Crop Circles Explained?

I have shared philosophies and thoughts about a lot of things including a general thesis which suggests humanity is evolving, but one thing I have never discussed is extra-terrestrial life.  One of the main reasons would be that I have no idea what to expect, but I do think it is a little niave to believe We are alone.  This article claiming to explain the creation of crop circles prompted Me to write.

I encourage You to click on the above paragraph and read the article, then sit down and watch the following video.  Whether You are new to crop circles or fascinated by them, this video is incredible.

Now ask Yourself if the article explaining crop circles seems like a reasonable explanation.  I don’t know how these things are made but they are beautiful and in My personal opinion, far too sophisticated to be human.  Even if some were to suggest this is a hoax and that We have the technology to do this, the formations themselves do not seem like human expression.

One thing I do believe is that We will see more and more of these with increased frequency and rumours or facts of extra-terrestrial sightings, all of which the media will attempt to write-off with similarly lame ‘explanations’.  Peace!

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