Waking Up

My spiritual journey began just after My 35th birthday.  Or, more accurately, My knowledge that life is a spiritual journey became known to Me.  After keeping a journal for over twenty years full of ideas about what was going on in the world, one day I had confirmation of My grandest thoughts.  I realized that My greatest dream was all I came here to know.  In a place of asking where all is received, I asked the world should know peace and knew it was already done.

The knowledge of this wisdom is incredibly powerful.  In one unforgettable moment, I remembered what I am, where I came from, where I am going, the truth of creation and why I am here.  I chose to be here to experience the evolution in conscience that will awaken humanity to its golden dawn.

My new Book, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’ is exactly as the title would suggest.  There is a Divine Principal at work in the universe; peace is not only possible, it is eminent.  The Book explains why humanity is destined to know its divinity, this blog will show You how We will come to know it.  I can’t show You how in My Book because the events are continuous, I would never finish the Book.  But only when We understand why, can We fully appreciate how and this Blog becomes a beautiful ‘choose Your own adventure’ where only the end is assured.

This will tell the story of the spiritual journey that encouraged and produced the Book.  More specifically it will fill You in on the events leading up to the creation of this Blog, the Book and the current journey.


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