World Wonders How to Rebuild Haiti

“What we are speaking about is re-launching our country on a path of development. It is not a question of going back to the status quo,” Bellerive told an international meeting Canada is hosting to assist Haiti’s reconstruction…

This is where the greatest opportunity to recognize Our collective capacity to make change can be fully realized.  It is not so much in providing the initial emergency relief efforts, but rebuilding a country that can continue to prosper after the catastrophe.

In the article, Haitian PM Bellerive announced the need for alternate energy sources like wind generators to reduce the need for fossil fuels.  He also spoke of rebuilding the city with Our latest technology that could sustain future earthquakes.

Of course, all of this reconstruction will be very costly and Bellerive is asking the international community to continue to provide support while the country rebuilds.  This places an incredible demand on the international community and also subjects Haiti to financial control by corporations that may seek to capitalize on Haiti’s financial need, offering long term support and construction projects that are more focused on future profits than the best interest of the Haitian economy.  As corporations bid for rebuilding contracts, the Haitian government will become increasingly indebted to corporations and the deficit created will become the burden of Haitian taxpayers, not the government.

But still there is the opportunity for greatness.  Haiti is an opportunity to put Our greatest human achievements to the test, to see how great Our reconstruction efforts can be, perhaps even setting an example for other industrialized cities and paving the way to a new, progressive humanity.

“We have to do more with less,” Bellerive said.

The best part is, We can do more with less.  Every day technology and science allow Us to know new levels of efficiency, continually allowing Us to do more with less.  Unfortunately, an economic social system does not support doing more with less.  Technology and money are on a collision course with each other.  If We do more with less, then there are less jobs.  Population, even with disasters like what We have just experienced in Haiti, is continually increasing.  Doing more with less means having less jobs for more people and this is exactly why We haven’t been utilizing much of the technology We already have in Our own cities.  Its ‘better’ for the economy if We continue to be wasteful of Our resources so We can create scarcity so that things can continue to have value, so people can continue to have jobs.

Its ironic, really.  Most people in the world would love to work less.  Technology and science allow Us to do more with less, yet less jobs between more people is a bad thing in an economic society.  You would think that people would celebrate every opportunity to reduce the labor pool.  Less jobs divided amongst more people means less work and more free time – yet Our current social system will never allow Us to know or enjoy the greatest of Our scientific and technological achievements.  We would rather destroy the world and Our environment than entertain the idea of having less jobs and more free time…  A little ironic for a society that seems to continually complain about how much We need to work.

Money always stands to corrupt Our most noble intentions.  Check out My Fantasy Fund, a proposal for peace that would systematically remove corruption from Our social system.

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