Iran Reclaiming Riches in German Gas Deal?

The contract provides for the unnamed German firm to transfer the know-how to build, install and run the equipment needed to exploit and transport gas, said Iran’s Gas Engineering and Development Company head, Ali Reza Gharibi.

The above link and quote are a fresh reminder to all of Us that there are always two sides to a story.  The U.S. and its ‘superpower’ counterparts have still not been able to confirm Iran has any kind of intention to produce nuclear weapons, yet they are not only continuing the existing sanctions on Iran but are due to discuss further sanctions in the near future.

The multi-billion dollar deal between Iran and Germany further suggests that Iran is not only determined to find improved ways to generate power and maximize its resources, but it is determined to exploit its international trading potential.  This is an excellent opportunity for Iran to gain some financial ground amidst the sanctions.

The article also speaks of Iran’s rich fossil fuel reserves.  When We consider the insatiable appetite of America and its superpower partners for fossil fuels, perhaps We can filter through some of the media garbage and begin to understand what is really going on.  Sanctions that restrict or limit trading of Iran’s most valuable commodity would certainly be a great way to conserve the available riches in Iran until America and its partners can find some dubious way to take occupation of the country and call them their own.  Do You think the leaders of Our countries are incapable of such corrupt thinking?  Many international government policies are carried out slowly over long periods of time so that things are never too much of a shock to the people.  By the time the superpower leaders are ready to enter Iran and steal all their resources, the buildup to the event will seem so gradual, people will simply think it is necessary.

This is similar to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan but less dramatic.  We watched in horror as the World Trade Centers were destroyed.  When fingers started pointing toward president bush (sorry, people who act as he does have not earned the spiritual right to a capitalized name) as the likely culprit, bush blamed the terrorists and the nation believed him.  Enough that the nation entirely forgot about following up with the investigation against the U.S. government to find out what really happened.  Does the majority of the world even know that there was a third building, also completely decimated (a records office, I believe) that was never touched by an airplane?

It is the system of government created by people with this kind of moral conscience that are running Our planet.  We cannot even pretend that countries matter anymore, except that being defined by a country allows state leaders to convince Us to destroy Ourselves.  For the superpower states, the only objective is world government and these are not the candidates I want in line for the position.  How about You?  The phrase ‘New World Order’ has not been thrown around by presidents for decades accidentally.  There is a very long and well thought out plan in the works and they are hoping You will get used to the idea.  Don’t worry, the next “New World Order” will be governed by the will of the People.


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