Volume CCIII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer, Part IV

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King Your Royal Highness for being here. Today I Will be continuing with My Saturday Saturn-day Satanism Special to Cast some Light on the war Ship of Lucifer – My guess is that it Will not be what You are thing King. I am also hoping this Will be the last Part of this series even if it only proves to be an introduction to a much more complex concept that touches on Major Magical Principles like ‘0=2’, and 6=9. These Magical concepts are something I Will be covering in more detail in My new Matrix IV De-Coded series for the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition.

I really Wish the video was more interesting to watch but it’s really not and (in My humble opinion) not worth the average Man’s time. I was subject to it because a Friend sent it to Me as King of My opinion and I felt a moral duty to respond and share My thoughts on it with You.

A great deal of the information in the video is correct but misinterpreted, often taken out of context, redundant, and hypocritical. The general premise is that all freemasons are Satanists who war Ship Lucifer, hate the Bible, Christ, and everything the Bible represents. Allegedly, Christ is Lucifer’s greatest rival and most feared enemy.

Just so People do not misunderstand this series, the purpose is not to promote Satanism or any kind of ‘evil’ Deed, or even to pretend that evil does not exist or that some of the ceremonies described in the video are not ‘evil’ in nature. There are rumours that the ceremonies go far beyond what is described in the video and I don’t doubt for one second that most are True. Terrible things are done to People in this world every single day, it is an unfortunate fact of Our current reality.

What is not True, is that all freemasons are Secretly practicing Satanism. What I’m trying to tell You and what most People who do have [sometimes extensive] knowledge of these Secret Societies do not tell People, is that there are Secret Societies for Good People, too. Or perhaps more accurately, Good People are recruited by Secret Societies, too. The path is determined by the individual; the end goal is the same.

The kind of ‘Magic’ that is taught to scholars of Mystery schools is not the kind of teaching most People Will be expecting. One hears talk of summoning demons with rituals and Spells and presumes that if God is watching, He is ready to start throwing thunderbolts. Most People believe that these apparitions and demons are some kind of dark Magic when they are in fact visual Manifestations of altered states of consciousness. Conjuring demons is in fact the Art of conjuring variations of One’s shadow Self in an intellectually tangible Way.

Most of Man’s kind spend their Life ignoring the shadow Self completely, pretending it is not even there. The shadow Self Will be different for every One. The ‘bully’s shadow Self might be weak, vulnerable, insecure and caring, the shy Man’s shadow Self might be the Life of the party. Think Jim Carrey in ‘The Mask’ (there’s a Good Fun film to review one day).

Much of the study of Magic is the removal of moral dogmas. There is a core belief in Magic that Magic it Self IS the superintelligence of the Universe, unlimited Creative potential, continually evolving. It is easy to say that killing is absolutely immoral and wrong, an unforgiveable act of evil. But is it equally easy to say that enlisting in the army is absolutely immoral and wrong, an unforgiveable act of evil? For Me it is, for others it is now a moral debate.

Here is an even tougher one:

“The year is 1889 and You are holding a six month old Adolf Hitler in Your arms. Without explanation, You can see the future and know the monster he Will one day become – but no One else does. You only have this one chance, and if You get caught You Will spend Your Life in jail or be killed for the crime. What is the right thing to do?”

I use this one because I like to be thing King I have a pretty Good moral compass when it comes to things that really Matter (I can be vicious with My Words but that’s about as violent as I get), but I honestly have no Idea what I would actually do. I would most likely do nothing and regret it for the rest of My Life, though I like to believe I would have the courage to kill the young demon child and save millions of People. But remember, no Glory in it because it doesn’t happen, so nobody Will even know You saved them and if You tried to tell People it was because of Your unique visionary skills… Well, that’s probably not going to be war King out much better. It’s an easy choice on the surface, but not so easy when One starts to consider the True Selflessness involved in such an Act. Not only Will the individual not be recognized for any heroics, they Will be perceived to be the demon in Hitler’s place. And that is more or less the nature of the Universe.

It is also more or less the premise of seriously ascended Masters of Magic. Do the means justify the ends? I was as King of My Friend who sent Me the video if she believed that if all the Secret Societies and Mystery Schools were to drop off the face of the earth tomorrow, would that put an end to evil and Satanism once and for all, or would People still steal from each other, cheat one another, rape and murder one another? My Friend said she suspected there would still be a lot of that going on but at least the ‘worst of the evil’ would be purged from the Earth (if all practice of Satanism disappeared).

Is there anything actually immoral or wrong about drinking wine from a human skull if the skull is believed to Magically transfer the wisdom of the deceased, or were We simply taught to cringe at the Idea because of prejudice and dogma? The person’s dead, so it’s not causing any harm to the dead Man. It’s not harming the Man who chooses to drink from the skull, and bone tools were some of the first tools used by Man for hunting, cutting, and eating.

These rituals are specifically to get over previous dogmas and ideas. Some Portuguese and Japanese cuisine introduced Me to buffet tables with whole fish about three to four inches long as one of the items on the menu. I put four on My plate before I had a chance to be thing King about it because I Will not waste food and I knew it would probably be Good if I could get over My psychological belief about it. They don’t cut off the head or anything, they eat them just the way they are, head and all. They were delicious. As daring as it might sound it is a very common Portuguese food and I’m really not that daring. The buffet in Japan had candied crickets on the menu, too – I was as King of My Japanese Friend what she thought of them and she looked terrified for Me, told Me she doesn’t know any Japanese People who actually eat them (but they sell them in most grocery stores, they look very gross – well, they look exactly like crickets with a shiny, clear candy coating on them). I did not try!!!

The other hypocritical detail of the video regarding Satanism is the hatred for the Bible and Christ. If the Secret Societies and Freemasons hated the Bible so much, why would they Write it? I can’t help but wonder if he knows that the Secret Societies are responsible for the KJV of the Bible and have approved all other versions in one Way or another. Here’s another point most People don’t consider that demonstrates the Presenter of this particular video is a novice level of Magic or less. If he was ever part of a Mystery School or Secret Society, he didn’t make it very far. Here’s why.

Satan cannot exist without Christ, God, and the Bible. It’s really that simple, which is also why it’s so complicated. The Presenter even states that one of their most powerful Magical rituals is to read the Lord’s Prayer backwards!!! Hmmm. That’s rather interesting, don’t You think? What document did I tell You is the world’s most Magical document?

That was the Part of the Presentation that impacted Me the most because I have mentioned before that it was the Masters of Magic in or of this world that told Me what Words to Write in My Cestui Que Vie. I mean, I could presume that it was My own Idea, but that’s all ego. I visualized the document before it was ever Writ, and it was shown to Me while I was cycling across the country. I spent about another nine months or so thing King about it before making it official. I believe it is the literal formula of DaVinci’s Vetruvian Man, the world’s most Magical Spell, ‘the Lord’s Prayer’ is the People’s covenant with God.

Here’s the other difficult aspect of Magic for most People to comprehend. Man is in a stage of Spiritual transformation, We are basically at the adolescent Stage now, which is the most rebellious and boisterous. Spiritual infants Will ‘sin’. Nothing can be done about it, no corporal punishment Will deter (it Will only delay), We need to make mis-takes before We can learn Our lesson. We do get smarter with every generation but it is a slow process. Actually, it’s almost instantaneous but it feels very slow while We are here – it’s like less than a blip in time (all of Creation, start to now), really). Just the same as all the physical stuff feels very physical, it is all just an Illusion, a construct of Your imagination (Imagine-Nation).

So Satanism is really just about directing traffic. People are going to be bad for a period of time until We all reach Spiritual maturity. We Will reach a stage where We would never even consider harm of any kind, but We’re just not there yet. Collectively, the more evil We do, the faster We learn. That’s a hard fact for People to accept, but it’s the Real Truth about Satanism and ‘Lucifer’ (why he is the Light bearer). These People represent the Light in darkness, channeling Magic into the things We war Ship (like celebrities, movies, music, whatever) with deeply profound Magic and symbols that are often perceived to be attempts to tempt Us into evil and lead Us astray. In reality, they are trying to accelerate the end of evil altogether because once We discover that We are one collective consciousness expressing Our Selves individually, We Will never be able to cause harm again as it Will be exactly like doing onto One’s Self what they do unto others.

So the People who choose the ‘evil’ path (whether it be in a Secret Society or whether it be some isolated sociopath somewhere on the streets), Will always reap the karmic seeds they sow. It is not always fast and certainly not immediate; in some cases it may even take life-times.

But the Highest Truth, is that consciousness does not end, ever!!! Death is the single most Powerful and Greatest Illusion We ever Created for Our Self.

And that’s where I’ll end this Saturday Satanist Special Edition, I am thing King I may do one last one to summarize main points but I’m hoping it is enough to get the Idea. Consider Secret Societies more like they are directing traffic into a fast lane or slow lane (slow but steady wins the race…)?

Oh… And yeah, even the Satanists know Christ wins, so they don’t hate Him, He’s the One they are sacrificing all their victims for in Lucifer’s name. He is the reason for all the evil because if Satan doesn’t exist, Christ doesn’t have an enemy to defeat, does He?

0=2, 6=9.

Love and Blessings,

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