courts Will Wish to see it, too.

I believe this Magical Monday Will be the beginning of a very Magical week for this Monumental Motion. What I find most interesting, is that defense counsel can never respond to a Quest-Ion directly. She knows as well as I do that what she did is not admissible on a Court of Record and is probably criminal, though she may have some kind of insurance protections associated with her license that prevent her from being prosecuted directly. That’s what complaints to the BAR association are for.

I sincerely believe it was My final email of complaint to the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office that made all the difference. Of course, I can’t be sure, but I can make an educated guess based on Blog views and the reply from the Court to My Notice of Motion on Monday. I believe someone from the Ministry of the A.G. contacted the Courthouse and told them they need to reply to Me promptly. And they did.

I’m sharing this with You to explain the Magical Motive a Sean behind all of this ‘work’ I’m doing. See, One is supposed to resolve Matters out of Court as much as they can, that is considered the ‘civil’ and proper thing to do. So I need to let Canada and their Court representatives know when they are violating their duties in time to remedy them before filing an official lawsuit against Canada as a whole. The city of Ottawa Will be liable to Canada for all the harm it is doing to Me by Way of Charter and treaty violations. If the Courts appear to be involved as well, it Will only add to the Value of My overall claim and look that much worse for Canada. We can have all the corrupt ‘People’ One could Imagine war King for Courts and government, but if the Establishments themselves lose all their meaning, if the Courts no longer represent justice and can be revealed as a fraudulent ponzi-scheme, they lose all their Power because they no longer represent that Momentous Idea the Monument was designed to represent.

Honestly, I would never try to do what defense counsel did. However, if I did, and I got caught by My adversary in Law who Wished to expose My fraud and perjury to a Court or have the Order Vacated, I would humbly be as King for Giveness and to Vacate the Order unopposed. But that would be the Honourable thing to do, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen defense counsel for the city of Ottawa Act in Honour without some ulterior motive.

Either Way, all of this just becomes more information for My Story, and one day, My Story Will be told to a Court of competent jurisdiction (which may well be My ‘juris-‘dick’-Sean’ because People generally perceive Me to be a bit of a dick when I call them on their moral guff and obligate-Sean’s).

Coming up this week I Will also have Parts III and IV to a new ‘Do We Have Trust Issues’ mini-series which Will specifically be tall King about the Trust We place in government (and how much that Trust is worth).

Love and Blessings,

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