Artistic Freedom

Last week I finally had a chance to get together with an old friend who has been a great confident.  When I ‘woke up’ to the reality of the world around Me, He was one of the first people I talked to about it.  As it turned out, He has been awake for years.  We would talk endlessly about the going’s on in the world around Us, We would observe the way We collectively behave and as I wondered how We could do this, how We could be so oblivious; He would remind Me it is necessary.

To talk to Him again for the first time in almost a year was refreshing and encouraging.  He is one of only two friends that fully understand the truth I want to share with people and the things I’ve done to express it.  We talked about living on the streets, life in Japan and the last five months I spent living with family and working in Ontario.  I learned that good intention is enough to make a difference, that no man or woman is truly free if We belong to a country, that accepting truth means the deconstruction of the very fabric that holds Our society together.  One cannot become spiritually enlightened and still embrace Our social system for they are the yin and yang of Our existence.  These two forces are on an inevitable collision course with each other.  The more We embrace Our current social system, the greater the poverty gap becomes, the more civil unrest there will be and the more Our environment will suffer until the end of Our existence is so eminent that We are forced to abandon Our social system.  Then, if only for the survival of Our species, We will resolve to work as one.

My friend is an accomplished artist and Our friendship grew from a common interest in painting.  He reminded Me that most people work so hard in their day to day life just to keep up, that most don’t allow themselves the intellectual freedom that comes with being an artist.  Most people simply don’t take the time to sit back and consider why they work so hard because it does them no good.  If working does prove to be a distraction from the real purpose of life, what good does it do the individual to know this?  After all, there is no alternative.  If a person wants to maintain the comforts and pleasures of the life they know now then they must continue working to pay for the shelter, food and luxuries they enjoy.  Thinking about whether this is the right thing to do is counter productive to experiencing happiness in the reality of Our social system.

Understanding the divine purpose of Our being, both collectively and as individuals helps to keep things in perspective.  As the international community experienced its first global recession, hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and homes as people realized their freedom to exist with dignity in Our society is fragile.  As technology and automation continue to improve, the pool of available jobs continues to diminish.  As less and less jobs become available, the perpetuation of an economic system will prove itself futile for it cannot hope to balance and maintain a sustainable system of equality.

The great global catastrophes that occur, as tragic as they may be, are absolutely necessary.  Even with all the tragedies occurring in Our daily tabloids We continue to believe We are living as We should, We still do not question the authority and moral guidance of Our leaders, We are still sleeping.  How tragic do things have to become before We wake up to truth?


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