Volume CCV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Emergency Act Revoked!!!

Hello every One and welcome to the Lucky Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is a VERY Lucky Wednesday in Deed as Trudeau has revoked the Emergency Measure Act!

I Will add more to this Post later today but this is Truly the best Good News I could Wish for and comes only hours after I placed the Prime Minister on Notice for treason. I’m sure this has no relation to the email I sent, yet I could not NOT put the Man on Notice after the most outright display of dictatorial authority We have seen in a western democratic country in… Honestly, I don’t know if We’ve ever seen a country turn on its head as fast as Canada did. Let’s hope this is a wake up call for Canadians who Will Play a more active role directing their state Actors.

More to come later this evening, I had to break this Good News as soon as I found out!!!

Alright every One, I’m back and ready to update You all on the Good News of the last couple of days.

Yesterday I Writ three Posts, a new Part in My Matrix IV Interpret-a-Sean, a second Post tall King about how the majority of Canada’s parliamentary House of Commons has been infiltrated by foreign interests at the World Economic Forum, and a third Post as King of Canadians to endorse Pierre Poilievre’s Demand to revoke the illegal and unlawful use of the Emergency Measures Act.

That’s a big day of Blogging for Me and it is a reflection of the anxiety I’ve been feeling related to Trudeau’s treasonous Act. It is horrific and devastating enough to see foreign leaders enforcing such draconian measures upon their citizenry, though it is an entirely different beast altogether when it affects Friends and Family at home. Truth be told, I haven’t even slept property since Trudeau imposed the illegal and unlawful Act. If Trudeau is going to continually suggest that they were ‘illegal and unlawful’ protests, I am going to continually remind Trudeau that lockdowns, mandated masks and vaccines, and closing People’s businesses are illegal and unlawful Acts that took place on his watch – never Mind the most recent Acts – freezing People’s bank accounts (trespass upon Canada’s Charter right of security of the person) and Characterizing his own People defending their Charter rights (which they have a lawful obligation to do by Way of the Oath of their citizenship) as radical terrorists? Let Me remind Trudeau, there is nothing unlawful or illegal about Honouring Our Oath to protect the inherent rights of Canada’s People.

I also had an interesting day yesterday because Josee Gautier and Marc Giroux were both Given Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for failing to investigate My complaint into the criminal Acts of Canada’s Superior Court justice, dis-Honoured Sally A. Gomery, on the 26th of January, 2022. No reply was received, so Default Judgment was awarded against them ‘Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata’ and recorded on the Public Record, effective Friday, January 28th, 2022. Much to My surprise, I received a reply from the Justice Council yesterday that was every bit as negligent as their previous correspondences. No investigation took place, and the information provided to the Justice Council is incontrovertible, clearly showing that the judge made a determination in response to private pleadings by the city of Ottawa entirely outside of the Court process and without due process of Law.

Of course, I responded to this email with vigilance. This email was what One might call ‘triggering’ for Me. I am SO sick and tired of these pretentious, arrogant asses who are paid ridiculous salaries to ensure that court judges and justices are Honouring their Oath to guarantee the protection of Canada’s Charter and International Treaty obligations outright abdicating their duty to investigate serious allegations, that I did not hold back in My email. You Will notice that in the email sent yesterday, they indicate there Will be no further response to My emails, and that is the part that I find most infuriating.

As I’ve mentioned several times before, when One authors a letter of complaint, the recipient has a moral and legal obligation to respond to every point in My letter. One does not have the right to respond and say, “We’ve reviewed Your complaint and find no wrongdoing,” without addressing the points of contention. So I had to spell that out for Josee and Marc yesterday because they seem to be completely incompetent and ignorant of due process in Common Law, which is the Highest Law of the land.

I also made very serious requests for proof of Sally A. Gomery’s performance bond which they are obliged to produce upon request. If they don’t, Sally’s opinion is quite literally no more legally or lawfully binding than My next door neighbour’s, and she is effectively ‘imposing’ a justice, not Acting as a justice in any official capacity. That very much appears to be the case here.

The Good News here is that in their email letter to Me they confirm they have received My emails, reviewed them and are not taking any further action because ‘no new information’ has been presented. The ‘new’ information was complaining about the fact that they didn’t bother to investigate the initial information provided to them, and they still haven’t done so. I believe the reason I felt so especially ‘triggered’ by this email is because it appears as though the entire judiciary has been infiltrated in addition to the House of Commons. Make no mistake about it, this in NOT how an investigation into a Court Justice should go, and they are [presumably] hoping I’m too ignorant or incompetent to hold them to account. We Will see about that in Good time…

The reason this is important for Me to be tall King about is because it appears to be the only ‘trick’ these corrupt individuals have up their sleeve. All lawyers, justices and internal review boards presume that so long as they accept Your complaint and then respond to say it has been reviewed but no wrong doing was determined to have been done, that’s the end of it. They take this arrogant approach that suggests that if they don’t Wish to do their job, there is nothing One can do to compel them to perform and Honour their obligations. That is NOT True – but it IS what they are hoping One Will believe. The moment I don’t reply to let them know that failing to investigate and respond appropriately is unacceptable and that they Will be held accountable for abdication of their Oath and duty, is the moment they effectively ‘win’.

Now, if they really had the authority and right to just ‘gaslight’ My complaint and decide they were not going to investigate the criminal acts of one of their judicial officers, would they even bother reading My email of reply? What would be the point? Yet I know they did because within five minutes after sending My reply, a number of legal documents pertaining to My complaint were downloaded.

Someone has been awfully busy reviewing documents for a Matter they Will no longer be responding to. The advantage for Me is that it doesn’t really Matter. They are WAY past the time provided to them and have already been Noted in Default, so their last letter to Me only shows that they were provided with all this information and refused to respond appropriately, making them both liable in their individual, private capacity (no longer protected by immunity of their position of office because they have abdicated their Oath).

The Posts People are reading are equally telling.

It was initially David Lametti that I had hoped to serve Notice upon today for failing to intercept Trudeau’s illegal and unlawful use of the Emergency Measures Act, though the ‘connect’ link on the website promotes the office of the Prime Minister. David Lametti is a treasonous traitor to Canada who was appointed to the position to replace the Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould. I used the form on the page to send My Notice of Criminal Liability for Treason upon Trudeau (it’s actually kind of amazing that I waited this long to do it), and it was five hours later I received a message from a Friend telling Me the Act has been revoked!!!

Again, I’m really not naïve enough to presume it has anything to do with My email, the topic has been under debate in the House since the Act was first imposed illegally upon Canada’s People. However, it is very strange because I have been paying attention to the debate in the House with the live feeds from CPAC and was NOT optimistic that the Act would be revoked because it seems all the New Dictator Party and ‘Liberals’ (which really just means lie-to-all) were in support of the Act. The Good News is, We are beginning to discern between those in Canada’s parliament representing the People of Canada, and those representing the foreign interests of the World Economic Forum – and make no mistake about it, that is a ‘foreign’ interest which makes serving them and Canada simultaneously an Act of Treason.

Viva is really waking up to the infiltration of Canada’s government and doing a fantastic job of reporting on it. Please check out his Live feed from today.

I really have been doing what most People would call ‘praying to God’. I was just as King of God to make sure these People are held accountable and I Trust My well intentioned requests are answered. In fact, even some of My not so well intentioned requests are answered. I really disliked Doug Ford’s brother who was the premier prior to Doug and I was as King of God to remove him from politics permanently – I heard he was diagnosed with cancer the next month and he was dead less than six months later. Not quite what I had in Mind, but I do not Quest-Ion God’s methods. But now You may know why I try not to be as King of God for much because One never knows just how God Will make it happen, I only know that He Will.

This was very necessary, so thank King You, God!!!

This isn’t over yet, People. I have SO much more news to share but this at least lets Me feel like We have some breathing room. It appears the trucker convoy may be a coupe, but I’ll be tall King more about that later in the week, possibly tomorrow. For now…

Love and Blessings,

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