Help to Haiti or Hidden Agenda? U.S. Occupation of Haiti

It was just yesterday I found Myself wondering how long it would be before people suspected the U.S. might be entering Haiti with ulterior motives.  Didn’t take long for Chavez to respond.  5,000 troops is a lot of troops!  Remember, these people all need to be fed too.  Is this how the money American citizens are sending to the ‘Clinton Bush Fund’ is being spent?  Would America use such an opportunity to expand their international military presence and pay for it with dollars donated by compassionate Americans hoping to help the people of Haiti?

To be honest, it is the last thing I want to suggest but there is a significant reason for every event and every headline.  This headline is asking Us to pay attention to the U.S., to be critical of how much help is getting to the Haitian people.  That is not to say that U.S. intentions are anything less noble than what Our highest expectations of them might be.  It is only to suggest that there is the possibility they are not.  To ensure the greatest needs are met, We need to be sure Our leaders are credible.  All charitable organizations that are collecting funds for the relief efforts should be responsible for documenting the spending of the resources on a public site.

Statements like those made by Chavez remind Us to be critical of Our leaders intentions.  To be critical is not to be cynical, but responsible.

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