The New World Order and the Great Deception

I really want to try and keep everything on this blog positive.  I believe that humanity is entering into a spiritual evolution that will transform Our planet and I believe this process increases in velocity every day, though it is not something that is exactly easy to monitor.  It’s not like there is a site that tracks how many people have discovered the Truth of their being.  But I do believe this is happening and I also believe it is humanity’s only real hope of escaping the New World Order and Illuminati plans.

I know a lot of people cry conspiracy theory when they hear of the Illuminati or New World Order, but just because it’s a conspiracy theory does not mean it isn’t validated or very real.  In fact, the power that they are rumored to have is probably the main reason people can’t believe the claims.  That, or they simply refuse to believe their ‘good government’ could ever do such a thing.  But people like You and Me can’t possibly even begin to imagine what people with this kind of power and wealth would do to entertain or challenge themselves.  I mean, if You were one of the thirteen families with this kind of power, chances are You would be corrupted as well.  Imagine, the entire world as Your personal playground with all the workers You need to serve You.  Global domination is an aspiration We can typically only conceive from a comic book perspective, but such agendas are very real and have been in the works for such a long time, We forget how short a period of time We have been here and We don’t know much about the history of the world, except of course what We are taught.  If everything You are learning is exactly what someone wants You to learn, then even knowledge is ignorance.

So today I am posting a 14 part video series which is extremely informative and more specific to Canadians (though still largely based on the immediate U.S. agenda).  If You watch all of this series and still think there is nothing to worry about or no reason to be concerned, so be it.  I can’t show You what You don’t want to see, but I can make it available if You choose to open Your eyes.

And for those of You who think these ideas are only for the ‘tin hat wearing freaks’, Charlie Sheen is using his influence to try and get answers to what is really going on in the U.S.  I’m just asking You to ask the same questions he is…

If the stories being served to Us today is what people call sane, then I’ll take two helpings of crazy, please.

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