This Bud, is for You…

I thought about posting something random really quick just to prove that it’s not about perfection (though I do admit to having perfectionist tendancies at times).  However, there are several reasons why I haven’t yet told the tale of My travels, the G20 arrest and why it is taking so long to write new posts and this gives Me a unique opportunity to address some of them while replying to a comment.

This Blog was created and is written with intention.  In that way, it is the same as My walk.  I could take ten minutes to write about My walk but it wouldn’t be much of a story and it was an incredible adventure.  I want to make sure I give the experience the credit it deserves.

I’m glad people are eager to hear about the G20 arrest and My adventure.  A big part of the reason it takes so long to post is to make sure I pre-emptively answer most questions.

But the part that prompted Me to post was the second half of the comment:  “…  What have you learned?  Most people are happy to have a full time job and I’m sure your views have changed since I first became acquainted with you.”

I guess one of the reasons I call it [My view] Truth is because it will never change.  Divine intention is the creative power of the universe and My intention never changes.  I am happiness, not the job.  The job is the illusion and the illusions are falling away.  When the jobs are all gone, happiness will still be here.

You are the only one who can choose to be happy.  You are also the only one who can define what happy is.  If happiness is a full-time job I won’t argue with You.

I think happiness for Me is better defined as being consciously aware of who and what I am.  It is much more liberating because I am free to do it anywhere, even while I work and I can fully invest My Divine Intention into everything I do.

Finally, the other reason it takes Me so long to post is because there are countless articles right now that support ‘My view’ and the trouble is having the time to write about them all and stay on top of ‘old news’.

But thanks for reading and responding, peace!

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