Volume CCXLVI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix IV, Resurrections De-Coded, Part XVII

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and My Mystical Interpret a Sean of Matrix IV, Resurrections De-Coded. As always, thank King or Queen You for having Me, it is always an Honour to be in Your House. It wasn’t so long ago We were tall King about how Mr. Anderson was trying to re-Mind him Self that it’s all in his head, he’s ‘mental’ (Mind is all). We spend most of Our Life Living in Our Head, that’s why it represents the House and Nation’s Capitol in Magic. We might be thing King that all these Words fit so well by coincidence if One were to believe in such things (which We don’t).

In the last couple of Posts (XV and XVI) I have been re-Viewing some of the more complex themes in the film which build on the Foundations Established in the preceding trilogy, yet take them to a whole new level of comprehension. The new Ideas Presented in the Theme it Self by Matrix IV are as much an evolution of the franchise as a whole, as they are of its main Character, Mr. Anderson and his alter Ego, Neo. It was important to go over these themes before continuing because in usual Matrix Style, (and as Promised by the Oracle) some of these Ideas Will begin to bake One’s noodle…

It was Agent, BUGS who catches Mr. Anderson just as he was about to take a leap of Faith off a sky-scraper's rooftop. Considering that I am strongly suggesting the Matrix was intended to be a metaphor for Man's legal fiction in particular, it is important to Notice that all Agents who enter the Matrix always use a code name shown in ALL CAPS. It is probably the single most Significant piece of evidence proving My theory with respect to it relating to Our commercial world and artificial persons. Nothing in the film is without intent-Sean, and there is no need to ever Show the screen names of the Agents if it were not Significant to the main Theme and something they Wish for the viewer to take Notice of. CAPS are always designed to get our attention, just like the warning colour of Red for authority.

When Mr. Anderson's Friend 'Jude' calls, Bugs tells him that Jude is not Mr. Anderson's Friend, he's his handler. And of course, Jude represents Judas from the Bible, the Apostle who betrays his Brother (Christ) for thirty pieces of silver. Keep in Mind, I also suggested even before watching the film (in fact, before it was even released) that it Will be a perfect metaphor for My Life right now, where I have recently been betrayed My brother, the one I Trusted the most, and where a thirty something year old stripper named Tiffany was claiming to have a claim upon a share of My father's Estate - all for 'silver' or material gain. Again, probably just a convenient coincidence, so moving along...

They no longer need to use phone lines to get into the Matrix, they can now use mobile portals - technology has evolved considerably in the Matrix, just as it has in Our world. Nanotechnology is available in pharmaceutical products now, capable of rewriting DNA with MRNA wireless programming via Wi-Fi uploads, and apparently as many as ninety percent of the world's People already have this new genetic... Enhancement? Or is it more like a poison that kills some and evolves others, like the Creature Created at the Lark Hill detainment facility in 'V' for Vendetta? Interesting that both films are directed by the Wachowski's, no?

I thought this was an appropriate screen capture despite not being very detailed. However, once again blue always represents the dream world, Commercial Admiralty, a colour of Law, but not the Rule of Law. Curtains always represent unveiling of a Product-Sean, and the opening of windows to let in the light. This Idea is further amplified by the light shining like a sun from between the parted curtains, rays (raze/raise) cutting through the [colour] distortion. We are about to meet the Man behind the curtain, just like in the Wizard of Oz. Who is pulling the strings of State Actors on the world's Stage?

Well, let's take a look from the other side of the curtain, Shall We?

This time I had to grab the full screen capture because this is the first frame from the other side of the curtain. 43:37 into the film, though I'm not going to break down the Magic of it any more than to say that 37 is My Magic number, always a Sign from God - or the Powers that be. Why? Because they Will know it's My Magic number, too. They knew it before I did. It also relates to My Tarot Introduction Titled 'Living a Purpose Full Life', which is based on the Thoth deck Created by Aleister Crowley. Even the Act of looking for the first book by Crowley in a somewhat eccentric Style book store (the Bookshelf Cafe in Guelph, Ontario) had only one book by Crowley when I 'randomly' decided to stop in as King about it. What are You thing King the Title of the Book was? 777. Three Sevens, how Lucky for Me...

This is also the reason for reviewing some of the main themes of the film in the last two Editions. In the above screen capture, We see the Idea of two as a Door reflected by two ornate 'Crown' moldings on either side of the Door frame. It is Significant to Notice it appears as though they are walking into the darkness from the Light!

Again, this is why the recap was necessary because these are complex Ideas. I have said that Morpheus represents God. I have also said that he represents Satan. Similarly, Neo represents God's Son, Morpheus is the Father. If Morpheus also represents Satan, then Mr. Anderson represents Satan's son, Living in darkness. Don't let Your noodle get too baked just yet because We are still going deeper, hang in there!

Morpheus is both God and Satan because Satan is God's son! Remember, he was Cast (like Magic) out of heaven for defying his Father, God. But, although God Cast Satan out of Heaven, he did Give Satan dominion over the underworld. This is the world under the Heaven's, the world of Babylon, the underworld Living in darkness. Notice how everything on the side of Morpheus is in Red, Gold and brown, while he stands triumphantly looking out over a blue, stormy window? It's almost like he enjoys the chaos...

Now, We're really still just touching the tip of the iceberg, especially when We consider what all of these Characters represent in Man's Commercial Admiralty system of Law. Did I not also say that in Man's Matrix, the Queen (may she rest in Peace) and the Pope represent Trinity and Morpheus. If Morpheus also represents Satan, than what does that say for the Crown, the Pope, and 'the Powers that be'?

Is this Interpret a Sean getting interesting enough for You yet? The next converse a Sean with Morpheus is (in My humble opinion) the most important Scene in the entire film. After that this Interpret a Sean Will go much faster as the next Scene affirms the Foundation for My thesis - the rest of the film proves it to be True and explains what it means for Man's Macrocosm, too.

Love and Blessings,


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