Volume CCXL: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Fabulous Fraudsters, Part II – The Fraudulent ‘Court of Record’

Good day every One, and what a Fabulous Friday in Deed! Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, there is so much Good News in My Microcosm, that I may have several Posts to Publish today! For now, I had Promised yesterday that I Will soon provide all the documents the Bracebridge Courthouse is in possession of regarding My Father’s Estate that have not been filed with the Court yet! It Truly seems insane to Me that these People are bold enough to continue perpetrating the fraud, but I guess once One is past the point of no return, anything goes!!!

I do hope You Will take some time to look at the Fraudulent Court of Record provided to Me by the Bracebridge Courthouse. One of the Key elements here, is that the Letter Hala allegedly filed with the Application dated March 24th is missing. The Statement of Defense does not say that Kimberly Meredith of the Bracebridge Courthouse sent a Letter to the Judge to accompany the Application, Neil states that Hala Tabl filed the Application with an accompanying Letter to explain the background of the Matter. I don’t see any such letter. Kimberly Meredith Will not just arbitrarily be as King of a Judge to make an Endorsement, the request must be made to the Registrar first.

Lots of Quest-Ions to be answered on November 3rd, it Will be a very Illuminating day in Deed!!!

Back with more later today!

Love and Blessings,

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