Obama and buddies boast bullying ability

After Iran disclosed a second nuclear plant, leading national powers at the G20 summit meeting have demanded the IAEA  be permitted full access to both of Iran’s plants.   Although Iran insists the nuclear plants are operating peacefully and were built to generate electricity, the world powers led by President Obama have demanded an immediate inspection of the second facility.  Iran’s Natanz plant reactors are operating at only one third full capacity and are able to generate roughly one nuclear warhead per year if Iran had such intentions.  This information is supplemented by daily inspections of the plant by IAEA officials who have confirmed Iran appears to have no intention of creating weapons of mass destruction.

Iran voluntarily made the plant known without provocation or request by world leaders in a letter to the IAEA.  At current uranium production levels it would take Iran roughly five thousand two hundred years to be on par with the nuclear prowess of the United States.  The United States has 2,200 of its estimated 5,700 nuclear warheads currently deployed, is in a very close race with Russia in claiming responsibility for the greatest ecological destruction of Our planet by means of nuclear testing to date and has demonstrated they are willing to use this incredible destructive power to kill millions of innocent people as seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Are We to trust that the U.S. will use its remaining warheads responsibly (which means not at all)?  All other countries in the world who do not yet have nuclear power or access to nuclear arms are to cease production of uranium and disclose information regarding nuclear production to superpowers like the U.S.  Does a nation that holds enough nuclear power to decimate the world several times over really have the moral sense and authority to decide what countries should be allowed to refine uranium?  I think not.

We must remember that countries like Iran are consistently trying to compete with the superpowers that lead our world.  By imposing sanctions on countries that lack the riches of superpower states the separation between the countries becomes greater and leaders of struggling economic regions are forced to desperate measures in an effort to compete, typically leading to stronger, more stringent sanctions.  The world powers are using military and economic presence to create ‘international’ law as they go, exempting themselves from the same laws they impose on other nations.  The U.S. has still not answered to its defiant ignorance of the U.N.’s demand to refrain from entering a war with Iraq, but instead boasted of its military might by initiating a campaign labeled ‘Shock and Awe’, just to make sure the world was paying attention.  The weapons of mass destruction that were the apparent cause of the war on Iraq were never found.  Are We to allow the U.S. to do the same thing again with Iran?  What is the U.S.’s next course of action when there are no more sanctions left to be imposed, or if the sanctions do not deter Iran’s desire to operate its country freely and without the necessity of approval from other states?

In order to make peace with other nations in the world, the superpowers must ‘extend a helping hand’ to poorer nations and begin to understand the motivation behind war of all levels and begin sharing the world’s wealth of resources.  The consistent necessity for self-righteous countries like the U.S. to impose their corrupt morality on the governmental systems and operation of other countries is the very root of the ‘terrorism’ that exists.  When We consider how the U.S. plays its cards (convincing the world that invasion of countries and the death and destruction caused by its armies is done in the name of justice and freedom, sometimes even God), how can We be sure that any remarks and even the announcement of a second nuclear power plant is nothing more than an Iranian tactic to ruffle the feathers of world powers and prove that they will not be intimidated by brute force and oppression?

My own Prime Minister is no less corrupt than Obama and has vowed to assist America in any way possible.  I mention Obama as the leader of this movement against Iran as it is Obama who demanded Iran allow IAEA to a full inspection of its facilities as soon as possible.  I am equally disgraced by Harper for supporting this movement.  The statements made so far from Obama seem nothing more than an attempt to gain greater momentum for his own political campaign.  When the U.S. and other superpower states stop flexing their military muscle and bullying weaker nations for their own economic agendas We will be one step closer to knowing peace.

News stories and information regarding current U.S. nuclear arms stocks are from Rueters news:



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