Canadian Health Care Parasitic to U.S.

The headline I write about today dates back to September 30th when U.S. senator Bob Corker called Canada’s health care system ‘parasitic’ to the U.S. economy.  In light of all the things I am discussing in My blogs this article reflects a U.S. attitude that places priority in profits over the accessibility of health care.

With my roommate and a friend I met for coffee both telling Me they are sick with a flu virus (but not the virus) I decided I should commit some time to talking about sickness before the flu season is in full swing.  Most of Us know its coming:  just after kids go back to school, somewhere around the middle of fall, media commercials and news will start promoting precautionary measures and medicines for the flu season.

I could insist that sickness and disease are the physical manifestation of Our fears but it is a rather difficult theory to accept considering the relevance of health related issues in Our world.  But there is significance in understanding that We have the capacity to provide treatment for most diseases and Our technology is always improving.  Sickness is as much a part of the evolutionary process as anything else.  People who believe they do not have the capacity to heal themselves will continue to believe in drugs and will continue to be cured by them.  As science discovers how to make Us immune to all illness and eventually live forever, the spiritual realization of Our immortal being is inevitable.

It is necessary for Us to collectively know sickness so that We can understand Our collective capacity to heal.  Medicine and drugs are generally created with a positive intention to heal and many have proven highly successful.  Whether drugs succeed because of their chemical makeup or the belief invested in them is irrelevant – they work.  Science and medicine were intended to improve Our quality of life.  Unfortunately, money interferes with even Our best intentions.  Drug companies and even science facilities they sponsor are influenced by the amount of money they can make and sickness itself becomes a global market with every drug company wanting a share.  A  bigger marker means more profits so the best interest of the individual becomes secondary.

We can look at medicine and its distribution as a reflection of Our collective desire to heal one another.  People all over the world are sick with disease We have medicine for.  Should making health care available to all people not be one of the first priorities of any global agenda?  The U.S. senator’s statement reflects as U.S. mentality that is more concerned with profiting from a health care system than making it accessible to the people and We need to recognize that such a mentality creates separation, desperation, and ultimately results in more sickness.  Although the U.S. commonly take a leading role on the world stage, the wealthiest country in the world does not even make the world’s top ten list of best countries for health care, appearing closer to the bottom of the list than the top and Canada is not much better.  To move forward into a world that can exist harmoniously, We need the leader of Our world stage to be guided by moral conscience rather than economics.


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