Obama Investigating BP?

When I saw this article as one of Yahoo’s headlines today, I couldn’t resist the temptation to write something.  It had only been a few hours since I had published the blog entry discussing how America was responsible for the amount of devastation that has been caused by this oil spill.  They may not be responsible for the accident itself, but America is the country that passed legislation to allow this rig to be built without an emergency safety device.  America’s own legislation passed by Dick Cheney is responsible for the extent of damage that this spill has caused and the situation isn’t getting better.  I can’t really say I’m surprised, but I do find it a little humorous that America is now offering to come to the rescue.  I suppose the best way to divert attention is to blame someone else.  On that note…

As We sit here and watch the oil continue to pollute Our oceans, I would like to remind everyone that We are all responsible for this.  We can sit here and blame BP, make demands that they clean up the oil and pay for the damage…  But how do We really put a price on Our oceans and the amount of life that will be lost, the devastation this will cause and has caused already?  We can’t.  We need to understand that We allowed this to happen.  We allow for Our governments to pass the legislation that causes events like this.  We need to remember that the government is working for Us, not the other way around.

In Canada, the Government is about to spend close to one billion dollars in Canadian tax money for a G20 Summit meeting which is already under public scrutiny for the high secrecy of the talks that go on at these meetings which include the world’s most powerful leaders.  No surprise that most of this money is being used for security as the number of protesters grows all the time.  This should be sounding a very loud alarm for many people.  If there was nothing to hide, then why spend so much money keeping it hush-hush…  And to do it with taxpayers money!!  Is that not like adding insult to injury with respect to the kind of message it sends protesters?  We live in a free country, right?  Should We not be permitted to peaceful assembly?  Should it not be encouraged?

There is no reason Our governments should be discussing anything of global importance behind closed doors.  They are supposed to be Our elected representatives, working for the people.  As it stands right now, Our governments do whatever they want and they will continue to do this as long as We allow it.  Protesting unfortunately only gives the government more reason and excuse to sell the idea to the public that it needs to spend more money on policing.  The only real solution, is to stop contributing.  It is Your money they are spending, stop giving it to them!

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