Volume CLXXXVII: The Super Natural Sun Day Edition; Moving Up in the World

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a pleasure to have You in My House. Remember when I said that the House represents the Mind of Man, the Head of State? Do You see how that is True? Are You not in My Head when You read My Words, can You not hear My Voice, though I am not there in ‘person’? Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Words are Magic ‘in Deed’!!! (And 3 ‘!!!’ = ‘Crown’ in Magic.)

Let’s face it, not too likely I’ll ever be accused of not being original or unique; I’ve found My blogging ‘niche’. And for those who are interested in the Magic of Words and Spelling, all apostrophes represent a ‘higher’ Idea. For example, I’m = I am. The apostrophe represents the ‘higher’ knowledge of the Letter that’s missing. The apostrophe can represent various Letters and even multiple Letters, but the Mind Magically knows what they are.

We really do take for granted how sophisticated Our language is, especially English. And Trust Me, I’m not Playing favourites, My [earthly] father was German (although probably not a coincidence they capitalize a lot of Words, too), and I would still Love to learn Latin (I get further and further in My course every time, but I’ve temporarily abandoned again for now).

The reason English is so important is because the Masters of Magic in Your world added four additional Letters to the ancient languages like Sanskrit, Hebrew, and others. Most of Us believe there was something Magical about the ancient civilizations who used some of those Magical languages. We still don’t know how the Egyptians managed to build the Giza temple. Have You ever watched a documentary on the subject and seen how huge those stones are, and how perfectly cut they were to fit together like jigsaw puzzles pieces, interlocking with each other? It is Truly beyond comprehension.

Each Letter in the Alpha-bet is associated with muscle movement on the tongue which is associated with a pair of chromosomes on Our DNA. 26 Letters is 4 too many. It means that four of the Letters Will be assigned to chromosomes twice. Needless to say, this might create some confusion, right? The Mind might not know where to put those four extra Letters, so it’s something of a social experiment. It’s also one of the reasons four is foundation in Magic, as We are founding a new Age (Aeon) of Man. The Hope, is that it evolves Our DNA and that We Will develop an extra four chromosomes to account for the extra Letters. These additional chromosomes Will Create a new species of Man that has super Natural Powers.

Well, that was something of a tangent but it ties in nicely with My Super Natural Sunday theme. Generally We re-View the last week in the Sun Day Edition, so that’s what I’m going to do now. I Promised to share some photos of My new apartment with You and didn’t get a chance yesterday because I’ve been baking up a storm and sharing My recipes. So let’s start by showing You how those baguettes turned out…

I am thing King I have to work on My scoring technique! That’s part of the reason they don’t look like a typical French baguette, but they are also usually baked on a perforated screen baking sheet that’s actually shaped like baguettes which allow for the heat of the oven to bake them almost as if they were suspended in air, rather than on a baking sheet. However, I showed one cut after the loaves had cooled to demonstrate that they are perfectly delicious, and the texture is just as it should be. I’m just not going to win any awards for esthetics…

And then there’s the new apartment. This is what I found when I opened the fridge of My new apartment. I mean, really – how nice is that? Just to make sure, I told My Friend he’d left a beer in My fridge, and he said, “No, that’s a housewarming Gift”.

I also later discovered some food in My cupboards, too. It has been a very stressful month for Me, but it’s coming together (as things always do), and now that it’s less than a week away, I’m more excited than You could Imagine. In fact, I’m more excited than I would have Imagined! I’m going to miss My patio for sure, but now that I’ve been to My new place and spent a couple of hours there, I can hardly wait to get settled. It is so quiet, so bright, and I won’t have to worry about My neighbour stealing My mail anymore. I actually caught him prying at My mailbox with a screwdriver once! I was as King one of My other neighbours to help Me keep an eye on him and they told Me they’re trying to keep an eye on him for their own mail already! So it Will be nice to leave him behind… Nobody’s ever caught him actually stealing anything, only tampering with the box and claiming he’s trying to fix it – We know better.

Tell Me that shower and tub doesn’t look inviting? Right now the counter is cluttered with boxes but there is far more space here than what I have now and it Will make cooking and baking a lot more fun. My phone camera isn’t great so it really doesn’t do justice to the lighting, but it was also overcast and raining most of the day. These photos were also taken in the morning and it faces west, so apparently I get sunshine in the afternoon and the sunset in the evening, too!!!

The other thing I really liked about it, is that if One were to tear down the wall between the bedroom and living room, it would be almost exactly like My favourite apartment in Vancouver where I had My Spiritual awakening so many years ago now. The only real difference, is that the far windows of the living room were glass doors to a balcony running the length of the bedroom. In Vancouver, I was looking out over Burrard Street and One could see Kitsilano beach from the balcony. It was really the Ideal studio apartment for a bachelor Artist. I didn’t even have to go out on a Friday or Saturday night to meet women, I just had sit on My balcony when the bars let out – seems there’s always a lady not quite ready to call it a night…

The other thing that was somewhat flattering and humbling, was the response to My Artwork. My Friend told Me I should ‘be an Artist, I could sell these paintings,’ but now I just say, ‘okay, well I’ll keep painting, You can take care of selling them for Me – I need at least $500 a piece to break even’ – he very quickly understood My point. I’m sure You can Imagine how frustrating it might be to hear that sort of thing all the time. My last landlord in Guelph was trying to tell Me the same sort of thing, that I should even be teaching People how to paint,, make a YouTube series like the ‘Happy Painter’, Mr. Ross. Yeah, right – I don’t even know how to paint My Self, I just wing it!

Anyway, the point to sharing that is that I do still like My original Plan, which was to Paint a series of paintings that demonstrate the Common Law principles in Our society and Honouring the People who are responsible for the protection of Our inherent rights. But that becomes awfully hard to do when none of Canada’s elected officials seem to be Honouring their Oath of office. But perhaps that Idea may still have some merit, and I may incorporate that into My future Plans, combining My Art with My rights advocation. More to come on that soon. The first painting I Will be completing when I move, Will be this One.

Yeah, still a war King progress, but would You believe I had a Friend as King of Me if they could buy this? They thought it was done! Is it wrong that I find that funny? I did laugh out loud when she was as King Me. At the same time, I am thing King I am improving – this sketch took Me about an hour. On one Hand, it sucks that the Salvation Army stole My original paintings of the Queen and the Pope, but the recreations are infinitely better and as far as I’m concerned, they are worthless to the Man who stole them because he Will never be able to sell them. There Will even come a day when he Will not be able to hang them in his own home (if that’s what he did) because My work Will be known and everything I have ever painted Will be worth substantially more, even though money Will be obsolete by then.

Finally, this leads beautifully into the advocation work I am doing to protect the inherent rights of the world’s People, beginning with Canadians and ‘Ottawanians’ in particular. Ottawa’s People initially called themselves Adawe, an original Word Given by Ottawa’s original native People meaning ‘traders’ because they were formidable traders. They then called themselves Nashnaabe, meaning ‘original People’. I would suggest that We are all ‘original’ People with inherent rights that were not predetermined by the slave masters of a region using tricks of ‘jurisdiction’ to gain false authority of People deceptively.

To that end, I placed Ottawa’s medical health officer, ‘Dr.’ Vera Etches on Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for Medical Fraud on Friday, October 22nd. I followed up with a second Notice just yesterday, and I Will be following through on this using every possible lawful resource at My disposal. I’m not going to let Canada’s de-facto government turn this nation into a fascist dictatorship, much as they would like to. Every single officer in Canada perpetuating this fraudulent medical emergency is guilty of treason, or aiding and abetting treason. And I Promise I Will do everything in My Power to hold these criminals responsible for their treasonous Acts, one by one. Starting with Dr. Vera Etches.

I also Created a New Page (like Paiges in the Tarot) Specially dedicated to Canada’s most deplorable elected officials and treasonous officers.

And that’s Your Good News Journal week in re-View.

Love and Blessings,

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