Helping Haiti

Our hearts go out to the strength of the Haitians who have lost their lives and homes to devastating quakes.  It is events like this that cause people to ask Me how there can be perfection in all things.  When We look at the world through spiritual eyes, We can begin to appreciate the great spiritual sacrifice the Haitians made to offer humanity its greatest gift – a call to collective conscience.

The people of Haiti are struggling to live in dignity while rescue and aid efforts are failing miserably.  Only if We do not understand that such events are a calling to Our collective desire to help one another, have the Great Haitians died in vein.  We can help.  We have the resources, the vehicles, the people…  The question is, will We?  And how much will We do?  Just enough, or will We stick around to help rebuild the cities?  Will We do what We can afford to do, or will We just do now and pay later?  If We did now and paid later for all humanitarian efforts on the planet, We would have peace.

Will We continue to collectively need events like this to occur before We realize Our collective desire to work together to end suffering?  Why does it take an earthquake for Us to realize We want to help?  There are people suffering all over the world that We ignore every day – do We need global catastrophes to remind Us We have the capacity to help or can We find out what it is that prevents the help the Haitians need from getting to them and demand better?

If We can pull together and help the Haitians get the aid they need and rebuild their cities, then We can begin to understand that We can get aid to people suffering all over the world if We choose to work together.  Let this be a calling to collective conscience, let this teach Us what We can do in the name of Love.


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