Volume CCXXXV: The Super Natural Son Day Review; Prince of Wands on Fire, Tower of Babble on Burning

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Re-View, thank King Your Royal Highness for being here. It has been a Magical, Moment-Us week in My Microcosm which means Marvel-Us Miracles for Man’s Macrocosm, too – the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, We are going through this together, whether We Real eyes it or not.

Ah, can You tell I’m feeling Fabulous?! So many Good events this week, it is difficult to know where to begin. It is such a Significant week for My Story, that it is worth telling this Part from the beginning.

On August 4th (four is Found a Sean), or 08.04.22, The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean filed its first Claim into Ontario’s Superior Court against My brother, My sister, and her lawyer, for trespass upon My right of disclosure, and to participate in the judicial process regarding My father’s Estate (in a nutshell, though they did much more than that, it is the gist of the Claim, at least from My perspective). Because I am always tall King about Magic, let’s look at the Magical meaning of the date the Claim was filed, 08.04.22.

A Magical Value of 8 was between the brackets of the release date for Matrix IV, 12.22.21 – see how the 1’s Act as brackets? And two 1’s are a Door, or opportunity. There’s the first relevance of the number 8 in My Microcosm. Again, four is always foundation (think four corners of a House), then two more doors (08.04.22). Each ‘dot’ represents the end of a Magical Idea, just the same as it does in the Spelling of Magic with Words. So the two two’s also represent foundation. Translate-Sean? 08 (August) is the foundation of the foundation, for two new beginnings. Official separate-Sean from the false ‘I’ [am] doll (the artificial person), and the Found a Sean of God’s Kingdom on Earth for Man’s Macrocosm (My brother, sister, and her [previous] lawyer).

My sister’s lawyer was the first to respond with a Statement of Defense, then My sister Presented Me with hers, and finally, My brother Presented a Statement of Defense on the second to last day of pleadings. I thanked all of the Respondents for Playing by the Rules, and advised I was going to provide the full thirty days (the 10 extra days provided for by filing a Notice of Intent to Defend) to all parties in the event any One Wished to amend their SoD before the end of pleadings (otherwise One must request leave from the Court or the consent of all parties). I received no reply to My email, and pleadings officially ended September (09) 4th. Keep in Mind how Significant 6 and 9 are in Our Matrix Interpret-a-Sean – 9 represents the underworld, Babble on (Babylon), the world We know now. It’s the number for Home, Community, Peace, Love (06) turned upside down.

Then My sister’s previous lawyer, Hala Tabl made a Motion to the Court to dismiss under Rule 21 as frivolous and vexatious, and for abusing of the Powers of the Court. The Notice was also Given on September 6th, or 09.06. I’m going to be turning the nine right side up, restoring Peace. How do We know, because it’s followed by ’22, or Foundation. Or, if One prefers, We can take the full Value of the year, which is also 6 (2022). 09.06.06, or 9+6+6=21. Rule 21 = 3×7 on a day with a Magical Value of same? Probably just a coincidence. But who else de-Codes the Universe like this any Way? Maybe I’m just making it all up, but does it really Matter if My Words Magically Manifest? 21 is also three, which represents the Holy Trinity, the Temple of Man; Mind, Body and Soul.

Now, the ‘file number’ for My sister’s lawyer also happens to be ’22-237′. Well, that happens to be 4-10, and 10 is a new Age in Magic. It also represents ‘the One’ (1+0=1). Again, probably just a coincidence, but most certainly a Good Omen. The total Magical Value is 5 which happens to be My name day and favourite number, which also represents the endless pursuit of knowledge in Magic (a five pointed Star seeking Wisdom in all direct-Sean’s). But that was not the only attack upon The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim.

On September 8th (09.08.22), Christopher Crisman-Cox, lawyer for My brother, filed a Request to dismiss with the Registrar under Rule 2.1.01(6). Once again, I can commend Christopher for Playing by the Rules and I did Give him a bit of a hard time about it by as King of him to Show Me his receipt for filing because I did not receive form 2.1F which the Court is required to serve Me with if they are considering the requisition. He did file through the online portal and had no problems Showing Me the receipt upon request – that is Honourable conduct, regardless how irritating it might have been for Christopher, he was cordial and accommodating, and recognized My right to be as King.

The request was denied on September 21st!!! Once again, 3×7=21. A lot of auspicious Magical Values. Keep in Mind that all of these Signs are little Blessings from God. To make Matters even more Magical, the Endorsement denying the requisition to dismiss, was made by the Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery! And I Truly cannot tell You how Happy I am to Write that. All previous Notices against Sally were removed (they still exist but are only visible to Me now), and her Honour was also removed from the List of Canadian State Actors God is Officially Displeased with.

The fact that Christopher did file his request with the Registrar is Significant on so many levels. Every Notice previously Posted regarding Sally was served upon the Minister of Justice and Attorney General (MOJAG), the Head of Canada’s Courts. When a requisition is made to the Registrar, it is the Minister of Justice who Will assign the requisition to a Judge (even if it’s not actually that individual, that’s what the Voice of the Courts represents, so the direction Will be coming from that office). Sean Kearney is the legal director for the Attorney General of Ontario, he gets a copy of every document filed into the Superior Courts – I can only presume by his Title that he then directs the legal Matter to the appropriate Judge. Even if I’m wrong about the individual being Sean Kearney (who knows Me well enough), any One in that position Will be ‘up to speed’ with respect to everything else I have filed with the Court. It would be inappropriate to assign the Judge to make this ruling unless the Court was not considering the request, and only as King of Sally to respond to demonstrate her level of professionalism. The Endorsement reads like an Endorsement should, and it is clear her Honour is not harbouring resentment that would be inappropriate or unbecoming of a Justice. A Court Justice should always be cool and even tempered, they are to set the example of the Court for others.

We’re getting close to Word budget but there are a couple of more relevant updates for this week. The Endorsement from Sally was more than just an apology from the Court (her Honour was deceived into making a ruling not sanctioned by the Court previously), it also provides Word from the Court with respect to the Title and parties to the Claim. Her Honour has already ruled that The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is a legal entity and that the Claim is not frivolous and vexatious on its face, which Will only further help Me defeat the Motion to dismiss, and turn the Motion into a Judgment hearing (which I can empower the Justice to do). Remember, the Court Will never rule against it Self, and the Honourable Justice represents the official Word of the Court. The Respondents Will be required to Respond to this Claim at the very least, and I genuinely believe The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Will win its first Claim on November 8th. 11.08.22. The date also has a Magical Value of 5, My favourite number.

But there is more going on in My Microcosm behind the Scenes. The Statements of Defense offered by all of the Respondents to My Claim only inform on One another, it was Truly a Gift from God. The evidence provided Me with the CV file number I require to get more information about this filing in the system, and You might be surprised to know what I Discovered (unveiled, the Apocalypse). Not a single document has been filed onto the Court of Record regarding My father’s Estate!!!

So yeah, the Bracebridge Courthouse has been put on Notice now, and that was done almost a week before the Honourable Justice made her determination. The Courts already know what My sister, My brother, and her corrupt lawyer have been up to for the last three years. My guess, is that the Courts were just waiting to see how long it would take Me to figure it all out.

More to come soon!!!

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: My ‘He-Art Exhibit Sean’ was going to be a Gift for Her Majesty, but now I am thing King I Will have to Give the Gift to the Crown and the Vatican. I’ll let them decide who should Keep the finished collect-Sean.

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