3. Forgetting Love

How and why would We choose to forget We are Love?

When Love first evolved to become humanity, We knew We were Love on earth.  The infinite wisdom contained in what We now call the subconscious mind was the only mind We had.  It was Our connection to all that Love is, allowing Us to know the magnificence of Our new being, a being that had the capacity to use its mind and superior physical form to shape the earth, to create.

We knew We were divine, but We knew We were only one part of all that enabled Us ‘to be’.  We were still one with nature.  We knew We lived in a world of abundance, grateful to all that We had provided for Our glorious beings of Love on earth to flourish.

We did not yet have language and there had been no need.  We communicated with the force of creation, the divine power of Our thoughts.  However, humanity was spread across this great earth.  The resources available to numerous groups of humanity were diverse and so too were the needs of each of the early tribes.  Communication by thought was no longer favourable so humanity began to ignore the subconscious mind, desiring independent thought.  Natural selection favoured the development of conscious mind over subconscious communication.

At first humanity simply ignored subconscious mind, gesturing and using their vocal capacity to communicate with other members of their group.  As Love continued to evolve, so too did the conscious mind as humanity began to develop more sophisticated forms of communication through primitive artwork.  Eventually humanity completely lost its ability to communicate by thought and developed language but was still very much in tune with their connection to Love.

Humanity celebrated its connection with Love through artwork and language, using these new early forms of communication to share the truth of Love with their tribe.  But as conscious mind continued to develop, humanity’s connection with the subconscious mind continued to decrease and truth of their being became dependent on the verbal understanding, stories and depictions of art passed down by each generation.

Humanity knew itself only as the most divine being, the reflection of Love on earth.   But as humanity grew it reunited with other groups who appeared similar but had different skin colour, spoke in different tongues and worshipped gods with different names, each group knowing their self as the most divine being.  This caused humanity to question its divinity as tribes wished to assert their greatness over other tribes, not realizing these were different parts from the same Love, worshipping the same God(s) by (a) different name(s).  Love was divided and Love was forgotten; so began humanity’s downward spiral.

It was all part of the Divine Principle.

Institutions of modern society were created from a divided humanity that continue to prevent Us from remembering Love.

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