Divine You versus Swine Flu

After working in Ontario for the last five months, I flew to Vancouver yesterday morning and arrived just after lunch.  I dropped off my luggage and said ‘hi’ a friend who’s kindness has allowed Me to spend My last month here.  He handed Me a set of keys as he left for work and I headed out to see what was going on in downtown Vancouver.

I love Vancouver because although it’s a major city, the downtown core really isn’t that big.  I headed to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see what was going on.  Only two days after writing that We could learn to trust Our own immune system to take care of viruses, organizers of an anti-vaccination demonstration were just shutting down for the day.  Once again, information to support my ideology came into My reality and I wrote the outline for this blog to talk about it.

As they were shutting down, a lady was asking if the vaccine they were protesting had been invented yet.  The organizer couldn’t give the lady his full attention as he was frantically packing up the last of his display.  I offered to answer some of her questions.  I told Her that it didn’t really matter if there was a vaccine yet.  We have already been bombarded with news it is coming, just as We have been repeatedly warned that the flu season will bring back a new super H1N1 virus that will be even more destructive.  The woman looked at Me and nodded.  I told her the reason H1N1 would be more dangerous is because people believe it will be more dangerous, causing people to fear it more.  The fear that lingers in our subconscious manifests itself in Our body, creating that thing We believe.

She smiled and told Me it was an interesting theory.  I told her that the more We allow Our own immune system to take care of Our bodies, the stronger We will become.  Every time We take medicine, We are telling Our self and our body that We need something to be healthy, that We do not believe Our bodies were designed perfectly.  I made a comparison to a person that might decide to stop walking; eventually the legs become so weak that they can no longer walk.  Taking medicine is the same thing.  You are denying your immune system the regular exercise it needs to become strong.

As I pulled out a cigarette, she gestured toward my pack and told Me that those would kill Me one day.  I laughed and told her that was part of the reason I smoke.  After a quizzical look, I told her that what she told Me is the root of Our fear and the reason We feel We need medicine and vaccines to stay healthy.  We are afraid to die!  We think if We can just get one more vaccine, or get over just one more cold, or eat the right foods, get regular check ups at the doctor’s office…  maybe We can avoid death?  This time she laughed.  We are here to enjoy life and health is just one more thing humanity has chosen to worry about.

She started to tell Me about her asthma and I told her I didn’t know what kind of advice to give her about that because I had never had it.  She shook her head and said she didn’t have asthma now but she used to.  She realized that when she was asthmatic she was in a very stressful point of her life and felt very claustrophobic.  Now that she is in a happy, comfortable place in her life, she has no more symptoms of asthma.  She told Me she felt her mood had been reflected in her physical condition.

When she asked Me how I knew all these things I told her that there is an evolution of conscience awakening in the world and that there are a lot of people sharing similar ideas.  This demonstration was an example of that, though the methods are not ideal.  The demonstration was too anti-vaccine, invoking a fear of its own and the message We need to share with each other is one of freedom and love.  By the end of Our conversation, she thanked Me and told Me I had renewed her hope in the world and made a significant impact in her life.

I had been without a coffee for almost an hour and the urgency to get to Starbucks was almost unbearable (not really but for those who know Me, an hour without coffee is a rarity that seldom occurs).  I was only half way through my cigarette as I arrived at Starbucks surveying the two patio tables clearly marked with ‘no smoking’ stickers.  My eyes then traveled to a man sitting at the second table casually enjoying a cigarette.  I smiled and sat down at the other table to finish my smoke.

He smiles at Me, motions to his cigarette and says, “They think that We give non-smokers cancer?  Look at all the cars driving by, the buses, the air We breathe.  They just want to blame someone, so they blame Us.  And why not?”

I smile back and say, “Funny, I was just having a conversation with someone a short time ago about something similar.  The cars create far more pollution than smokers.  They want Us to believe they want Us to quit, but if We did, they would be devastated.  Smokers are a billion dollar industry, especially when combined with sickness because We will need more medicine.  They warn us about all the dangerous chemicals that are in cigarettes but they do nothing have them removed.  The chemicals make the cigarettes more addictive, more dangerous which is exactly what the government wants.  That’s why they use pictures on cigarette packages now, so You can actually visualize the sickness developing in Your body.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the increase in frequency and effect of cigarette warnings are directly linked to the increase in cancer patients every year.  The more harmful We believe cigarettes to be, the more destructive they become.”

He laughs and says, “I won’t get cancer because I don’t worry about it, something is going to kill Me, it is one of the few things I enjoy.  Some people will get cancer from smoking, but I don’t believe it will be Me, We will see.  Something will kill Me one day.”

He says all of this laughing and smiling, clearly enjoying life.  I tell him I really must get a coffee now but that I would love to stay and talk to him when I get back.  When I returned, he asked Me what I do, I told him I’m a writer.  He asked what kind of writer and I told him I was working on a blog, to share my thoughts on what is really going on in the world.  He asked me to give him an example and I told him I had just finished writing a piece on how I felt O’bama was trying to rally the people against Iran.  He smiles and tells Me he is a Canadian citizen but was born and raised in Iran.  We talked for almost an hour and shared a common belief that one day the world can learn to exist more harmoniously.

These are the things that make day to day life such a beautiful thing.  Regardless how bad the headlines are every day, wherever I go I can see kindness and meet people who believe in something greater for humanity.  Love is everywhere.


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