A Loving Forecast from the Weatherman for My Family… With Love

Yesterday was My 37th birthday.  I’ve learned to have little or no expectations of anything because expectations empower disappointment.  Having said that, for My own personal reasons I did place intention into My 37th birthday as a transition stage.  Although I chose to allow My life to be guided by My heart since My own awakening almost two years ago, I too have given in to the expectations of others and as a result, I have disappointed the people I care about most – My family.

I have been trying to manage a careful balancing act – spirit on one side and family expectations on the other.  But this is an impossible task.  It was arrogant for Me to think that sacrificing My own beliefs could improve their happiness, just as it is arrogant to believe that being who I am is responsible for their disappointment or suffering.  I can’t apologize for who I am, I can only express to My family that I love them very, very much.  This video is sent with the deepest love for My family who I know will fully understand Me one day.  Peace and Love.

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