Volume CCXXXV: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded, Part 12.22.21

Hello every One, and welcome to another Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King You for joining Me, I have a very Special Matrix De-Coded Edition for You this evening, and I am thank King or Queen You for joining Me.

For those that have read My first Matrix Interpret-a-Sean, I have said that it is a perfect metaphor for My Life between the years of just before My unlawful arrest by the Toronto police in Toronto (don’t even remember the year now!!!) until I Created the document that Magically made those charges disappear – without ever having to set foot in a Court. To be totally honest with You, I’m not sure any One has ever done that before. I was just told that if I Wish for the compensate Sean that I was as King for, I would have to file a Claim. Remember when I said that sometimes there is more information in a document if One can read what is not Writ? He didn’t dispute or rebut any of My Claim (Sean Kearney, legal director for the Ministry of the Attorney General), he stated, “it is My intention to take no further action in response to it.”

On the surface, it doesn’t really sound very Good, maybe even a little disappointing. Trust Me, at the time I initially felt the same. But he took almost four months to respond to that letter, and he indicates that he was directed to do so! The next line hints a little more at what I am tall King about.

Please be advised there is nothing more we can do for You in this regard and our file is closed. Please be advised no further correspondence will be forthcoming from this Ministry on these Matters.”

As it turns out, he took some action and got rid of the evidence. Pretty hard to file a Claim into the Court if there’s no information anymore (“Our file is closed” – this is the Crown speaking to Me on that Matter, specifically). I was as King for eleven million debt notes and an ounce of Gold for every hour I was unlawful detained if the false allegations against Me were not immediately removed from the Record. I guess it took him four months, that’s how long it took him to respond to Me from the time he was directed by someone (I believe it was the Honourable Jody-Wilson Raybould, she was the Attorney General and Minister of Justice at the time) to do so.

The original Matrix was a perfect metaphor for that Part of My Story. Matrix IV is Direct-Sean for Me heading into the Golden Dawn – it is a perfect metaphor for what is going on in My Microcosm right now!!!

I’ve been waiting almost a week to tie in the most Significant connection between Matrix IV Resurrections and how they relate to the events in My Microcosm, but I was saving the Magic of it for this day. In the first Edition of My Matrix IV Interpret a Sean, I was tall King about the Significance of the date of its release and how it would be relevant to Our collective now. 12.22.21.

I mentioned that when a number starts and ends a series of other numbers, Magically, the two numbers represent brackets – a message within a message, if You Will. I have also been tall King on many occasions about how in Magic, two is a door, II. All it needs is a handle, especially if We consider the Roman Numerals, like the two ‘I’s behind Elizabeth II (God Bless Our loss). The Secret is to then add up the numeric Value of the numbers between the brackets, 1 and 1. 2+2+2+2=8. So what are We left with, what is the Secret message and how does it relate to My microcosm and Honouring My father in Heaven? Well, when is My Motion date? 11.08.22. The most important is November 11th, the actual date of the motion. Hmm. Again, We have a Door Way (1+1=2) to ‘8’. I said that 8 represents the Spiritually evolved Man, the Magician in the Tarot (I didn’t mention the Tarot bit last time).

I already know that My Motion date is an opportunity (Door) and the result Will be… The Found a Sean for an evolved Man kind? It’s followed by 22, or 2+2=4, and four is always Found a Sean. The Door Way to the Golden Dawn of Man’s kind Will find Found a Sean on November 8th, 2022. And I’m reasonably sure there Will be some Significant event in Man’s Macrocosm to match, though I have no Idea what it Will be.

But this is why this might be one of the best Matrix Interpret-a-Sean’s I’ve ever done, because the first Matrix wasn’t fully understood until after I’d accomplished the Cestui Que Vie and Established My Trust in God – ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ is now the official name of that Trust. It’s now going to win a massive lawsuit against three powerful firms on November 8th, prophesied to Us by the Codes in Matrix Resurrect-Sean’s IV. And plural ‘Resurrections’ is not a coincidence, either because it represents where all of Us are going. You Will own nothing, and You Will be happy – I Give You My Word it is True.

This was advice for Me moving forward – and it Gives Me an opportunity to be tall King about the Codes in the Matrix that speak to Me before they actually redeem their Self in My microcosm (like Tiffany being the imposter of Trinity, and the foreign intervenor of My Trust in Real Life). I could not possibly manipulate these things, just the same as I couldn’t have manipulated them choosing to quote exactly a quote from My Blog of My Matrix I Interpret a Sean, and following up with, “You wrote that, right?”. It gave Me chills, that’s how hard it hit Me.

Here, Tiffany is tall King with Mr. Anderson about how much Fun it must be to be the Creator of such a popular and incredible Game.

“Yeah, We kept some kids entertained.”

That’s the perfect place to leave this One, Give You something to be thing King about. Keep in Mind, the Game is the Matrix, which represents the Commercial Admiralty system the world is living in now. They are tall King about the Creators of the Game – not the State Actors, the Ones pulling the strings and Setting the State for Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean.

And here’s a copy of the Reply Factum that Will win on or before November 8th, 2022.

Love and Blessings,

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