Wisdom at Work

Most people probably wouldn’t consider the letter I am about to share with You ‘wise’ professional advice, but it’s truthful.  For Me, truth and wisdom are interchangeable.

The following is a letter I wrote to My employer:

Good Morning …..,

It’s 1:22 a.m. and I am trying to will Myself to bed.  I have never taken a sick day at any job I’ve ever had, I really just don’t get sick.  But when I think about getting up for work tomorrow, I do feel physically sick to My stomach.

I don’t know what happened today.  I do know that about a month ago one of our painters stopped showing up for work and I was asked to step in and help out.  When the painter returned, I stepped aside and returned to mounting.  I was once again asked to step in and paint when it was learned that the painter had been stealing from the company.  I worked diligently and with determination to demonstrate that I am both capable and enthusiastic for the position.  I received praise from all of My peers for My efforts and was this very morning greeted with enthusiastic smiles about how pleased ….. was with My work, save for a few minor details, new goals I had aspired to attain.  Then, an hour later I was once again asked to step aside when the painter returned.

Perhaps I am not to know that …. stole from the company, but I do.  I know how hard I have worked to attain this position and the work ethic I have demonstrated.  I do My best to maintain a positive attitude and to encourage it in others.  I have been trustworthy and reliable, I have worked overtime when asked.

I also understand compassion.  I understand …. is a long term employee and that there is a history I may not be able to fully comprehend.  I understand he has had some very difficult situations in his personal life to overcome and I am sympathetic to these things as well.  In fact, I find the company’s compassion for ….  remarkable.  But I also think there is a compromise.

If …. is returning to work, there is no reason he can’t fill the mounting position that will be available if I am permitted to take over his position.  This still demonstrates tremendous compassion on the part of the company, while being fair to the parties involved.  It suggests to other employees that reliability, hard work and determination will be rewarded while giving ….. an opportunity to demonstrate how determined he is to regain the respect of his employers.

I do have a tremendous amount of respect for You and I hope that this letter in no way reflects badly on You.  You can share this letter with …. if You like, or You can tell him whatever You feel is appropriate.  I think You were as blindsided by this as I was.  But at the end of the day, I need to respect Myself and I can’t come to work for another day holding My head high, pretending I am okay with what happened, having no answers for anyone else who asks why I am not painting.

If I still have a job after writing this letter, I will return to work Thursday as usual but I am hoping for some kind of explanation or at least the permission to take My concerns to …. Myself if You don’t feel there is anything You can do.  Thanks,

Sincerely and respectfully,

The irony perhaps is that I was somewhat indifferent to what had happened and I am not going to discuss any further details than what were outlined in the letter itself.  This is out of respect for the company and the people concerned.  This was more of an attempt at a resolution and explanation for My colleagues at work who felt as if I had been mistreated in some way and that I was not asserting Myself or complaining about the incident.

The resolution I offered was not entertained, but the letter did accomplish its objective.  Foremost, My enthusiasm for the position was clarified if the opportunity presented itself, and it did so just yesterday when a snow storm kept the painter at home.  The management considered My letter and provided some clarification of the situation for My colleagues.  I rewarded Myself with a day off and although none of My colleagues read the content of the letter, they were told of it and I was actually thanked by a couple of people for writing it.  Later that day, I sat down with the president who graciously thanked Me for My efforts at work and commended Me for writing the letter.  He even asked if I’d mind if he kept a copy.

However, the outcome of the letter is not really important.  What is important, is that I did not care what the outcome of the letter would be.  So many people are afraid to express themselves, to declare their value, even if only to themselves.  I don’t really care about the job, My genius is the creative expression of My intention by whatever medium the universe provides.



  1. Thanks for sharing your letter and commentary. I’m sure your ‘friends’ would be supportive and validate your choices. Then there are those in your life who would really like to see you prosper, those persons will be appalled…

    Wisdom and truth are not the same, and you know it. It is not for you to tell an owner of capital how to run his business, at least not until you really understand his needs and are prepared to address them. You probably knew that going in, but you seem disappointed nonetheless that your honesty has won you no respect.

    What’s missing from this narrative is a summary of what you may have learned from the experience. You did learn something, didn’t you? While it’s fine to say that you have remained true to your values, I believe you did care about the result.

    Good to hear from you in any case. May you find that which you so earnestly seek.

    (copied from FB comment on this thread)

    1. VonDehn Visuals
      Hello Bud!

      It’s been so long since I’ve heard from You, I thought perhaps You were offended by My last response.

      I hope to respond to You in a way that is truthful, wise and sensitive. First, I would like to ask why the word friends was plac…ed in parenthesis. Combined with the context in which it was used, it seems to suggest that My friends would not have My best interests in mind. Perhaps if You continue to follow along with My blog I will introduce You to some of My friends. I’m confident You would agree that these people do indeed have My best interests in mind – as well as Yours.

      On My blog I also write about the power of Our thoughts – change Your mind, change the world… That simple. You may not agree with this philosophy on the surface, yet usually when You write Me You are telling Me about how I have defied some law that I have never heard of. Perhaps this is because it only exists in Your universe?

      For example, You say that wisdom and truth are not the same, and that I know this. But I do not know this. To Me, wisdom is a word that is used to describe an accurate expression of truth. Truth is Love as I have defined Love in My own Book, as it too is only a word until a person gives that word meaning and value.

      But I don’t want to get too deeply philosophical here, either. So I am going to address Your concerns in the same way a scholar would by analyzing the facts You offer to substantiate Your arguments.

      You told Me it is not up to Me to tell an owner of capitol how to run his business, and I would agree with You. The problem is, I never did tell anyone how to run their business. The letter was written to My supervisor and it was to his discretion whether or not the letter was passed on to the president. I respectfully ask My supervisor who was powerless to do anything about the situation at the time if it is okay to express My concerns to the president (who had made the decision). But even then, I did not make any demands, I expressed My concerns and offered a resolution. The concerns I voiced were primarily those of My colleagues. For Me, there was something much more powerful and meaningful going on (part of what I learned from this, which I will address later).

      Why would people who care about Me be appalled to know that I took the initiative to write a letter to My employer asserting My value to the company? Would people who love Me and want to see Me prosper not want Me to stand up for Myself and express how I feel?.. The hardest part of the whole day was that I could relate to how all of My colleagues felt and knew that perhaps I should care… But I didn’t – they were concerned for Me, upset they felt I was not getting the recognition I deserved. That is why they were so pleased to hear that I had written the letter.

      What did I learn from this? That the universe answers every single loving thought – My intention is always realized. What the people at My work don’t know, is that having Our painter return was something I had asked of the universe. When I started the job, I had My eyes on the painting department, but there was only one painter. I asked that I be given an opportunity to paint, that I be promoted to painter. I knew We had a painter, I knew he had been there for more than ten years and that he was not likely going anywhere. Simply being presented with the opportunity was wonderful. I also excelled in the position. There was never any question of My value to the company, the president greets Me with enthusiastic ‘good mornings’ any day he sees Me and I received constant praise from the two people I worked most closely with anytime I took over the position. The company has tried numerous painters over the years and have not been able to find anyone capable.

      As much as I loved the position, it was still just a job. As I was doing the job, I would often reflect on it and My mind would drift back to the person who no longer had the job. The man lost a brother to a brutal mugging where he was bludgeoned to death and his sister died two weeks later after a long struggle with cancer. He is almost fifty, single and has now been left with both their children and has never parented before. He was also a drug addict and alcoholic. He was forced to sober up in a hurry (and did) and was then found to have stolen a substantial amount of merchandise from the company. He was terminated, I was ‘promoted’. And after the promotion, I went to work every day thankful that I had this opportunity, but knowing I did not need it. I could be just as happy doing anything and My mind would drift back to the painter. I would think about him and his situation, why he may have done the things he did, hopeful that he would realize his mistakes and that the universe would give him another chance. When it did, how could I possibly be angry? See, that was the thing, I was inwardly pleased. But My colleagues were stunned… And some of them were even angry, as if the universe were completely unjust. And yet I knew everything was just as it should be. But who would or could believe that I would be happy about this? Who would believe I had wanted this. The material Me did not, that I can admit… But the higher Me did and was asking for it. My inward intentions are more powerful than My material wants. I do have them, I simply know them for what they are – temporary. I am in constant flux.

      This is the universe I live in that many still can’t see. My thoughts are creative, I learned that I should be very careful what I ask for on a day to day basis… Yet it is comforting to know that My spiritual intention is always realized, peace is on the way. I just wish everyone could see it – this is a beautiful time to be alive Bud!

      Peace and Love

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