The Difference Between Believing and Knowing

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are usually both right” – Confucius

This is how I know that I can.  I manifest peace simply by knowing it already exists.  It is not a question, there is no doubt, only time.  How I will do this is something I will figure out along the way.  As one of the people says in the video, “You have to have 100% faith, 99% and You’re gonna fail.  There is no room for plan ‘B’ if You’re giving 100% to plan ‘A'”.

That is the difference between believing and knowing.  99% is belief, 100% is knowing it is already done.

The experience of awakening gives You this wisdom, not as a possibility, but as a unified truth.  After learning it, You are limited only by imagination and knowing that even Your highest, greatest aspiration is already achieved, so long as You remember this truth.  The only question remains, “If You know You can have any dream You want, what dream is going to be most fulfilling for You?”

For Me it is doing everything I can to teach this wisdom to everyone I know, anyone who is ready to listen.  Once We all understand that the infinite possibility of Our imagination is Our only limitation, the world will know peace – for this is the truth of Love; the highest possible conceptualization of Your self.  Once the world understands this wisdom, We will know without question that We can feed everyone in the world, its believing We can’t that has been stopping Us.  All the wars can end tomorrow, the problem is believing they can’t.  But there is no limitation, only infinite creative potential – imagination.  And soon We will all know it and Our world will change dramatically.

My Book talks about this truth and breaks many of the traditional concepts because I don’t teach You that You can do anything and ask You to limit Yourself to the things You have been taught to believe You can or should do.  Your potential is as limitless as Your imagination.


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