Red Flags

I did not respond to the literary agency promising Me a contract.  I had intended to send the okay to review the contract but was tipped off by My brother before I had the chance.  Usually to investigate any type of internet scam, You need only search the company on Google and see how many scam alerts there are.  This one has enough.

So I sent out My first official query letter yesterday and posted it in the new ‘Query Letters’ category.  I will write a few unique query  letters following the same format to see which approach gets the best response.  It would be easy for Me to be far more aggressive than the example I posted yesterday.

It is important to protect Yourself and Your book.  Honestly, I am probably less protective of My work than other writers might be but if You only send a few chapters or a proposal to any company, You really have nothing to worry about.  I’m not so worried because if someone did steal My Book idea and managed to get it published, I would still know it was Mine.  The most important thing is that My Book gets to people, I am not too concerned with how it gets to people.

Today I want to write a couple of articles about some of the latest news but after I am finished I am determined to get a good start on the proposal.  Writing for Me is definitely a process and I have been organizing thoughts in My mind.  I am now ready to sit down and put them together.  A completed proposal will also help with writing query letters by forcing Me to summarize all the material and streamlining My pitch to agents.


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