In Between Evolution – Why Peace is Coming

When people ask Me how I am manifesting peace in the world, this video is a great example of how I do it.  The moment a person has this experience, they desire nothing else but for everyone to know it.  And that is the highest, grandest thought, it is the greatest feeling – Love, in its purest form.  You desire only for everyone else to know it and know it is already done.

This video also supports that My Book is already revealing itself, that its intention to accelerate the shift in conscience is enough if You know that it is.  Note the time and date of the video and when Jim Carrey says he had the experience.  This is recent, and his desire that more people should know this supports a philosophy in My Book which suggests that everyone who has this experience will want to share it, for everyone to know it.  This collective desire, increasing with exponential velocity every day is what will awaken humanity and this is what My Book is about.  It is all We will need to know peace.

It is an immensely powerful experience and people who haven’t had it couldn’t understand why I wanted to live on the streets to experience this truth in the beginning.  I knew that it didn’t matter what I did, I could help the process of awakening wherever I was and I knew I needed nothing to be happy.  It was perhaps the best two and a half months of My life and I truly understood the power of Love to make change in the world.  It also gave Me the wonderful experiences that allowed Me to organize My thoughts and do My  part to remember Love.  You don’t really learn anything from the experience, You remember.  The following article explains the process and how it can affect different people and could be very helpful for people who have just recently had the experience as it will be happening to more and more of Us every day.

Now that I have published what I am calling an ‘uncensored’ version of My Book (which just means it has not been professionally edited yet, though that is in the works now) I will be including more and more of how My philosophies are redeeming themselves.  If anyone is interested in reading My Book I am going to create a separate page with links to where You can buy it.  There is an e-book and softcover version.

“When a person awakens, a light comes on.  This light awakens others until the world becomes so bright there is no room for darkness.” – Me



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