Volume CCIX: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Kingdom Comes, Fascists Fall

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank Your Royal, Moral, Highness for being here, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today is an especially inspired Free Lance Friday Edition because despite the craziness going in Man’s Macrocosm, I am feeling very optimistic about where Our world is going. Remember, Life is a Self fulfilling Prophecy, We are the Author of the Writ – We Write the Script Our Character Will inevitably perform on the world’s Stage. We get to decide how the Story Will end, and all of Us Love a Good Climax.

I am also especially excited today because Friday’s are My Favourite days for Writing because I allow My Self absolute Creative Freedom to Write about whatever I Wish. Often that allows for ranting about things on My Mind that I might not otherwise include with ‘Good News’ and inspirational thoughts. My fell low Man is the Common Man, and the Intent-Ion of this Blog is to restore My fell low Man back to her original Highness (just to remind You that ‘Man’ encompasses all of Man’s kind, all of the time).

There are crazy things going on in the world in Deed. I am thing King that for those who have been close to Me in My Microcosm for the last… Fourteen years or so (where does the time go?), if they didn’t believe My thoughts and Words are Creative and Will Magically Manifest, they Will likely be thing King differently now.

This Quest of mine, My Story, began because of exactly the kind of things We see going on in the world today. At the time, I was the only One in My microcosm who could see it, but I knew then that Canada was becoming a fascist dictatorship. The only real difference was that Canada’s fascism was still in the proverbial closet. One cannot see it until One finds their Self getting unlawfully arrested, only to get railroaded by Canada’s Crown prosecutors in Canada’s Courts. I can’t blame the Courts, Courts don’t have the capacity for corruption, but People do. And most People who do have the unfortunate experience of being unlawfully arrested for anything, Will likely find their Self wondering ‘what happened to those rights I thought I had?’.

Of course, nothing happened to them, rights are inherently Given by God and can never be taken away. But for most People it Will take an event like this before One Will even begin to Truly consider what rights they have and how to defend them. Often it Will take a couple or more times trying a lawyer to learn that something isn’t war King quite right. If innocent until proved guilty, why do they put You in jail first and bring One to Court later? Ah, there’s a Good Quest-Ion, right? Answer? Habeus Corpus. What is Habeus Corpus? Ironically, something I learned in grade school, and something most have forgot.

“A writ that a person may seek from a court to obtain immediate release from an unlawful confinement, as when the confinement has occurred through a means that violated the person’s constitutional rights.”

Habeus Corpus

Quite plainly, One is not presumed innocent, they are presumed guilty until their innocence is sustained. Why? Because it’s a lesser jurisdiction. The literal definition means, ‘You should have the body’. It is actually as King for One Court (jurisdiction) to Hand the body over to another Court of Superior Jurisdiction. Codes, statutes and acts do not apply to the extent to which they violate a Charter or Treaty obligation (inherent right). I’ve linked to it before but One can find that obligation on the Department of Justice of Canada website under Provisions of the Courts. It means that the Courts can only Act provided they adhere to these Provisions.

There is more Significance in sharing this information with the world now because of the trespasses of the Trudeau government. I have said that I believe the ‘vaccines’ are in fact a biological weapon that was intentionally unleashed on Man’s kind to Create a global pandemic. They most certainly know the vaccines are dangerous and causing harm to a vast number of People, that information is on the public record and cannot be taken down because it is there by Court Order. The legacy mainstream media Will not be tall King about it, but it’s one thing they can’t ‘fact check’ and claim to be false. Remember, these days, if something is ‘fact checked’, One knows it’s True and serious enough that the propaganda police needed to create more propaganda with their ‘fact checking’ campaign.

People in My microcosm have been tall King with Me recently about how they have not been feeling quite right since they’ve been vaccinated, and another Friend told Me that a lot of People she knows at her work are complaining of side effects since they’ve been vaccinated, some pretty serious. A couple were tall King to Me today and as King what else One can do when they are required to get them to participate in society. The answer? Just say no! (Or “no, thank You kindly for as King”.)

I’m including both videos to Show People the difference between CTV [fake] News and the unedited video uploaded by a private YouTuber. I like both speeches but I especially like the part where the German Lady tells Trudeau he has no business speaking at the EU and should not be a member!!! I agree whole heartedly, he is a two-faced, Man-child, fascist dictator, drunk on power. It was the first speech of Nakon Macrona that motivated Me to include these videos with this Post and is ultimately responsible for the second part of today’s Title, ‘Fascists Fall’.

“Rest assured that the citizens of the world united, can stop any regime that wants to destroy the freedom of citizens either by bombs or harmful pharmaceutical products.”

Nakon Macrona at EU meeting, addressing Trudeau directly

See, it’s not just Me, People! I am thing King that Justin not only knows how dangerous the vaccines are, but that he played a critical part in the development and release of a genetically engineered virus so he could sell pharmaceutical products the Trudeau foundation is heavily invested in. Just a theory, People, but let’s watch the Show go down because I believe Nakon knows something We don’t. He is comparing the pharmaceutical products to bombs (in Ukraine), and effectively stating that Trudeau is just as bad as Putin and should shut his hypocritical mouth.

But that’s not the only reason I’m inspired today, the other reason is a development in My Microcosm regarding My father’s Estate. I stated yesterday that I thought it seemed highly suspicious that I would be served with an application dated March 24th, 2022 and an Endorsement dated June 4th, 2020!!! I said that I believe they might be trying to trick Me into thing King they’ve made an application that has not been filed with the Court. Well, just to cover My bases, I thought I should send a Notice of Objection to the Court to have My intent to oppose the application on the Record. This was the reply. Key Words to pay attention to?

“Please be advised, there is no Estate Application before the court at this time. If you are a named beneficiary, you should be receiving notice if/when an application is filed (probate).”

Ontario Court

So why would I be receiving Notice before an application is filed? And when are they planning to file? I can’t object until they file the application, are they expecting Me to check back with the Court everyday to see if the application has been filed to make sure I get My objection filed in time? If it sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is! They should not be Giving Me Notice of an application to the Court if no application has been made.

I was thing King about keeping this little tidbit of information to My Self just to see what they do next, but after further consideration I was thing King they may very well have done this so that they can ‘ambush’ an application to the Court by allowing Me to think nothing has been filed, then file after the fact (I have no Idea and no opportunity to object). Of course, the dates and times of the filing won’t match the Notice I received, but I felt it was best to let them know that I know they still haven’t filed the application and advise them I require Notice when they do.

I am thing King that My Microcosm is perfectly in sync with Man’s Macrocosm right now. There’s nothing else I can do to protect My immediate interests, I just have to wait and allow My legal opponents to Self destruct. I’ve got a complaint into the Law Society of Ontario, so I’ll be sharing that with You when they respond, but I anticipate it Will succeed in bringing this Matter to a close one Way or another. On the world stage, We have other world leaders of the European Union calling out Trudeau for his fascist dictator Ship, and it is only a Matter of time before its hull is so full of holes, it Will surely sink.

Love and Blessings,

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